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Properties for Sale in the North Coast

Many investors and those looking to buy residential units are searching for real estate for sale in the North Coast, rather than in other tourist areas, because this ensures they enjoy a great deal of comfort and advantages that are only available on the North Coast. Additionally, it offers them a wide variety of options, as the properties for sale there vary greatly in terms of their designs and prices. Here are some details about them:

Benefits of Owning Real Estate for Sale on the North Coast

The increasing demand for properties for sale in the North Coast area was not a random occurrence by any means, but rather a result of the numerous benefits and superior services that residents enjoy once they acquire a residential or investment property in this attractive area. The following provides an in-depth look at the key factors that make the North Coast an ideal destination for those seeking real estate:

  • First, the strategic and distinguished location of the North Coast, located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, starting from western Alexandria, passing through Al-Alamein, and reaching Marsa Matrouh. This unique location makes it easily accessible from the capital Cairo, which adds to its appeal.

  • Second, the perfect atmosphere for relaxation and comfort offered by the city, where it can be a haven for those seeking tranquility away from the hustle and bustle of major cities, making it an ideal place to live and invest.
  • Third, the North Coast boasts a world-class beautiful beach, where its waters sparkle and its sand is adorned with a stunning golden color, giving the place an atmosphere of luxury and beauty.
  • Fourth, it is characterized by ease of movement and travel thanks to its flat terrain and well-paved roads, making getting around within it an easy and comfortable matter.
  • Fifth, the availability of prestigious tourist villages and resorts that offer visitors and residents the highest levels of service and comfort, including water sports, and diverse recreational facilities.
  • Sixth, the pleasant weather throughout the summer season, ensuring a great living and investment experience on different days of the year.
  • Finally, the variety of services and facilities, including medical centers, shopping areas, restaurants, and cafes, making life there comfortable and ideal.

With these attractive features, the North Coast area is an unparalleled destination for those looking to own real estate in an environment that combines natural beauty, comfort, and high-end services.

Types of Real Estate for Sale on the North Coast

In the heart of the North Coast, you can find a rich collection of properties that cater to different tastes and needs. This real estate diversity contributes significantly to attracting those who want to invest their money or search for the perfect place to reside. From elegant apartments to luxurious villas and upscale chalets, all of this makes the North Coast an ideal location for those seeking excellence and comfort.


Villas in the North Coast are known for their luxurious designs and spacious areas, making them the preferred choice for large families and individuals seeking privacy and distinction. Marina Village, for example, offers fully-serviced villas, where a variety of facilities such as restaurants, cafes, and shops are available to meet all needs, in addition to its competitive prices that make it an attractive option for many, with an average price of around 4 million pounds for a single villa.


As for apartments in the North Coast, they are characterized by their modern and elegant designs that evoke a sense of comfort and relaxation, in addition to a variety of spaces to suit different needs and tastes. Marina Village also offers apartments equipped with all the necessary services and facilities such as parking spaces, a central air conditioning system, and swimming pools, in addition to comprehensive security. With all these features, the average price of apartments reaches around 1.3 million pounds.

It is clear from the above that the North Coast is an ideal destination for those seeking distinguished properties and upscale services. Whether you are looking for luxurious villas or modern apartments, this place offers you a variety of options that cater to all desires and requirements.

Many are also competing to book apartments in Sidi Kerir Village on the coast, as it enjoys luxurious international finishes and a unique architectural design, and yet its price is attractively low, with the average cost of an apartment within the village being around 250,000 pounds.

There are still many luxurious tourist villages that are ideal destinations for those looking to book distinguished apartments on the North Coast, such as: Engineers' Village located at Kilometer 26, Sidra Village located at Kilometer 36, Golden Beach Village located at Kilometer 25, and Loulou Kerir Village located at Kilometer 34.5.


The increasing demand for renting studio units on the North Coast reflects their high value despite their small size. Many people prefer this type of accommodation due to its elegance and reasonable cost compared to other housing options, making it an ideal economical choice. Studios are easy to furnish in a simple and suitable manner.


On the other hand, the chalets of the North Coast are distinguished by their unique beauty that is hard to describe, combining breathtaking views of the sea and attractive modern urban designs, and usually come with larger spaces than other residential options. Zumorruda Village is an ideal place for those seeking luxurious chalets, offering a wide range of services and facilities such as cafes, playgrounds, supermarkets, children's play areas, swimming pools, and libraries, all at very competitive prices, with an average price for these chalets being around 750 pounds.

Prices of Real Estate for Sale on the North Coast

You will find a diverse range of prices when buying real estate for sale on the North Coast, some with high costs and others reasonably priced, but the specifications of each property remain the decisive factor in determining its price. We will review examples of the prices of some properties for sale in the city as follows:

  • The average price of apartments in Marasi North Coast Village is around 5 million pounds, which is considered an exorbitant price compared to some other tourist villages in the city.
  • The average price of apartments in Porto Marina North Coast is 1 million pounds.
  • The minimum price for a chalet in Amoaj North Coast Village is estimated at 2.5 million pounds.
  • Al Shorouk North Coast Village offers attractive prices for chalets, with an estimated average price of 850,000 pounds.
  • You can buy a ground-floor chalet with an area of 132 square meters in Fouka North Coast Village, attached to a 340 square meter garden, with three bedrooms (one master) and 2 bathrooms for 3,943,061 pounds.
  • You can buy an independent villa in Seychelles North Coast Village consisting of a ground floor, first floor, and penthouse, with a built-up area of 478 and a total land area of 565. It includes five bedrooms in addition to five bathrooms, and the buyer can receive it with a super-luxury finish for 12 million pounds (without furniture) or 13 million pounds (with appliances and furniture).
  • You can buy a studio unit in Marasi Marina 1 Village on the North Coast with an area of 73 square meters, located on the third floor, enjoying an excellent location and facing the sea side within the building. It includes a bedroom, living room, and one bathroom for 2.9 million pounds. The buyer will receive it fully finished and equipped with air conditioners, in addition to the installation of kitchen woodwork.