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Project Description

Project Name: Mall T Hub.

About Mall T Hub: It is a modern and sophisticated mall located in the heart of New Cairo. It is distinguished by its unique interior design and consists of a ground floor and three recurring floors. The mall also contains three large garages. Take advantage of your opportunity now and own your unit with installments over 7 years.

T Hub Location: In Fifth Settlement near Mohamed Naguib Axis.

Mall T Hub New Cairo area: 10,600 square meters.

Types of units: Administrative - Commercial.

Units area: Starting from 42 square meters.

Prices of units in T Hub: Starting from 3,360,000 Egyptian Pounds.

Payment methods: A reservation deposit is paid starting from 10% up to 20% and the rest of the amount is paid in installments up to 7 years.

Real estate developer: Times Real Estate Development.

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Do not miss this golden opportunity, and be part of the most distinctive and attractive Mall T Hub New Cairo, where luxury and elegant design are waiting for you

The well-known real estate development company Times has launched its latest project in one of the most vibrant areas in New Cairo, which provides customers' needs with the highest quality. Mall T Hub Fifth Settlement provides customers with an ideal location for investment and eye-catching designs inspired by luxurious European projects, as well as commercial and administrative units carefully divided to suit all tastes. The developing company offers all this at the lowest prices you can find in any other project in the Fifth Settlement with comfortable payment plans. Therefore, do not hesitate to seize this golden opportunity and hurry to book your unit in T Hub Times Project one of the most luxurious investment projects that will make your dream come true.

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Discover Mall T Hub New Cairo, which combines the art of construction and design, with a unique strategic location that embraces the beauty of nature and the magic of contemporary architecture

Realizing the importance of location in the success of commercial projects, Times Real Estate Development Company chose a vibrant area to launch the T Hub project in the heart of New Cairo, a few steps away from the vibrant 90 Street, which ensures the highest traffic to the project. In addition.

The most important landmarks near T Hub New Cairo Mall:

  • Mall T Hub Fifth Settlement is easily accessible via Mohamed Naguib Axis within minutes.
  • The distance between the project and Cairo Airport is about 15 minutes.
  • The mall is located just minutes from the American University.
  • The project overlooks the Ring Road.
  • Times New Cairo project is adjacent to Boutique Village compound, and Zed 90 Mall.

Let the unique design and elegant innovation of Mall T Hub New Cairo inspire your dreams and guide you towards the luxurious life you have always dreamed of

The developing company of Mall T Hub Fifth Settlement has succeeded in implementing an architectural masterpiece with international specifications on Egyptian soil with the best building materials and raw materials. It sought the assistance of the famous Egyptian consultant Raafat Fahmy in developing the engineering plans and designs of the project, so the project was implemented with great professionalism with luxurious glass facades that allow the passage of light and reflect the beautiful surrounding nature from all sides. In addition to dividing the project as follows:

  • The area of ​​Mall T Hub New Cairo project reaches 10,600 square meters.
  • The plaza, fountains and entertainment facilities occupied the largest part of the project area, and the rest is for buildings and units.
  • Times New Cairo project consists of 6 buildings, each consisting of a ground floor + 3 floors.
  • The ground floor has been allocated for commercial units and shops.
  • The rest of the floors in Mall T Hub Fifth Settlement are occupied by offices and administrative units.

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Choose from our luxurious collection of units inside Mall T Hub New Cairo with innovative designs and areas carefully prepared to achieve the highest levels of quality and meet your ambitions

You can now easily get the commercial or administrative unit you dream of in Times T Hub Fifth Settlement project. The developing company has carefully divided the spaces to provide units that suit your needs and investment activity. The available areas are as follows:

  • The area of ​​the units in Mall T Hub Fifth Settlement starts from 42 up to 200 square meters.

Explore the exclusive investment opportunities and unprecedented advantages we offer in Mall T Hub New Cairo to make your dreams come true and elevate your life

Investing in Mall T Hub Fifth Settlement is the right choice and decision, as the project provides all the elements of success from location, designs and various features that cannot be obtained in any other commercial project, which are:

