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Stone Street New Cairo - 19 Properties for sale


All information about Stone Street Project New Cairo

Stone Street project is one of Sama Bakr Development's largest and most recent projects, which was implemented in the best areas of New Cairo's Fifth Settlement, where it paid special attention to modern-style office designs, as well as high-end architectural designs for facilities and buildings, as well as providing all the benefits and services that customers desire.

Location amenities of Stone Street Project

it is located in New Cairo, and its location is one of its most distinguishing features, as New Cairo is regarded as one of Egypt's most important and famous cities, in addition to the fact that the project is close to a number of important cities landmarks, including the following:

  • The project and the ring road are separated by a relatively little distance.
  • its near the Mosher Tantawy axis, which is one of Egypt's most major centers.
  • The American University in the Fifth Settlement is a short distance away.
  • It is close to a number of interesting attractions, including Cairo Festival City Mall and Katameya Heights.
  • The project's proximity to all of these significant landmarks in New Cairo, as well as its accessibility to the main axes and roads, makes getting from here to anywhere else in Egypt a breeze.

Stone Street New Cairo Space 

Stone Street in New Cairo has been given a big area to develop, with a total area of 42 acres, and despite this lavish space, the percentage of residential amenities and structures does not exceed 212.800 square meters.

The project's huge space aided in the construction of numerous service and internal facilities, resulting in Stone Street becoming an integrated complex with multiple units and amenities.

The space of the units within Stone Street Project

Within the project, there are numerous units ideal for all purposes, whether they are residential units or commercial units for establishing projects, with the understanding that the units are distinguished by varying spaces to suit all consumers, and costs vary correspondingly.

The administrative units range in size from 140 square meters to 760 square meters at the most, with the customer receiving a significant reduction on the price of the unit when booking and contracting during the project's initial stages.

The project's facade contains residential units and administrative facilities, as these buildings are placed on the main road and serve as the project's primary identity, given that it includes a big number of administrative offices with various spaces and luxurious designs.

All administrative buildings are designed in the shape of the letter X; one building has a total area of 2000 square meters, divided into four corners, each of which has a 500 square meter space, and the structure has three stories.

Within Stone Street Project New Cairo, there are a variety of services available.

The real estate company that conducted the project was determined to give a wide number of features and services that fulfill the needs of clients, knowing that the large space would help them do so, and the following are the most important of these benefits:

  • Stone Street property has a number of administrative facilities.
  • Walking track in the open air.
  • A big number of shops offering a wide range of services and products from well-known international companies.
  • Residential units are available on a hotel level of elegance.
  • Units that can be used as medical clinics in a variety of specializations are available.
  • A 5-star hotel with 400 unique rooms is available as part of the project.
  • There are 12 huge yards available.
  • There are magnificent spaces available for hosting celebrations for every occasion.
  • Large garages that can hold up to 5,500 cars at a time.
  • There are 16 cinemas in the project that are outfitted to a high degree, providing the opportunity to see the most beautiful films in a fun and relaxing environment.
  • The project provides a unique perspective since it overlooks the West Golf course, Stone Residence, and Stone Park.
  • Within the project, there are a number of commercial centers, each of which contains a good number of shops selling a variety of supplies and items on a retail basis.
  • There is also a medical facility that offers consumers high-quality health services with a high level of hygiene, as well as the use of current equipment.
  • There are also numerous foreign brand high-speed electric elevators.
  • There are numerous cafés and restaurants within the project that serve the greatest international cuisine and a variety of drinks.
  • In addition to electric generators that function when the electricity goes out, tanks are available to ensure that water is not interrupted in the compound.
  • In addition to all communications-related services, there is high-speed internet.

Stone Street Development's Prices and Payment Methods

The project's units of various types and areas are competitive in terms of the services and benefits they provide to customers, and the developing company is offering simple and varied payment methods, allowing the customer to select the payment system that best suits his physical conditions, and the payment systems are as follows:

  • The first system allows a customer to pay only 10% of the whole unit's value as a down payment, as long as the remainder is paid in installments for at least five years.
  • The second system is that a client who wants to purchase a unit in the project pays 15% of the unit's worth upfront, and the remainder is paid in installments over a six-year period or longer.
  • The third system requires that the client pay 5% of the unit value as a first payment upon contracting, and then another 5% as a second payment after six months, provided that the remaining amount is paid over a period of six years or more.
  • The fourth system: the customer pays a down payment when contracting with the company in the amount of 10% of the unit price, and pays another 10% as a second payment after one year has passed from the date of paying the first payment, and the rest of the price is paid in installments for a period that can exceed seven years.
  • The fifth and final system: 10% of the unit price is paid as a down payment while writing the contract, and after one year another 10% is paid, then 5% is paid after two years, provided that the remaining amount is paid over a period of more than eight years.

Development Real Estate Company commits to provide all apartments to consumers within three and a half years after signing the contract.

The company that owns Stone Street Project New Cairo and its previous works

Development Company for Real Estate is the company that established the project in New Cairo at the highest level, despite the fact that other companies contributed to its implementation, such as Roya Company, in which Development purchased 60% of its shares in 2015, which is affiliated with PHC, which was established in 2017 by the Pioneers Group.

Among the most significant works that Development Company has implemented are the following:

  • Stone Residence Compound New Cairo.
  • Stone Park Project New Cairo.
  • Stone Compound.
  • Point 90 Mall New Cairo.
  • Implementation of Telal Compound.
  • Establishment of the Hadaba Compound 6th of October City.
  • La Vista Resort 1, 2 in Ain Sokhna.
  • And finally, the implementation of Stone Street project.