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Jayd New Cairo Compound - 80 Properties for sale


Comprehensive information about Jayd Compound

SECON - Saudi-Egyptian Construction Company offers luxury apartments in Jayd New Cairo within the most exclusive locations of New Cairo near 90th Street, residential units equipped with all means of pleasure and luxury, where it is characterized by its vast area and unique creative designs, where the largest engineers and experts in the Arab world has contributed to its implementation and supervision.

That's why living in this compound is a dream for many, and for more information about Jayd Compound, follow us in the following lines.

Jayd location

Jayed compound occupies an unparalleled strategic location in the center of New Cairo, the project enjoys its location close to many vital roads, most notably Suez road, Al Rehab road, and the Ring Road, thus making it easier for residents inside the compound to move around the Capital.

Jayd Fifth Settlement is distinguished from other residential complexes located in this area by its location near many landmarks as follows:

  • It is 10 minutes away from 90th Street in 5th Settlement.
  • Cairo Airport is just 20 minutes away from the Compound.
  • It is only 7 minutes from American University.
  • The ring road is only 15 minutes away.
  • Suez Road, one of the main roads leading to the Compound, is 3 minutes away.
  • The famous Mountain View 2 residential compound.
  • Prosecutor General Office.

Area of Jayd Compound New Cairo

The giant Jayd residential compound extends over 68 acres and has a magnificent facade overlooking the famous Al Rehab city, with an area of 900 square meters.

The real estate developer who owns this project has built 120 buildings on the area allocated for the construction of residential buildings, these buildings contain 1,900 residential units of various shape, design, and areas.

The surprise was that Jayd contained 5 different models, which confirms the keenness of The Saudi Egyptian Construction Company to satisfy the wishes of all customers wishing to live within this high-end area.

Referring to the residential buildings, they are divided from the inside as follows:

  • Basement.
  • Ground floor.
  • 4 repeated upper floors.

The residential units are diversified, catering to a large segment of customers, with an area ranging from 145 square meters up to 280 square meters, as follows:

  • Apartments.
  • Standalone villas.
  • Penthouses.

The customer will receive the super lux finished residential units during 2020.

Find out the units types available in New Cairo compounds

Services and features provided by Jayd SECON

Buy your home now in Jayed New Cairo and make sure that you will get everything you need within this integrated residential city, a wide range of facilities and services within the walls of this giant residential complex, as follows:

  • A high-end shopping mall with a number of shops catering to visitors' needs as well as residents inside the Compound, providing them with a unique shopping experience.


    A track for walking, running, and cycling within the greenery and parks


    Seating spaces in the gardens, these areas are dedicated to meditation and relaxation within nature.

  • An international kindergarten, providing young kids living in the compound with the best modern learning methods and helping the kid to develop his skills and abilities, by helping him to participate in many educational and recreational activities.

  • A mosque to perform prayer rituals which means that there is no need to get out of the compound.

  • A number of distinctive restaurants and cafes throughout the project, which offer the best fast food and drinks.

  • Swimming pools for adults and kids, through which everyone can play recreational water games to spend the best times with family members.

  • An integrated hypermarket with all the supplies the residents need.

  • The company has allocated large areas in the fresh air to enjoy barbecues.

  • A special area for kids, this area has been greatly secured to ensure the best protection for children while there.

  • Banks, these services will facilitate financial transactions for all residents within the project.

  • Health club, this resort features the best and latest devices to meet the desires of customers, as well as a jacuzzi lounge, sauna, and spa.

  • Integrated medical services that operate continuously throughout 24 years, where the company has been keen to take care of such indispensable services.

  • Club House, an entire area of 1.5 acres has been dedicated to creating this wonderful service.

  • Large green spaces, which can be considered one of the most benefits for customers wishing to live in New Cairo, a charming nature life away from the congestion and overcrowding in Cairo.

  • Parking, this garage is covered to ensure the ultimate protection of cars.

  • Guard services, many customers are looking for these services, and for that, the company that owns the project made sure to pay attention to these services and this is through the installation of surveillance cameras at the entrance of the compound and also distributed throughout all its parts.

Jayd prices and payment systems

The prices of residential units offered by SECON Company are imaginary so that the customers will not believe that they can now enjoy the luxury life in the Jayd New Cairo at affordable prices that are accessible to all.

The price of a meter in this residential project starts from 15,500 Egyptian pounds, and the company has indicated the price of apartments in the project, which covers an area of 165 square meters, starts from 2,557,500 Egyptian pounds.

The company also offered easy payment systems, allowing the customer to book residential units after paying the down payment and paying the rest of the amount in convenient installments, and here are the payment systems offered by the real estate owner, which are as follows:

The first system

The customer pays the amount of the first contract, 5% of the total price of the chosen residential unit, and the rest of the amount is paid in installments up to 6 years.

The second system

The customer is allowed to pay the due amount in equal monthly installments up to 5 years, and in return, the customer pays a down payment of 10% at the time of booking, and the company allows the customer to choose the appropriate payment system for his material circumstances to ensure that the payment of financial dues is not delayed on the agreed date at the time of the booking and requesting the unit.

The official owner and its previous projects

Jayd Compound New Cairo is the latest real estate achievement launched by The Saudi Egyptian Construction Company, SECON, and the company has not finished delivering this giant project to date, Secon company has a history of real estate achievements spanning more than 40 years.

The company started its work in the field of real estate in 1975, the company continued to succeed until it became one of the most famous real estate companies in the Middle East, and here are some of the company's projects including but not limited to:

  • Sawary New Alexandria.
  • Secon residence project in Alexandria.
  • Champs-Elysees Project in Alexandria.
  • Lake Dream Project.
  • Sama project in Alexandria.
  • Riyadh Towers at Maadi area in Cairo.
  • Sama Towers in Maadi area.
  • Blue Vert New Capital.
  • Riyadh Rehab City.
  • Zahret El Maadi Tower in Cairo.
  • Secon Nile Towers Maadi.
  • Durra residential complex in Asyut governorate.
  • Hadayeq El-Maadi Project.
  • Jeddah Tower project.
  • Ever Green Tower in Talaat Harb.