Solas New Capital Mall

From 17,000,000 EGP
Status Under Construction
Delivery Date 2023
Developed by: Vow developments

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Project Name: Solas.

About Project: It is one of the largest projects of VOW Developments in the New Capital.

Solas Location: it is located inside the New Administrative Capital near the west of Cairo.

Units Types: it contains the largest number of administrative units.

Units Space: it starts from 39 square meters up to 48 square meters, and there are units with space of 45 square meters.

Meter Price in Solas New Capital : the price per meter starts from 34,000 EGP up to 38,000 EGP.

The Owner Company: VOW Development.

Pyment Systems: There are many payment systems, most notably the customer pays 10% downpayment during booking the unit, 10% upon receipt, the rest of the amount, 80%, is paid in equal installments over 84 months, the customer pays the unit value in full after 7 years.

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Solas New Administrative Capital

Solas project is one of the largest administrative projects in the New Administrative Capital, this giant administrative building occupies an excellent strategic location, making it the first destination for all those seeking to invest in this amazing spot, this project designed and implemented by Vow Developments Company.

The real estate developer of the project has worked to choose the designs very carefully to make them conform to international standards, and when we look at the advantages of the project we find that all administrative units have a charming view of the parks and parks, during the following lines we highlight more details about the project.

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Project Location

During the design and implementation of the project, the owner company was keen to provide a set of factors that would provide a suitable environment contributory to work and production, the administrative units were designed perfectly so that all enjoy natural lighting and this means the entry of sunlight throughout the day, this helps to rationalize the consumption of electricity in most units, as well as a modern electricity system.

It is located in the heart of the New Administrative Capital, it overlooks the presidential park, it is characterized by its unique vital location because it is located in plot 2.25B of the Central Business District which is one of the most famous neighborhoods of the New Administrative Capital, and this area includes a number of prominent landmarks in the region, the most important of which are the headquarters of government ministries, parliament, stock exchange, and the central bank.

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The real estate developer of this project succeeded in selecting a piece of a large area in an excellent location, and this vast area played a big role in the administrative units enjoying excellence and privacy, on more than 80% of the total internal area of this piece.

The project is unique to its live location near the east of Cairo and Heliopolis region, 48 km away from both, in addition to the availability of many government institutions, ministries, international companies, commercial centers, and others.

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Features of Project Location within the New Capital

Many customers are looking for a distinctive business area that is easy to move to and from the center of Cairo, the project is unique with its live location for all those seeking tranquility away from the hustle and bustle of Cairo, the project provides these customers many advantages as it is located within the New Administrative Capital and make it is easy to move to many cities and landmarks including:

  • Suez governorate is 30 minutes from the New Administrative Capital.
  • Cairo International Airport is only 30 minutes away.
  • It takes about 25 minutes to reach New Cairo city from the New Administrative Capital.
  • The distance between the center of Greater Cairo and the New Administrative Capital is 45 minutes.

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Highlights of Solas Vow Developments

The compound is unique within its excellent financial location in the heart of the New Administrative Capital, which makes it an excellent interface for many customers, being located near a number of commercial banks in the region, which are represented in:

  • Arab Bank.
  • Misr Iran Development Bank.
  • Construction and Housing Bank.
  • Egyptian Gulf Bank.
  • Financial Institute.

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Services of Solas New Capital

Solas Mall has many services which make it eligible to be the first business center and future in Egypt, the services available within the project are as follows:

  • Large green spaces and landscape, providing comfort and tranquility to all those working on the project.
  • All administrative units have a coastal view of the greenery and parks.
  • Open workspaces at the highest level, including a waiting area for customers, and a similar waiting area has been allocated in each of the building's floors.
  • Solas Egypt includes high-end business centers.
  • A special meeting center, this center was established on a wide area of 500 square meters, and its location in the building occupies a privileged position on the ground floor.
  • The building has rooms equipped with the highest standard making it qualified for meetings, interviews, and seminars.
  • Meeting rooms designed to the highest standard and equipped to meet international quality standards.
  • A health club with the best sports equipment and devices, making it the best health club in the region.
  • A sports hall that has a wide range of games and this feature is not available in many nearby areas.
  • The project is equipped with the great BMS system, and this is the latest smart system that facilitates the management of this giant facility.
  • The roof, or final floor of the project, contains a cafe that caters the needs of all employees within the project during the work hours.
  • A wide space to perform prayers.
  • It also includes a number of recreational facilities to meet the needs of all customers.
  • It also includes restaurants, cafes of the highest standard, catering all tastes to offer a variety of eastern and western cuisines.
  • A range of multi-uses rooms.
  • Outdoor recreation areas spacious spaces that help to relax, rest, and meditate.
  • A garage on a large area which is enough to accommodate more than 248 cars.
  • Security and guarding services are available 24 hours a day.

