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Mountain View Icity 6 October Compound - 87 Properties for sale


Enjoy a life full of luxury in Mountain View Icity 6 October Compound

Mountain View iCity October provides you with everything you are waiting for in your place of residence and more, where its residents find an integrated set of services, and the compound includes all the entertainment facilities that guarantee its residents to live a comfortable life to the utmost degree, the compound is an exceptional residential project It outperforms all other projects in 6th of October City.

Mountain View iCity October location

The 6th of October is known for being both peaceful and sophisticated. As a result, the establishment of Mountain View i City October ensures that you will be free of the noisy life full of irritating noises, especially because it is located directly in the heart of the city in one of its most prominent locations, close to major squares, roads, and strategic axes, such as:

  • The most notable plaza in the city is Juhayna Square.
  • The ring road connects the facility to the outside world.
  • It may also be used to get to the compound from the major route west of Cairo.
  • 26th of July Corridor: The distance between it and the Compound does not exceed a few kilometers.

Despite the extraordinary serenity that the compound site enjoys, it is an essential and useful site to a significant extent, as we can see by looking at it, there are many key service and recreational facilities nearby, including:

  • You can walk from the compound to the Mall of Arabia in three minutes.
  • It takes only twenty minutes to walk from the compound to the Mall of Egypt.
  • It takes less than 10 minutes to walk from the compound to the Dar Al Fouad Hospital.
  • Nile University: It is possible to move from the compound to it in a period not exceeding ten minutes.
  • shooting club

The spaces of the Mountain View ICity October compound

There are units of various types in the compound that make it difficult to choose between them because they are all characterized by extreme luxury, whether villas, townhouses, twin houses, or even apartments, and the main reason for this great diversity in the compound's units is due to its vast area of 500 acres.

Despite the compound's huge size and number of units, the green areas dominate its overall aspect, as they cover the vast majority of the land given to it, giving it a more civilized and sophisticated appearance.

In Mountain View iCity October, there are apartments for sale with a variety of spaces, including small, medium, and big apartments, as well as villas, and these spaces may be explained as follows:

  • Villas: These buildings have three stories and are defined by their enormous interior spaces and number of rooms. They range in size from 220 square meters to 565 square meters, with bigger villas ranging from 180 square meters to 400 square meters.
  • Apartments: It consists of a wide hall, three rooms, a kitchen, and a bathroom. Apartments for sale in the compound have sizes ranging from 100 to 240 square meters.

Mountain View iCity 6 October services and benefits

Mountain View 6 October Compound was not content with providing the standard services found in any residential project; instead, the company behind it was eager to provide it with new services and benefits not found in other projects in order to outperform them all, as it now provides its clients with:

  • Complete security due to security guys and guards who are always present in the compound to safeguard it, as well as surveillance cameras strategically placed throughout the compound to watch any movements that occur in order to ensure the safety of its occupants.
  • A medical service that includes acquiring health care at the compound, medical facility, as well as supplying numerous medicines, preparations, and medical supplies at the on-site pharmacy.
  • One of the major commercial malls in the area, offering a wide range of high-quality merchandise and products for residents' needs.
  • Multiple restaurants and cafés are available for inhabitants of the property to pick from in order to enjoy wonderful cuisine and beverages in a unique location.
  • Clubs can range from a social club where a variety of activities can be pursued to a well-equipped gym where members can spend quality time participating in various sports and games.
  • Green spaces that may be explored to appreciate the project's beautiful natural surroundings. It also has calm areas where you may sit in the open-air while taking in the breathtaking sights.
  • The view is enhanced by spectacular gardens with trees and bright green vegetation, as well as artificial water fountains.
  • A group of swimming pools where all inhabitants, including children and adults, may have fun and relax.
  • I-City residents may park their cars within a covered and guarded car garage rather than in distant or risky garages.
  • A gym with all of the necessary equipment, as well as a spa with a variety of capabilities that ensure the provision of exceptional service to all of the compound's pioneers and inhabitants.
  • A multitude of leisure places, such as a grilling area in an open area with everything that inhabitants would want.
  • All inhabitants of the compound will be able to unwind away from the rush and bustle of daily life at the Club House.
  • A group of playgrounds ranging from multi-use courts in addition to football fields, as well as tennis courts.

Mountain View iCity October Prices

Despite the numerous amenities in the compound and the diversity of services, the costs of Mountain View iCity October are a major incentive to buy, unlike many other projects, because they are extremely suitable despite the many facilities in the compound and the diversity of services.

You will not discover a set price for all units in the compound; instead, you will find a variety of pricing from which to pick, but the minimum price per square meter is expected to be 10,000 EGP in general.

Payment methods in Mountain View October iCity

Payment of the unit price in Mountain View Icity 6 October Compound will be very convenient for all customers, because it offers one of the best payment systems, which includes a down payment of either 5% or 10% of the total unit price, depending on the buyer's preference, and then the remainder of the price is paid in 6 years' installments.

Because the compound sells both completely finished and semi-finished apartments, the units are expected to be delivered to purchasers within four years after signing a contract with the firm.

Owning company and previous business

Because it is a major real estate company with a long history in Egypt, Mountain View Development Company, the owner of the Mountain View iCity October compound, did not hesitate to provide it with all of the equipment and capabilities that would aid in its implementation in the best possible way.

Despite the fact that ICity October has established a name in the real estate market as a result of its tremendous success, the firm has a history of launching large projects, the most notable of which are: