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Al Burouj Compound El Shorouk City - 89 Properties for sale


Al Burouj Compound El Shorouk City

It is one of the most important closed residential communities in El Shorouk City, which is known for its proximity to Cairo and its most important service and governmental landmarks. Al Burouj Compound El Shorouk City is also close to the New Administrative Capital, which will be the center of many services once the construction and implementation phases are completed, the compound, in addition to its outstanding location, offers a number of other qualities that make it an ideal house for high-end living with the highest levels of luxury and security.

Location of Al Burouj Compound

It is regarded as one of El Shorouk City's most important and prominent integrated services residential compounds due to its many wonderful features, the most notable of which is its medium strategic location, which allows you to reach several destinations and important landmarks in a matter of minutes. Only 10 minutes from the New Administrative Capital, less than 15 minutes from Cairo International Airport, and no more than 20 minutes from New Cairo and the Fifth Settlement.

The compound's location in El Shorouk on Ismailia Road serves as a link between the ring road and the regional road, allowing residents of the compound to easily access various destinations in Cairo and other governorates throughout the Republic, as well as the Cairo / Suez Road, which provides access to Ain Sukhna and the Red Sea governorates, as well as the Central Ring Road.

Because the location in which the residential project was executed is a hotspot for real estate investors, it has been home to a number of the most important high-end residential real estate developments. It's close to Al Shorouk City, Al Mostakbal City, one of the region's major real estate developments, and Madinaty, which is noted for its high-end services and architectural designs, and the International Medical Center.

Al Burouj Compound spaces

It covers a total area of around 1200 acres. Only around 17% of the overall area of Al Burouj Compound El Shorouk City, or about 70 acres, was allotted for the construction of buildings and infrastructure, while the rest, up to 83% of the project area, was given for the construction of landscapes, green spaces, and flats. Watercolor is used to create attractive views that give the finished shape a civilized and soothing look.

Al Burouj Compound Units Space

The compound contains a huge number of residential units of various sizes, totaling 28,000.  The internal division of these units and the type of finishes, as well as the unit's location and internal size, are all diverse to accommodate the demands of as many people as possible. Flats, independent villas, and apartments may be found inside the property. The following spaces are available in duplexes and townhouses:-

  • The size of the residential flats ranges from 90 to 190 square meters, with two rooms per unit or three rooms for larger homes.
  • The duplex units have a total space of up to 176 square meters.
  • The townhouses have large sizes ranging from 165 to 245 square meters.
  • There are independent villas with enormous spaces and unique divisions in Al Borouj Misr, with villas ranging in size from 160 to 440 square meters.
  • The contracted units are delivered to the customers at the agreed-upon delivery time with the owner company, with Ultra Super Lux finishes in a contemporary European style and the finest materials, as well as all of the wonderful features offered by the compound in order to provide the highest levels of comfort and flexibility to its valued customers.

Al Burouj Compound Services 

The project was developed with the goal of achieving equity in terms of development and innovation in the most prominent global residential communities in the world's most major cities, where Al Burouj Compound El Shorouk City provides the following services:-

  • To meet all purposes, the property offers units of various sizes and divisions.
  • The total area of the project is dominated by expansive green spaces with appealing designs intertwined with aesthetic elements such as water bodies, stone decorations, and a distinctive addition of flowers of various colors and species, as well as trees, all of which provide a distinctive view and fresh air to all residential units within the compound.
  • Aside from the development of parks and gardens, such as Orchid Park, there are also recreational spaces for children with a variety of safe activities and swimming pools.
  • There is also a sports and social club where individuals may engage in different sporting activities while also meeting up with friends, family, and neighbors.
  • A cultural center and El Sawy Culture Wheel, the exclusive offers, are a unique and exceptional addition to the compound's leisure activities.
  • The compound, as well as the residential and business units within, are entirely powered by customized energy generators and solar panels, ensuring that the electrical current in the compound is unaffected by outside influences.
  • Within the property, there are also large gardens covering 70 acres dedicated to the production of organic vegetables and fruits for the inhabitants, which are aided by Al Burouj Compound location's mild year-round climate.
  • Parties, conferences, meetings, and special events can also be held in halls dedicated for that reason for residents and non-residents, with processing services available as needed and requested.
  • Tracks have been assigned with a fantastic view for individuals who like cycling, jogging, or running, thanks to the various green spaces and landscaping.
  • Gyms with sporting equipment and gadgets that can handle a big number of people at once are also available.
  • In terms of commercial services, The compound has a big integrated commercial center with a hypermarket and specialty stores that supply all of the products and services that an individual needs, as well as agencies for the most well-known worldwide brands.
  • Because medical services are one of the most important aspects of maintaining a good standard of living, all inhabitants of the complex may access high-quality medical services in all specialties through Capital Health Center.
  • Educational services are also required, therefore the Cadmus International School network, as well as Choueifat schools, are located within the compound.
  • Residents of the project may make use of a number of restaurants and cafés that provide a variety of fast food alternatives, as well as beautiful views and innovative technical designs.
  • In addition to the many residential flats, the area has a variety of business and administrative buildings.
  • Fast elevators of worldwide manufacturing quality are installed in all of the compound's structures.
  • The residents of the property have access to a private parking park that is monitored by cameras and has safety and security features for their vehicles.
  • Thanks to worldwide security and security systems, high-quality video cameras, and guard patrols, the property is regarded as one of the most secure residential complexes ever.
  • The corporation in charge of the project and its real estate units is eager to give regular maintenance and follow-up services for the green areas, units, and amenities inside the complex, in order to address any issues that arise.

Al Burouj Compound Prices and Payment Systems

The pricing at the compound is perfect for anybody looking to purchase a unique housing unit inside a residential complex that strives to provide all of the services necessary to ensure the residents' utmost comfort and safety. The greatest choice is Al Burouj Compound El Shorouk City, because unit prices within the compound start at 1,850,000 EGP, making the decision to acquire a unit a true assured investment for the future.

The company that operates the compound also offers a 14-year payment plan for unit pricing, allowing consumers to avoid paying the entire amount in cash or in one payment. The following is the payment mechanism supplied by the project's owner:-

The prices of Al Burouj apartments are paid by submitting an advance payment to contract with the owner firm in the amount of 5% of the pricing value of the chosen unit when you decide to live and settle in the compound and have already picked the right unit.

After that, you'll need to put down another 5%.

For the next 14 years, the remainder of the unit value is paid in equal payments.

Owning company and payment systems

Al Burouj Compound El Shorouk City was implemented by the Capital Group Company, which is affiliated with a number of the largest foreign real estate companies located in the most important global cities and capitals, such as Al Ain Capital Group, Al Ain Properties, and the Abu Dhabi Capital Group.

The company that owns and manages the project has extensive expertise in developing real estate in desirable areas that will attract residents and contribute to the project's success. It has completed a number of successful projects in the world's most significant cities, all of which have improved the level of life and services in those places such as:

  • Broadway in London, the British capital.
  • H Hotel in Dubai.
  • Al-Ain Tower in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.
  • London Place Street.
  • Capital Plaza Montenegro.
  • And el Borouj Compound in Cairo Governorate.