The Residential Units Spaces in The Vow Project New Capital

The company planned to establish Solas Capital on a wide area of 34,000 square meters, a golden opportunity for all customers to get vibrant spaces in all the pictures and meanings of modern and high class life.

Administrative units and large areas in the highest areas of the New Administrative Capital, the Central Business District, and the organizers of this project have worked to exploit this vast area in the establishment of the largest number of administrative units, which has reached 298 administrative units, in addition to the establishment of many garages and parking, which numbered 248 garages.

During the following lines we will learn in some detail about the components of the administrative buildings of the project, its internal division as follows:

  • Project buildings: The architects in charge of this project have constructed two buildings in form of the Letter "U", which have very luxurious and sophisticated interiors.
  • Each building consists of 2 basements which is the underground floor, 1 ground floor, and 7 upper floors.
  • Ground floor: Its height is 7.5 square meters.
  • Upper floors: below ground height, up to 4.3 square metres.
  • Corridor: Its depth ranges from 2.2 square meters to 3.1 square meters.
  • Administrative units: with a variety of areas to suit all customers, starting from 39 square meters up to 48 square meters, and there are also units with an area of 45 square meters.

Solas Prices and Payment Methods

The prices of administrative units in this project are unparalleled, and are suitable for a large segment of customers, the prices are competitive compared to the units available in this high-end area located near banks, malls, and ministries, if you want to choose an excellent location for your new project, we recommend you book your administrative unit within Solas New Capital.

The price per meter in the project ranges from 34,000 Egyptian pounds up to 38,000 Egyptian pounds, the prices per meter for offices vary concerning different space and finishing, while for office prices, it starts from 1,656,000 Egyptian pounds up to 11,134,000 Egyptian pounds as a maximum, there is a great variety of prices and this allows each customer to choose the unit and the right price.

The real estate owner, VOW, has made it possible for customers to choose among payment systems, most notably the customer pays a 10% down payment during booking the unit from the company's headquarters, 10% upon receipt, and the rest of the amount of 80% paid in equal installments over 84 months, as the customer pays the unit in full after 7 years.

If the customer wishes to pay in cash, he/she receives a 30% discount upon payment, the customer receives the administrative units with a full-finishing system, after 3 years by April 2023.

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The advantages of finishing within the project

The company has established units with a full-finishing system, engineers were keen to choose the best designs Gypsum board and install into the ceilings and floors of HDF porcelain as well as on Orientals Weavers' carpets, paints used in finishing is Jotun Fenomastic, the client receives the units after 3 years from the date of booking.

The Executing Company & Its Previous Projects

Vow Developments company is the official owner of this giant project, Vow company is one of the most important real estate companies in the Egyptian market, and what distinguishes it from other competing companies is that it always seeks to the best in order to satisfy the customer in the first place, always depends in its projects on global experiences, and this made it one of the most important real estate development companies in Egypt, the company belongs to Major General Ashour Mohammed Al-Zaagh, who is the chairman, who occupies many important jobs and positions as the following:

  • He worked as the Egyptian Defense Attaché in Sudan.
  • He served as deputy director of the Armed Forces Housing Fund.
  • Deputy Director of the National Center for The Planning of State Land Use.
  • Managing Director of Cairo Land Port Company and Holding Company for Maritime and Land Transport.
  • Zagh was also awarded the Republic medal of the First Class.

He has set foundation stone of the company in 1989, and it reached this giant entity with the contribution of the three companies as follows:

  • First Sport company one of the most prominent companies specialized in importing all equipment for sports playgrounds, the company was established in 1989, during the past years the company presented a number of achievements in terms of the stadiums equipment and its major works include: Al Ahly SC in Nasr City and Gezira Yoth Center Zamalek and the stadiums of the Ministry of Military Production.
  • Compu Brand Company one of the most prominent companies working in the field of information technology and public supplies, it was established in 2004, the company was able to brighten up highly in this field thanks to its amazing achievements in cooperation with the General Industrial Development Authority, most notably the National Defense Council, Saqr Factory Advanced Industries, the National Authority for Military Production, The Nile Valley Contracting Company, and the Arab-British Dynamic Industries Company.
  • Idea Sport was founded in 2008, this company is one of the most prominent companies working in the field of supplying and installing sports bodies both covered and exposed, the company works in the supply of the best materials for sports bodies, the most prominent of which is the stadiums of the Police Academy, the Club of Rehab City, Madinaty Club, The University of Alexandria, 6 October City Club, ENPPI Club, and the University of Canada.


  • Security
  • Shopping center
  • Commercial area

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