  • Mall T Hub Fifth Settlement was established in an ideal and distinctive location that ensures the influx of customers and achieves the highest traffic and success of entertainment activities in Times New Cairo project.
  • Mall T Hub Fifth Settlement offers commercial and administrative units with different areas and modern designs that suit owners of refined taste at incredible prices that cannot be found in any other project.
  • A long promenade has been created in Mall T Hub Fifth Settlement to practice jogging freely, as well as bicycles to ride at any time and enjoy the atmosphere provided by the project.
  • Mall T Hub Fifth Settlement is considered an environmentally friendly project as its services operate on clean solar energy.
  • There are more than one smart gate in Mall T Hub Fifth Settlement to organize the escalator traffic inside Times New Cairo project and ensure separation and privacy for commercial and administrative units.
  • The units in Mall T Hub Fifth Settlement enjoy a panoramic view of the plaza and green spaces that increase productivity and feel comfortable while staying in the project.
  • There is a special section in Mall T Hub Fifth Settlement to collect waste and dispose of it safely without harming the environment.
  • An advanced security and protection system has been provided in Mall T Hub Fifth Settlement by distributing a number of high-quality cameras that monitor movements in Times New Cairo project around the clock.
  • There is a trained security team in Mall T Hub Fifth Settlement to control security and prevent riots in the project around the clock.
  • Visitors of Mall T Hub Fifth Settlement will be able to withdraw, deposit and transfer cash at any time through the presence of ATMs.
  • There are electric elevators in Mall T Hub Fifth Settlement to move freely between the mall floors without feeling tired.
  • There are benches and rest areas in Mall T Hub Fifth Settlement for the elderly to enjoy shopping and staying in T Hub New Cairo project.
  • A large mosque has been built in Mall T Hub Fifth Settlement with elegant Islamic designs, equipped with ablution and a prayer room for women.
  • There are bathrooms on each floor of Mall T Hub Fifth Settlement equipped with customers needs, as well as allocating some of them for people of determination.
  • Paved paths and trails have been created for people of determination customers of Mall T Hub Fifth Settlement for movement and mobility in the mall without facing difficulties.
  • There is a smoking area in Mall T Hub Fifth Settlement with good ventilation so as not to cause inconvenience to others and to ensure everyone's safety.
  • The commercial and administrative units in Mall T Hub Fifth Settlement are equipped with fire alarm devices and advanced firefighting systems for quick response to dangerous situations and protection of those in T Hub New Cairo project.
  • There are central air conditioners and a closed-circuit TV in Mall T Hub Fifth Settlement units to ensure working in a comfortable and luxurious environment.
  • A strong internet network has been provided in Mall T Hub Fifth Settlement for customers to fully and accurately perform their work.
  • There are large information screens in Mall T Hub Fifth Settlement to guide visitors to what they are looking for easily to enjoy their presence in the project.
  • The units have been connected internally in Mall T Hub Fifth Settlement by intercom, in addition to facilitating communication with security personnel at the main gates at any time.
  • Emergency stairs have been built in Mall T Hub Fifth Settlement equipped with the necessary equipment to protect those in T Hub New Cairo project in times of need and danger.

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Enjoy a unique journey of comfort and excellence through the luxurious services of Mall T Hub New Cairo project that come with elegant designs and unparalleled luxury

Mall T Hub Times Fifth Settlement is uniquely endowed with services that make its clients dispense with leaving T Hub New Cairo mall, as the developing company has provided all the basic and entertainment services that make investors happy, which are:

  • There is a technical support team for unit maintenance in Mall T Hub Fifth Settlement, as well as a specialized cleaning team present around the clock and all week.
  • Gyms equipped with equipment and devices needed by visitors have been established to maintain their fitness in Mall T Hub Fifth Settlement with the help of specialized trainers.
  • Mall T Hub Fifth Settlement includes a supermarket that provides all household needs of goods, food and consumer products at the highest level of quality.
  • There are shops that display the most famous international brands and labels that Mall T Hub Fifth Settlement visitors are looking for, providing shopping pleasure.
  • A complete medical center has been provided in Mall T Hub Fifth Settlement for customers to get a great deal of luxury with sauna, Jacuzzi and skin care sessions.
  • You can enjoy the most delicious dishes in Mall T Hub Fifth Settlement through the presence of a series of restaurants and cafes that take you to another world.
  • A designated area for children has been provided in Mall T Hub Fifth Settlement containing games and entertainment that they prefer to spend a fun time safely.
  • Businessmen and owners of major companies can hold their private meetings and conferences in Mall T Hub Fifth Settlement in rooms equipped with the latest audio devices and display screens.
  • Cinema halls equipped with high-tech screens have been provided to watch exclusive movies and have a good time in Mall T Hub Fifth Settlement.
  • There is a large administrative area in Mall T Hub Fifth Settlement with offices for engineering and legal consultations, headquarters of various telecommunications companies, and an exchange office so that visitors can get the services they need in one place.
  • Branches of various banks have been established in Mall T Hub Fifth Settlement to provide banking services to project customers at the highest quality.
  • There are pharmacies in Mall T Hub Fifth Settlement equipped with all medicines, medical and cosmetic preparations customers may need at any time.
  • Warehouses have been provided for storing goods in Mall T Hub Fifth Settlement equipped at the highest level to serve unit owners and provide a complete working environment.
  • There is a garage on more than one floor in Mall T Hub Fifth Settlement to accommodate the parking of cars belonging to unit owners and visitors freely without overcrowding or congestion.

