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The Marq New Cairo - 50 Properties for sale


Enjoy a distinguished residence in The Marq project, New Cairo

The Marq project, New Cairo, the latest project of The Address Development and Real Estate Development Company, which has promised its customers that all units will be delivered by 2022, is unique in providing the best entertainment services through this project; therefore, dear customer, do not hesitate to request your unit now, you are on a date with a realization. All of your aspirations are waiting for you within this lovely city, and for more information about The Marq project, New Cairo, scroll down.

The official owner of the residential compound project The Marq New Cairo

This massive project is being overseen by the Address Company, and it's worth mentioning that it came about as a consequence of a productive collaboration between a collection of firms and massive economic organizations controlled by some of the Middle East's most well-known businesspeople. The Chairman of the Board, Mr. Niazi Salam, owns the Holding Company and its director, Mr. Mahmoud Khattab, as well as B-Tech Company.

The Uae holding firm B.TECH, which is located in the Dubai International Financial Center, also contributed to the development of this property. Al Fozan National Company, the Arab world's largest contracting firm, took part in the development of the Saudi National Company's massive residential complex. From the Hijri year 1394 forward, the firm has been involved in commerce and contracting.

These companies, thanks to their extensive experience, were able to assist in the completion of a number of construction projects, the most well-known of which is the famous residential complex Mountain View Fifth Settlement, and were able to receive the Leadership Award for their significant contributions to the implementation of major medical projects in the Middle East.

The location of the Marq project in New Cairo

The project's official owner was determined to find the ideal geographical site in the center of New Cairo for the new residential project, The Marq. The project is in the Golden Square neighborhood, an affluent and vibrant neighborhood where everyone dreams of despondency.

The complex is notable for its good strategic placement near a number of notable sites, including the following:

  • Mountain View iCity Compound.

  • Dorra Compound, directly facing it.

  • Palm Hills Compound.

  • Residential complex Mivida.

  • Fifth Square Compound.

  • SODIC project.

  • American University AUC.

  • The ring road, away from the project by a few minutes.

  • The famous shopping center Point Ninety, located on 90th Street, the most lively street in the New Cairo

These monuments contributed significantly to The Marq Compound's appeal and increased demand for reservations in the hopes of obtaining a high return on investment in this prominent location.

The space of the residential units in The Marq Compound New Cairo

The Marq project was developed entirely on a 26-acre plot of land. It's worth noting that there's a huge area of landscaping and green spaces in the midst of the construction structures, which gives every one of the residential units a spectacular view of the green areas.

The apartments at The Marq, New Cairo are available in a range of luxury independent villas, townhouses, and twin homes to fulfill the demands of all customers, and this expands the customer's options, and we will learn more about the varieties of these units, their areas, and pricing in the following lines:

Townhouse Villas

These villas are adjacent to one another, and their interior and external design, as well as the diverse internal division, are more than amazing. They are split into two categories, units placed in the compound's center and other units located at the end, as follows:

First: Townhouse units on the side of the compound

It is split into four different sorts of units, as follows:

  • These outstanding townhouse apartments range in size from 230 square meters to 270 square meters, and they are differentiated by the presence of a gorgeous garden ranging in size from 80 square meters to 110 square meters.

  • Residential units with a total size of 220 square meters and two levels, the first of which is 6.8 square meters and the second of which is 5.8 square meters.

  • Medium units with a total size of 200 square meters and two floors: the first level is 5.8 square meters and the second floor is 4.9 square meters.

  • The third kind is the smallest place, with an area of 180 square meters and two levels, with the first floor being 5.7 square meters and the second floor being 4.8 square meters.

Second: Units in the middle of the compound

There are three sorts of units: fully finished and semi-finished. The buyer selects his preferred unit as follows:

  • The apartments are spacious, with a total size of 220 square meters and two levels, the first of which is 6.3 meters and the second of which is 5.2 meters.

  • Units are smaller than the preceding ones, and they are referred to as medium-sized units since they are neither huge nor small, measuring 200 square meters and consisting of two floors, 5.2 first and 4.2 second.

