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Point 9 New Capital - 39 Properties for sale


Location of Point 9 Mall New Capital

The MU1-14 plot is strategically located at the western entrance of the Downtown district, situated at the intersection of two vital roads that facilitate access to neighboring areas and form major connection points with all parts of the capital.

The Point 9 project, located in the heart of the New Administrative Capital, enjoys proximity to a group of important landmarks:
- Egypt Square is about a four-minute walk from the mall.
- The Government District, which houses the Prime Minister's headquarters and the Parliament building, can be reached in just four minutes.
- The Business and Finance City, the vibrant center for economic activities, is opposite Point 9 at a four-minute distance.
- The famous Gold Market can also be reached within just four minutes.
- The Almasa Hotel, one of the main hotels in the area, is a five-minute walk away.
- The Grand Egypt Mosque Monorail station takes about five minutes to reach.
- As for the Northern Ben Zayed Axis, it's just a few minutes away from the mall.

This proximity to vital centers makes Point 9 a prime destination and uniquely increases its investment and commercial value.

Facilities and Services of Point 9 Mall New Administrative Capital

Point 9 Mall in the New Administrative Capital is a vibrant center that meets the needs of business pioneers and youth looking for distinguished investment opportunities, as it includes multiple facilities and services that enhance the visitors' experience, including:

  • Dedicating a corner for children's games to ensure their entertainment in a safe and fun environment.
  • A variety of restaurants and cafes that offer different delicacies to suit all tastes.
  • Equipping the mall with a spacious garage that can accommodate a large number of cars, facilitating visitors' access and comfort.
  • The mall is equipped with the latest fire safety systems, including advanced alarm devices and fire extinguishing equipment.
  • Securing continuous electricity through emergency generators to ensure uninterrupted service.
  • Providing free Wi-Fi service throughout the mall for all visitors.
  • Enhancing security through continuous guard services throughout the day with comprehensive monitoring by security cameras.
  • Using solar energy to light the mall, contributing to environmental preservation.
  • The mall is equipped with a central air conditioning system that ensures a comfortable atmosphere for visitors throughout their stay.

With all these features, Point 9 Mall attracts the interest of all those wishing to benefit from an integrated commercial and entertainment environment.

Prices of Point 9 New Administrative Capital

Point 9 Mall units are distinguished by their attractive prices that rival the most important malls in the New Administrative Capital. When searching for unique advantages, the leadership in providing exceptional payment systems that are often difficult to match is clearly evident, which confirms the company's commitment to the interest of its customers by offering the best possible prices.

This comes with the mall enjoying a strategic location and providing integrated services that ensure a distinctive experience for visitors and investors. The prices of these units start from 5 million Egyptian pounds, which enhances the value of investment in this pioneering project.

Booking Systems for Point 9 Mall New Capital

Capital Hills company offers distinguished offers for owning commercial and medical units within the Point 9 Mall project with flexible payment options that suit all their customers' needs.

Seize the opportunity to invest in modern units without paying an initial down payment, with the possibility of distributing the value over equal monthly installments for five years, or choose the payment plan with 10% down payment and extending installments over eight years.

For those wishing to extend the payment period, the company provides the option of paying 15% down payment and dividing the rest over ten years.

For more facilities, you can allocate 20% as a down payment, and divide the remaining over twelve years. There is also an option to pay with a 30% down payment and divide the rest over fifteen years.

If you are looking for a shorter payment period after receiving the unit, you can choose the payment plan with a 40% down payment, and start installments immediately after receipt, with the rest distributed over two and a half years.

For investors who prefer to pay in cash, the company offers a special discount of up to 30% of the total value of the unit. Hurry to own at Point 9 Mall and take advantage of these diverse financial options that suit your investment plans.

The Company Owning Point 9 Mall

Capital Hills company stands as a prominent name in the world of real estate development in Egypt, where it was established in 2015 and quickly proved its strong presence by delivering projects characterized by excellence and exceeding expectations.

Its achievements include developing several important projects that occupy a large place in the real estate markets, intelligently and efficiently meeting the needs of customers and investors alike.

Previous real estate projects of Capital Hills company

  • Park Point Mall New Administrative Capital.
  • Point 11 Mall New Administrative Capital.
  • Park Yard Mall 6th of October.
  • Life Hills Compound 6th of October.
  • Life Hills Park Compound.
  • Life Complex Compound 6th of October.
  • Win Plaza Mall 6th of October.
  • Capital Tower Mall 6th of October.

Your Investment in the New Administrative Capital: Your Opportunity for Profit and Growth in the Heart of Modern Egypt!

The New Administrative Capital in Egypt has become a center for attracting investments since its establishment in 2015, providing wide opportunities to participate in innovative and comprehensive projects. The city is characterized by its pioneering architectural designs and urban planning that integrates the latest technologies, a key place in Egypt's economic development plan.

The New Capital embraces a mix of residential and commercial facilities, and enjoys an advanced technological infrastructure and advanced public facilities such as hospitals equipped with the latest technologies, high-quality schools, and shopping centers that serve all needs. Also, the city is a focal point for highways and transportation means, facilitating movement within the city and connecting it with all parts of the country.

Government incentives such as tax exemptions and simplification of procedures for establishing businesses have greatly contributed to creating a favorable investment climate. The city pays special attention to the real estate sector, which is a promising field for economic growth, supported by increased demand and rising property values.

With its contemporary structure and future outlook, the New Administrative Capital allows global and local companies to enhance their position in the Egyptian market. The diversity in the city provides a unique environment full of opportunities, enhancing partnership and exchange of experiences, and opening new doors for growth and development.

Investing in the New Administrative Capital is considered not only a participation in the development of the city, but a well-thought-out step towards achieving a profitable return benefiting from the multiple advantages of this exceptional city, and it is a prominent gateway for those aspiring to discover rich and renewable investment opportunities in Egypt.