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Shop with complete confidence and privilege! Take advantage of our competitive prices and flexible payment plans that we specifically offer in Mall T Hub New Cairo to meet your needs

One of the most important features offered by Times Real Estate to its customers are the competitive prices for units in T Hub Fifth Settlement project to suit all customers' financial capabilities, enabling them to get the unit that suits them through the following prices:

  • The price per meter for units in Mall T Hub Fifth Settlement starts from 80,000 Egyptian pounds, with a total price starting from 3,360,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • There is a pharmacy in the project with an area of 183 square meters, starting price per meter ranges from 250,000 to 270,000 Egyptian pounds
  • There are two branches of different banks in the mall with an area of 270 square meters, the price per meter starts from 200,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • There is a large supermarket in T Hub New Cairo mall with an area of 750 square meters, the price per meter starts from 200,000 Egyptian pounds.

In addition to these listed prices, the developing company has provided many long-term installment systems and plans, which are:

  • You can get a Times T Hub unit by paying 10% down payment and the rest over 5 years.
  • 15% of the unit value is paid and the rest over 6 years.
  • 20% down payment is paid and the rest of the amount is paid in 7 years installments.
  • To reserve units in the project seriously, 50,000 non-refundable Egyptian pounds are paid.
  • Units in the project will be received within 3 years semi-finished.

Disadvantages of T Hub New Cairo Mall

While appreciating the many advantages offered by T Hub Mall Fifth Settlement, some clients may believe that the great diversity in investment units within the mall may cause a lack of tranquility. However, Times Real Estate Development Company has responded to these concerns with an innovative solution. The units of T Hub New Cairo Mall are organized on separate dedicated floors, which ensures a quiet and comfortable environment for investors. This smart design enhances the experience for visitors and investors, providing the necessary tranquility and comfort.

Discover quality and innovation with the distinguished real estate developer Times that puts your dreams at the forefront of its interests and makes them a reality you live every day

Times Real Estate Development is one of the leading companies in the real estate market with over 35 years of experience in excellence. It was founded by Engineer Ahmed Abdellatif El-Sarraj, and includes major real estate companies such as Afaq, Al-Robua, Green Waves, and as a result of this alliance many distinguished urban projects have been produced with international specifications, which are:

  • Aster Compound Fifth Settlement.
  • Zayed Complex Sheikh Zayed.
  • Zayed Dunes Compound Sheikh Zayed.
  • Zayed Regency Sheikh Zayed.

Luxury and Elegant Living Awaits You in Fifth Settlement!

The Fifth Settlement, located on the outskirts of the Egyptian capital Cairo, is considered a center of elegance and luxurious living, making it a destination for those seeking new beginnings. This area is distinguished as one of the most affluent and renowned neighborhoods in Egypt, reflecting that through its modern infrastructure and excellent organization, which allow for the enjoyment of the splendor of urban living. The Fifth Settlement in Cairo provides a wide range of services and facilities that comprehensively meet the daily needs of residents. It is famous for hosting international schools, vast green spaces, captivating lakes, luxurious shops, and distinguished restaurants. The area also pulsates with an active social life by providing health clubs, entertainment centers, golf courses, theaters, and art exhibition halls.

Real estate in the Fifth Settlement is considered one of the great investment opportunities in Egypt, offering various options from luxurious villas, modern apartments, and tropical-style chalets, providing interested parties with the opportunity to choose what suits their desires and budgets. The continuous development of the Fifth Settlement contributes to the increasing value of its real estate, in addition to the emergence of new luxurious projects attracting more investors and residents.

The Fifth Settlement is surrounded by the latest security systems, making it a safe and ideal place for anyone seeking a high level of comfort and safety for themselves and their families. If you wish to live in luxury and pleasure, the Fifth Settlement offers you that. We advise you to consider exploring real estate options in this area to find a unique blend of beauty and sophistication.

