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Mivida New Cairo Compound - 482 Properties for sale


All the Information You Want to Know About Mivida Compound in New Cairo

It has been implemented in the best locations in the Fifth Settlement in New Cairo, for all those seeking apartments for sale in Mivida, Fifth Settlement, and living in peace while enjoying privacy. The company has long years of experience in the field of real estate development in the Egyptian market. For more details, please follow the article.

Advantages of the Location of Mivida Project

The Mivida Compound in the Fifth Settlement enjoys a prime location in the heart of New Cairo, on one of the most vital and populated streets, namely the Ninety Street South.

It is located near the American University in the Fifth Settlement, within approximately five minutes. It is also a quarter of an hour away from Nasr City district and Heliopolis district. Additionally, it is about ten minutes away from Cairo International Airport.

Design of Mivida Compound in New Cairo

Mivida Emaar has been designed in the latest architectural style, with the buildings designed in the same style as the houses in the Santa Barbara area of California, United States.

Areas of Mivida Compound in New Cairo

The company has allocated a vast area for the construction of the project, with the project's total area being 3.8 million square meters. The green spaces and landscape occupy an area of 222 acres, in addition to a central park with an area of approximately 30 acres.

Residential Units Inside Mivida

The residential units and apartments for sale in Mivida are distinguished and offer a level of luxury, where residents enjoy a modern lifestyle due to the availability of all services, including playgrounds, schools, clubs, central gardens, as well as commercial complexes, shopping centers, entertainment venues, and a huge hotel.

The compound consists of twenty-five clusters, each with its own independent advantages and features, with a safe passage connecting these clusters to each other, in addition to lakes, gardens, and flourishing trees.

Types and Areas of Residential Units in Mivida Emaar Compound

Inside Mivida in the Fifth Settlement, there are various residential units with a total of five thousand units, including apartments for sale in Mivida, villas for sale in Mivida, luxurious townhouses, and distinguished twin houses.

The residential units feature varying areas to suit all needs and desires of clients and their purchasing capabilities. There are apartments for sale ranging from 133 square meters to 290 square meters, townhouse units with an area of 250 square meters, twin house units ranging from 270 square meters to a maximum of 300 square meters, and finally, villas for sale in Mivida with varying areas ranging from a minimum of 350 square meters to a maximum of 450 square meters.

Services Available in Mivida Compound

The real estate company responsible for implementing the project has ensured the provision of all services, making it one of the most important integrated residential complexes that provides residents with all necessary basic and recreational needs. The most prominent of these services include:

  • Vast green spaces that provide residents with a sense of comfort, joy, and psychological stability.

  • Various swimming pools of different sizes and designs to suit all age groups, from children to adults.

  • Enchanting artificial lakes distributed throughout the compound, adding more beauty and elegance to the place.

  • The compound includes a large sports club with various courts for practicing various activities.

  • A large commercial mall with a number of shops selling all kinds of products and supplies from world-famous brands.

  • A large, well-equipped medical center for providing healthcare and medical services to residents in all specialties.

  • The developing company has ensured the provision of security services to ensure the safety of residents around the clock, in addition to security teams distributed throughout the compound working in shifts.

  • The compound has a group of luxurious restaurants and upscale cafes that offer high-quality services to residents.

  • A designated children's area with various recreational games and all necessary safety measures.

  • There are also a number of international schools covering all educational levels.

  • A private parking lot for each residential building, providing convenience and preventing congestion within the compound and the surrounding area.

  • Designated spaces have been prepared for hosting parties and events, whether open-air or closed-air.

  • A large number of distinguished libraries containing books in various fields.

Unit Prices and Payment Systems in Mivida Project

Despite the advantages of the compound in terms of comprehensive services and a vital location, the prices of the Mivida Compound in the Fifth Settlement, New Cairo, are very competitive and suitable for all residents of different segments. The price per square meter in Mivida is very good, and the prices are as follows:

  • The prices of apartments for sale range from EGP 3,956,888 to EGP 7,094,888.

  • The prices of twin house units range from EGP 6,190,888 to EGP 9,632,888.

  • Meanwhile, the prices of villas for sale range from EGP 12,102,888 to EGP 17,777,888.

The owning company also provides various payment systems and great facilities for purchasing units. The payment systems are as follows:

  • The client pays a down payment and contract fee of 5% of the total value of the residential unit.

  • Another 10% is paid three months after the date of the first down payment.

  • The remaining amount of the unit price is paid in installments over seven full years.

The Company Owning the Project and Its Most Important Previous Works

Emaar Misr is the company that implemented the project in the Fifth Settlement in New Cairo. It is a company with extensive experience over many years, as evident from its previous successful projects that achieved significant success and high profits.

The starting point in the world of real estate development for the company was the Uptown Cairo project, followed by successes such as the Marassi Resort in the North Coast, which has become the primary destination for celebrities and artists. Then came the Mivida Emaar New Cairo compound as the company's third distinguished project.

The company is renowned for providing the opportunity for clients to participate in the establishment of their residential units, which greatly attracts customers. Additionally, the company focuses on infrastructure and facility maintenance services.