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Castle Landmark New Capital - 99 Properties for sale


Enjoy a luxurious and perfect lifestyle within Castle Landmark New Capital Compound

Castle Landmark Compound is a true example of the ideal life, full of all the elements of sophistication and comfort, as it is one of the giant projects characterized by the completeness of its services. Castle Landmark Company, upon initiating the implementation of this prestigious project, has optimally utilized its experience in the field of real estate, as evidenced by the luxurious designs and comprehensive services, as well as the prices of the compound.

Location of Castle Landmark New Capital

In order to attract clients' attention, the developing company paid close consideration to the location of its project. In the new administrative capital, a distinctive position in the seventh residential district in plot A1 was chosen, and this location is distinguished by its proximity to key locations and landmarks, which include the following:-

  • The compound is adjacent to the Green River area and the embassy district.
  • The international airport is extremely close to the area, which adds to the site's prominence and uniqueness.
  • Given the area's vicinity to significant highways and axes like the Mohamed bin Zayed South Axis, the Ring Road, Ain Sukhna Road, and Cairo-Suez Road, all locations are easily accessible from the compound.
  • Because the property is so close to the British University, all residents have access to high-end educational services.
  • The closeness of the property to key cities like Cairo, Badr City, and New Cairo distinguishes it.

Castle Landmark New Capital Compound space

The compound is located on massive constructions that span 41.5 acres. Despite the huge size, construction was only around 19 percent of the total, and the rest of the space was used for services that ranged from basic to supplementary.

The facility was built in four stages, with a massive expenditure of 5 billion EGP. The property consists of a collection of 40 residential structures, each of which has five apartments on the ground floor and six apartments on the higher floors.

The spaces of Castle Landmark Administrative Capital have been varied to suit everyone, with units ranging in size from 190 square meters to 205 square meters in the first and second phases, and 210 square meters in the second phase, while the third phase of the project has units ranging in size from 152 square meters to 175 square meters.

Castle Landmark New Capital services and amenities

All the services that customers need have been provided within Castle Landmark New Capital, which ensures a comfortable life that does not lack anything, and the most prominent of these services are:-

  • The compound's beauty and charm were enhanced by stunning views and green grounds that encompassed a considerable portion of the property.
  • There are running and cycling lanes among the natural spaces.
  • Throughout the day, a staff of security and guards works tirelessly in the compound to safeguard all areas of the facility and offer safety for the inhabitants.
  • Artificial lakes with unrivaled attractive patterns may be seen around the compound.
  • It features a lot of parks and open places where you can have barbecues and various celebrations.
  • Castle Landmark Company dispersed a huge number of swimming pools around the project, which varied in shape and size to accommodate all residents.
  • A high-end clubhouse has been assigned 4 acres of the total size of the compound to provide residents with even more luxury.
  • There is a gym and a spa with high-end international facilities.
  • Each building has a garage devoted to the residents' cars, which is used to secure and maintain them.
  • The compound was equipped with a social club that took up a major portion of the compound's territory and included a number of sports fields where residents could participate in a variety of sporting activities, as well as a squash court with international equipment.
  • There is a commercial mall built on a huge area of up to 6 acres inside Castle Landmark New Capital, with many stores that serve residents with all world items and brands.
  • The compound has luxurious restaurants that provide a range of delicious dishes, all of which are overseen by a staff of renowned chefs.
  • Cafes with stylish designs and a variety of drinks are offered.
  • There is a nursery at Castle Landmark New Capital, with the perfect equipment to offer complete protection for children.
  • The compound has a children's area with a large number of engaging games, ensuring that they have a delightful day full of fun and vigor with their friends.
  • 70% of the compound's services rely on the solar energy system to conserve power while also providing clean air and a healthy environment for the residents.
  • To assure the residents' comfort, all buildings inside the compound include two high-quality and efficient elevators.
  • The entire area is fitted with a central air conditioning system that circulates fresh air throughout.

From the above, it is apparent that Castle Landmark New Capital Compound has no issues since the comprehensive services ensure that clients live in a comfortable environment and so enjoy high quality and good living.

Castle Landmark New Capital prices

The company has released units at excellent prices, which are decided by the type and characteristics of the unit. The pricing per meter in the first and third phases begins at 9,000 EGP, while the price per meter for units in the second phase ranged from 9,500 to 10,000 EGP, and the price per meter for units in the fourth phase begins at 11,200 EGP and goes to 13,250 EGP.

A fantastic and flexible payment system has been established, with a down payment of 12% after three months, 5% after six months, and 5% after a year, in addition to 10% getting payment and the remainder to be paid over seven years.

The company revealed the payment systems for the fourth stage, which changed in order to accommodate various scenarios. The following are the systems:-

  • Pay the full amount over 5 years without obligation to pay in advance upon contracting.
  • A 10% downpayment is required, with the balance to be paid over the course of seven years.
  • 10% down payment, followed by 5% after one year of contracting, 5% after two years, and 15% payment upon receipt, with the remaining amount, spread out over ten years.

The company has indicated that the apartments in the third phase of Castle Landmark New Capital would be provided with full or partial finishes depending on the customer's preference, with a delivery date of 2022.

Owning company and previous business

Castle Landmark New Capital is one of Castle Real Estate Company's initiatives, which is an extension of the Saudi EBC Company, which has over four decades of real estate experience. MCDR Investments Company assisted with the implementation of the project.

The firm has employed a team of design and engineering consultants, and it has partnered with an Egyptian German company for engineering designs and an international insurance company called Elco to fully insure the compound against theft and fire.

If you are one of the lucky ones, you should hurry to the Landmark Compound to book your residential unit, which will provide you with a luxurious life filled with all the comforts and amenities you desire. Anyone searching for luxury and a high level of service can consider living in this elite compound.