Get Ready for a New Experience: Choose New Cairo and Discover the Advantages of Modern Living!

In the context of urban development in Egypt, New Cairo occupies a prominent position as one of the most ambitious residential and investment projects. This city is known as a practical response to the challenges facing the Egyptian capital in terms of population density and the pressing need for new urban expansions. New Cairo brings a breath of modernity and renewal to the concept of housing, combining innovation in urban design with the availability of all the services that residents may need.

One of the most prominent features of New Cairo is its design, which is based on contemporary planning principles and standards, ensuring a balanced distribution of residential areas and public facilities. The goal is to create a comfortable and quiet living environment without sacrificing the essence of entertainment and luxury. Within it, one finds a range of high-level educational and health centers, as well as shopping malls that offer unique and diverse shopping experiences.

New Cairo enjoys a strategic geographic location that enhances its value, as it is located near Cairo International Airport, which provides ease of movement and travel between it and various governorates and countries. Furthermore, its close connection to the heart of the capital allows its residents to work and commute easily.

In addition, New Cairo is renowned as a major attraction for investments, thanks to its well-planned design and advanced infrastructure, making it an ideal choice for those seeking high residential standards or a promising investment opportunity. Undoubtedly, these advantages have contributed to enhancing its status as one of the most popular new cities in Egypt, and its popularity is expected to continue growing, opening new horizons for development and prosperity in this area.

When Location and Luxury Meet: Discover the Prominent Malls Near T Hub New Cairo Mall!

1. In Town Mall Fifth Settlement:
 The "In Town Mall" is one of the distinguished landmarks in the mall area near "T Hub New Cairo Mall, thanks to its strategic location near the American University, making it a major attraction for shopping and leisure enthusiasts. This shopping center shines with a unique selection of global and local brands, covering various tastes from fashion and technology to sportswear and beauty products. Additionally, the mall includes a variety of movie theaters, elegant restaurants, and cafes, ensuring a complete and enjoyable visit for all guests.

2. Livelli Mall Fifth Settlement:
 The Livelli commercial complex is a luxurious destination for shopping enthusiasts in the area surrounding T Hub New Cairo Mall. This mall is distinguished by the elegance of its design and modernity, offering a wide range of leading global and local brands. It also provides visitors with a unique dining experience through a carefully selected range of restaurants and cafes offering delicious and diverse dishes.

3. Wingate Mall Fifth Settlement:
 Wingate Mall is a distinctive attraction near T Hub New Cairo Mall, known for its modern and stylish design that catches the eye. This mall features a diverse range of leading brands in the world of fashion, beauty, electronics, and sportswear. Mall visitors also enjoy a great entertainment experience through electronic gaming halls, specially designed green spaces for relaxation and comfort, as well as walking trails that allow for enjoyable strolls within the mall.

4. Central Mall New Cairo:
 Central Mall is a prominent attraction in the New Cairo area, adjacent to T Hub New Cairo Mall shopping center. This shopping mall houses a wide range of global and local brands, providing visitors with a comprehensive shopping experience in various fields such as fashion, electronics, and cosmetics. Additionally, the mall offers diverse entertainment facilities such as movie theaters, restaurants, and cafes, catering to all the needs of its visitors. The unique architectural design and modern environment that the mall boasts add to the enjoyable and comfortable visiting experience.

Start Your Successful Real Estate Investment Journey: Ways to Purchase a Unit at T Hub New Cairo Mall on!

Embark on your real estate investment journey by acquiring a unit at T Hub New Cairo Mall, which you can easily achieve through the platform. Here are simple steps to help you reach your goal:

1. **Visit the Website**: The first step is to visit the website, where you can find all the necessary information.

2. **Search for the Mall**: You can use the search tools available on the website to find T Hub New Cairo Mall.

3. **Contact for More Information**: When you find what suits you, you can use the "Inquiry" option to contact specialists who will assist you.

4. **Provide Personal Information**: To receive personalized assistance, you will need to provide the agent with some basic information such as your name and preferred contact methods.

5. **Obtain Unit Details**: The next step involves obtaining all the details of the unit that interests you, including information about the area, features, and available services.

6. **Purchase Procedures**: If you decide to proceed, you will need to sign the purchase contract and make the necessary payments according to the agreement.

7. **Complete the Purchase**: After completing the payment, you will receive documents proving your ownership of the unit you have chosen, thus embarking on your real estate investment journey.

With these steps, owning a unit at T Hub New Cairo Mall is not just a dream but a reality that can be easily achieved through the platform.

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