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Studios for Sale in the North Coast

The search for studios for sale in the North Coast has increased exponentially, thanks to the area’s beautiful natural landscape and great urban planning, which provides all the needs of the population. Plenty of real estate companies offer studios for sale in the North Coast, due to the explosive demand for this type of property. Plenty of people look for studios for sale in the North Coast to get a relief from the noisier, busier parts of Cairo.

About the North Coast

The North Coast is considered one of the top coastal destinations in Egypt, thanks to its beautiful white sands and deep blue waters, it is also home to many lakes such as Al Manzala, Idco, Mariout, and El barlas.

The North Coast faces the Mediterranean Sea, which is located to the north of the African continent. This coast is very long, extending to 1050 kilometers within Egypt alone.

The North Coast is known for the many resorts and hotels within it, which provides.

The Advantages of North Coast Resorts and Villages

North Coast villages have unique advantages that make them an ideal destination for a calm and luxurious lifestyle, such as:-

  • North Coast resorts have a large number of services and facilities, so you’re free to enjoy your vacation without worrying about anything.
  • The resorts include plenty of shopping centers to provide the residents with everything they need, from daily essentials to the most luxurious brands.
  • There’s plenty of green spaces, parks, gardens, and natural landscape, which covers a significant part of each resort.
  • Each resort has a team of security guards working nonstop to provide the highest level of security to the residents.
  • North Coast resorts have yacht marinas, to provide more luxury for the residents.
  • All resorts have many restaurants, cafes, and luxury hotels.
  • Swimming pools are evenly distributed throughout the resorts.
  • Some resorts offer educational facilities such as schools and universities, which offer a high level of education and make it possible to stay all year.
  • All resorts offer units with amazing payment systems with the smallest downpayment and the longest installment period.

Best North Coast Resorts

When looking for a studio for sale in the North Coast, you can visit any of the North Coast’s amazing villages and you won’t be disappointed with their offerings. There are plenty of resorts with tasteful designs and a high standard of living, such as:-

Studios for Sale in the North Coast

Everyone looking for studios for sale in North Coast will find that there are plenty of studios to choose from, for example there’s a studio with a space of 58 square meters with Super Lux finishes priced at 780,000 EGP, while another studio measures around 35 square meters and is priced at 340,000 EGP.

Studio Apartment Design

Studio apartments have a unique design that is different from any other apartment, they usually have a small space that consists of a bedroom and one bathroom, plus an open space with a kitchen, living room, and reception.

If you’re looking for a small apartment with a small price to match, whether to rent or buy, then studio apartments are an excellent choice. They’re a great solution for small households or anyone living alone.

Advantages of Studio Apartments

Studios for sale in the North Coast have become more popular, thanks to the many advantages afforded to its owners, most importantly:-

  • The unique design of studio apartments allows for the free movement within it, thanks to the open floor plan and minimal divisions.
  • The small price tag makes these units ideal for students, recent graduates, and newlyweds.
  • It’s possible to furnish the unit with the essentials only, which saves a lot of money.
  • It’s easy to redecorate and maintain your unit, or even move furniture around as needed.

Disadvantages of Studio Apartments

Although it offers many advantages that aren’t available anywhere else, studio apartments have significant drawbacks that you need to be aware of:-

  • Studio apartments are small and aren’t very ideal for entertaining guests. There’s only enough space for two people at most.
  • Due to its small size, a ground floor studio may be subjected to noise from traffic and passersby.