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Carnelia Sokhna Resort - 49 Properties for sale


All the information that the customer needs in order to reserve a unit in Carnelia Sokhna Resort

Carnelia Ain Sokhna is a tourist resort that was established on the northern coast of the Gulf of Suez, which is characterized by turquoise waters and crystal sand, and contains distinctive summer units close to various services, allowing residents to stay there throughout the year, not just during the summer. Other benefits of the resort include its strategic location, excellent architectural design, big project space, and diverse units, as well as reasonable costs and unrivaled payment options.

Location for Carnelia Sokhna Resort

Ajna Real Estate Development recognizes that choosing the right location for a real estate project is one of the most significant factors in its success, which it has accomplished since the resort has a strategic position, as evidenced by the following:

  • The project is located in Ain Sokhna, near Il Monte Galala Resort, and it can be accessed in only five minutes.
  • The resort is around 15 kilometers from the Zafarana ambush.
  • To go to the Emirates Gas Station, the customer can drive a distance of four kilometers.
  • It takes the client only fifteen minutes to go from the resort to the Galala plateau's gate.
  • The resort is next to the well-known Mövenpick Resort.
  • It is only a short distance from Sokhna station, roughly 30 square kilometers at most.
  • In less than half an hour, you may go from the resort to the administrative center.
  • The town is located near the Monte Galala resort and is connected to an international yacht marina.
  • The town and the well-known Porto Sokhna resort are six square kilometers apart.
  • Cairo is only an hour away from the client who lives in the resort.

Space of Carnelia Sokhna Resort

The abundant supply of space is one of the most important advantages that the owner company has been determined to achieve, as the resort's space is one hundred acres, which is enough space for the establishment of residential facilities, which account for 20% of the total area, and natural spaces, gardens, and main and recreational services, which account for the remaining 80% of the space.

The company has also taken care to build the apartments within the resort with a system of layered terraces that are positioned at various heights, ranging from zero to 160 meters above sea level, so that all clients may enjoy the clear turquoise seas and white sands.

With a surface area of 650 square meters and a depth of 1,000 square meters, the resort lies immediately on the beach.

Space of Carnelia Sokhna Resort Unit

The resort's apartments come in a range of styles, including (villas, townhouses, twin houses, stand-alone, and chalets, noting that all units feature beautiful and elegant decorations, with kitchen supplies and ASC).

Customers with special needs and people with disabilities were also taken into account, as special electric elevators were provided for them, with a 100% saving system and 17% fingerprint.

Carnelia Sokhna Resort also considers the variety of unit spaces, allowing each customer to select the most appropriate one based on their needs, whether financial or in terms of the number of family members, with public areas ranging from 120 square meters to 500 square meters.

Carnelia Sokhna Resort Unit Services

The developed company has prioritized the comfort and luxury of its customers, prompting it to provide the resort with all necessary services, whether basic services that cannot be lived without or secondary services that achieve luxury and the sheer delight and the most important services available are as follows:

  • A handful of restaurants employ some of the world's most talented chefs, and the quality of the food offered to customers reflects this.
  • There are a number of world-famous hotels in the resort, the most important of which is the Boutique Hotel.
  • A chain of cafés whose mission is to provide clients with more than just beverages; they also play soothing music to encourage soothe emotions and attain psychological comfort.
  • AQUA PARK is a water park with a range of games for people of all ages.
  • CRYSTAL LAGOON, which was constructed over a huge area of around 3 acres, is located inside the resort.
  • A private sandy beach is provided for the inhabitants' enjoyment and well-being.
  • Throughout the day, a supermarket sells all supplies and food items.
  • There are a number of large commercial malls that provide a wide range of items, as well as a number of foreign companies that have opened stores to showcase their goods.
  • Electric elevators from the world's leading companies have been built in the resort.
  • Large sections have been set aside for children solely, with a variety of games that have been safeguarded to keep them safe.
  • Because of the project's size, golf carts were given to allow for easy movement from one location to another.
  • On a 9000 square meter space, a number of swimming pools of varied sizes are placed to accommodate everyone's needs.
  • Natural spaces, gardens, and parks are available in Carnelia Sokhna Resort.
  • Maintenance services for various service facilities on a regular basis.
  • There is a big centre artificial lake with a 12 thousand square meter surface area.
  • Cleaning services are available 24 hours a day.
  • The resort set aside areas for BBQ gatherings.
  • Adopting one-of-a-kind designs in residential settings.
  • There is also a spacious gym where clients and their children may participate in a variety of sports.
  • A variety of large playgrounds are available.
  • The resort features a fantastic spa as well as a wellness center with a jacuzzi, sauna area, gym with the newest sports equipment, and a wonderful jacuzzi.
  • The developing company did not neglect the aspect of guarding and securing the residents of the village and their properties, by distributing security personnel at the entrances and exits and everywhere inside them, in addition to modern surveillance cameras that operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, without holidays.

Prices in Carnelia Sokhna Resort

The rates of residential units inside the resort are among the finest ever compared to other projects, especially when compared to the available services and benefits enjoyed by visitors, such as distinctive designs, critical location, diverse spaces, and others.

Carnelia Sokhna Resort's price per square meter ranges from 13,333 to 23,000 and 30,000 Egyptian pounds, with unit prices starting at 1,200,000 Egyptian pounds.

Payment Methods

The developed company provides excellent services to customers in exchange for purchasing a housing unit in the resort where customers can easily own a unique unit by paying a reservation deposit and contracting 10% of the total unit price, with the remainder paid in equal installments over an eight-year period. The units will be delivered with distinctive finishes by 2022.

Owning company and previous business

Ajna Development implemented and developed Carnelia Sokhna Resort, as it is one of the most well-known companies in the Egyptian real estate market with its extensive experience and strong interest in all the details of the projects it implements, allowing it to gain customers' trust and sit atop the real estate marketing market.

Ajna is a four-company Egyptian joint-stock corporation whose board of directors is chaired by Sherif Saleh, a well-known Egyptian businessman who oversaw the implementation of a huge number of massive projects in a number of Egyptian cities, most notably the Fifth Settlement.