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Clinics for sale in New Cairo in specialized medical malls with luxury specifications

The brilliant doctor is the one who is looking for clinics for sale in New Cairo to hold his clinic in a place that guarantees success and fame and at the same time serves as many patients as possible, and this is achieved only in a place like Fifth Settlement, the most prestigious areas of New Cairo, as it is a place that has become polarized for a large number of residents and increased the demand for life within its residential communities significantly during the recent period.

So having a health care center New Cairo in this place is an excellent step for every doctor who loves his profession and wants a luxury clinic that fulfills his dreams and satisfies his ambitions.

Clinics for sale in New Cairo

If you are a doctor at the beginning of your life or want to develop your clinic and buy a new clinic that will be an elegant interface that illuminates your future, your choice of a place in one of the medical malls in New Cairo is the right choice to ensure that you are in a specialized mall that provides you with services that facilitate your work.

One of the most famous malls in New Cairo is Elegantry Mall, which is characterized by a range of advantages, the most important of which are as follows:

  • It is considered one of the largest and most luxurious specialized malls in Fifth Settlement.
  • The mall's designs are modern and contemporary.
  • The mall has a variety of clinic spaces to choose from according to desire and the nature of specialization.
  • Heliopolis Developers Group (HDG) has provided all the possibilities that have made the mall one of the largest malls that rely on modern and developed technologies in its business.
  • Security and guarding services are available at the mall 24 hours a day.
  • The mall has state-of-the-art electronic portals that provide security for all units.
  • It is located in the heart of New Cairo and close to the schools complex, it is just minutes away from the British International School.
  • You can reach 90th Main Street from Elegantry Mall New Cairo in just a few minutes, which means it is very close to the most lively and popular Fifth Settlement streets.
  • The mall is very close to the main roads, especially the ring road, so getting to your clinic is easy and fast.
  • Elegantry is close to high-end residential communities and compounds including Kai Heights.
  • You can reach Maadi through the mall in just 30 minutes.
  • The mall is only about half an hour's drive away from the New Administrative Capital.

Spaces within Elegantry Mall New Cairo

You will find clinics for sale in installments within New Cairo in a variety of areas suitable for all needs at Elegantry New Cairo, which has been built on a large area of about 5335 square meters, professionally divided between 47% for buildings and construction and the remaining space dedicated to landscape, trees, and green spaces with the allocation of space for recreational games.

The spaces within the mall are available not only for medical clinics but also for corporate headquarters, bank services, exchange companies, and insurance companies.

Administrative office space starts at 45 square meters up to 2,400 square meters, as for commercial spaces, there are private spaces of up to 2,000 square meters.

All designs for units are modern and elegant with excellent full Super Lux finishes.

Services of Elegantry Heliopolis DG

Getting clinics for sale in New Cairo means that you will get a clinic in the most luxurious mall with a double-glazed exterior panorama, exquisite interiors, and an exclusive package of great services, the most important of which are as follows:

  • The mall relies on the automatic power system in case of power outages.
  • The mall is equipped with advanced fire emergency management systems.
  • There are alarms for emergencies, thefts, fires, and riots.
  • There is a secure parking garage with a capacity of more than 700 cars.
  • The mall operates with a clean power system with full lighting wires.
  • The walls in the mall are designed to be soundproof, which means you will work quietly isolated from noise.
  • The mall has fully secure electric gates.
  • There are dedicated places for visitors to wait.
  • Large spaces have been provided for walking, recreation, and social clubs.
  • Part of the project space has been allocated to the Food Court area, which includes many exceptional cafes and restaurants.
  • Security and guarding services operate in the mall all day long with advanced security systems.
  • Regular maintenance services are available.
  • The mall's elevators are modern and fast with elegant glass facades.
  • The mall's lighting systems operate with the latest developed systems.
  • You can get clinics for sale in installments in New Cairo at reasonable prices compared to its services and convenient payment systems starting with paying 10% as a down payment of the total price of the clinic with payment of the rest in installments over 6 years with many facilities and alternatives to pay.