  • The smaller units' space meets the customer's needs since it is less expensive, has an area of up to 180 square meters, and is divided into two floors, as follows: The first level had a score of 4.8, while the second story received a score of 3.9.

These amazing units are surrounded by charming and gorgeous gardens that range in size from 40 to 70 square meters.

The costs of townhouse villas vary, ranging from 8,500 EGP to 3,900,000 EGP, with unfinished units costing significantly less than completely finished apartments and costing around 3,900,000 EGP.

Twin House Villas

These villas are known as double villas, and they are linked to large gardens of 150 square meters, with a total area of 245 square meters. The buyer receives the unit completed and ready to live in, and the price is 8 million and 500 thousand Egyptian pounds.

Independent Villas

These homes have a total size of 550 square meters, and all rooms are master suites with refrigerators, super-luxe finishes, and a variety of options to suit all preferences; the price is 13 million Egyptian pounds.

The design of the Marq project

The project's official owner recruited the aid of the top specialists and designers working from home to develop spectacular and distinctive designs so that the project appears to be a valuable jewel.

The project's construction structures were designed in a contemporary, American-style fashion. We saw that certain residential units, particularly villas, blended modernism with classicism, which contributed significantly to the project's success.

If you want to buy a unique apartment, simply select one of the hotel villas, which have ultra-luxurious modern designs.

The prices of The Marq Compound New Cairo

Despite the fact that the prices of the housing units are affordable for everyone, the compound contains a variety of services, both basic and recreational, and this has played a large role in the demand for booking different units, buy your home now at competitive prices, which range from 3 million and 900 thousand Egyptian pounds to 13 million and 200 thousand Egyptian pounds.

Payment systems in The Marq Compound New Cairo

The Address Real Estate Development Company announced the creation of a single system for the payment and payment of the value of various types, styles, and sizes of housing units.

The down payment is easy and valued at 10%; it is paid upon unit request and reservation, and the balance is paid in equal monthly payments over the next 7 years; these prices do not include interest, and the business that controls the project requires consumers to pay an additional 8% for maintenance.

The most prominent The Marq New Cairo project services

The project's real estate developer was eager to create and design an integrated city that provides its residents with all of the basic and recreational needs that they desire in their place of residence, and the following are the project's most prominent services, which you will rarely find in any other residential complex:

  • Restaurants and cafes: These sorts of services allow residents of the compound to get the most out of their time spent with family and friends. It serves a wide range of popular and foreign cuisine to appeal to a wide range of palates.

  • A cinema complex, which provides residents of the property with the greatest entertainment services by allowing them to see movies as soon as they arrive in theatres.

  • Exceptional 24-hour guard services, including the deployment of security team members around the compound to give the finest protection, as well as properly installed surveillance cameras throughout the project.

  • This path spans over an area of one and a half square meters, making it an excellent location amid the green areas for those who prefer strolling away from cars.

  • The greatest health and sports club in the Marq New Cairo, it has a variety of sports grounds for all sports enthusiasts to enjoy their favorite hobbies and sports.

  • There are also health halls for individuals interested in fitness, such as gyms, yoga studios, jacuzzis, and spas.

  • A big commercial area, with the company dedicating a total of 2 acres to build a significant number of stores to suit the requirements of the compound's occupants.

  • A vast recreational space that contains a variety of recreational activities that are suited for both young and elderly, and where family members spend the most enjoyable times in each other's company.

  • The presence of large green areas contributes to a sense of ease and relaxation.

  • Beautiful gardens and parks, the compound comprises four different types of gardens, each with its own charm, and the types of gardens are as follows:

_ Moon garden.

_ Butterfly garden.

_ Water garden.

_ Tranquil garden.

  • The Marq International Hotel is located within the compound and offers the best hotel services to satisfy the demands of all tourists. The rooms provide a lovely view of the hotel's 230-square-meter elevation above sea level.

  • All residential apartments will be provided with a full finishing system as well as air conditioners.

  • Laundry service is provided to all residents of the property.