Clinics for sale in New Cairo at Ozone Medical Center

Doctors usually prefer to work in a calm and encouraging climate in a luxurious place that receives patients and provides them with the best medical services, and there is no better than Ozone Medical Mall, which is at the top of the priorities when looking for clinics for sale in New Cairo because it is considered one of the largest medical projects in New Cairo.

Ozone is a unique medical mall designed by a group of top foreign experts, and its location has been chosen in the best place in New Cairo, and its location has the following features:

  • The mall is located in a privileged location in El Narges service area.
  • A unique location near the famous Fatima Al Sharbatly Mosque.
  • The vibrant South 90th Street is a few minutes away from the mall.
  • Its unique location has made it provide medical services to more than 14,000 residents of Narges neighborhood and its neighborhood, especially the Diplomatic quarter and the second and third neighborhoods.
  • The mall is close to many areas where medical services are provided, especially the southern investor area borders and the Sphinx region.
  • Its location is very close to Nasr City and Heliopolis and can be reached in less than half an hour.
  • The distance from the mall to Rehab city takes only a quarter of an hour by car.
  • The mall is close to a number of educational buildings, the most important of which are the German and British universities, 10 minutes from the site.

The area of Ozone Medical Center New Cairo

Ozone Mall is located on an area of about 18,000 acres which is enough for experts to create the largest medical mall in New Cairo, with green spaces and wonderful collections of flowers and trees for visitors to enjoy the most beautiful landscapes.

Customers can get a health care center New Cairo for sale at the mall, which includes various spaces that are suitable for all specialties, and there are also spaces to be medical centers or centers for radiation and analysis.

The mall has a unique design, divided into four buildings, three of which contain medical units of health care center New Cairo, clinics, pharmacies, medical laboratories, and radiation centers.

The fourth building is dedicated to a large hospital equipped with all medical equipment to provide high-quality medical service.

The project also has a large area in between these buildings, including a range of cafes and restaurants serving distinctive food and beverages.

Services and features provided by ozone medical center

Ozone Health Care District is a specialized medical mall characterized by luxury and exquisite designs, and it also provides distinctive services to all its visitors, the most important of which are as follows:

  • The mall has unique management that oversees it and ensures the best services for its clients.
  • Security and guarding services are available at the mall 24 hours a day to secure every place in it.
  • Maintenance and hygiene services operate all the time at the mall.
  • The health care center New Cairo is equipped with full finishes.
  • Escalators and elevators equipped with the latest specifications are available to receive medical conditions.
  • The greenery surrounds the mall and offers psychologically comfortable views for all units.
  • Unit prices in the mall are varied in the variety of unit areas and are good compared to the premium services available.
  • Unit payment systems are convenient in easy installments, with the customer paying 10% as a down payment and the rest of the amount is paid in installments with the longest repayment period of up to 72 months.

The owner company and its previous projects

Ozone and Elegantry malls are specialized medical malls with clinics for sale in installments in New Cairo and fulfill the dreams of every doctor who dreams of a clinic or health care center New Cairo in a special place and enjoys luxurious services that make him work in a comfortable climate with luxurious possibilities that facilitate his work.

Al Watania for Project Management is the owner of these distinctive projects and is one of the largest Egyptian real estate companies that have been working in this field for more than 17 years.

The company has long experience during its long career in which it has provided successful projects in addition to Ozone Mall and Elegantry Mall, and has excelled in offering other successful projects, including Family Home, Town Center Mall, and Medical Center 3.

Hence it can be said that every aspiring doctor can get clinics for sale in Fifth Settlement in specialized medical malls located on the land of Fifth Settlement, the most famous of which is Elgantry and Ozon, the medical centers which was highlighted this time as one of the largest specialized projects in this field, which provides a golden opportunity to establish a health care center New Cairo or specialized clinic with international specifications and luxury services.

Discover the most suitable medical units at the best malls in New Cairo