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Dorado New Capital - 80 Properties for sale


Location of Dorado Mall New Administrative Capital

Dorado Mall is located in the heart of the New Administrative Capital, in a prime location at MU2-18, situated at the gateway of the Downtown area, directly adjacent to the Towers area and the Northern Ben Zayed Axis.

This unique location places Dorado Mall at the center of activity and movement, making it a key attraction point and close to the most important landmarks in the capital.

Places adjacent to Dorado Mall

  • Dorado Mall is located in the heart of the Administrative Capital, adjacent to the luxurious Almasa Hotel and overlooking the beautiful Green River, offering visitors an unparalleled opportunity to enjoy stunning natural scenery.
  • Only half an hour by car from the Administrative Capital Airport, the mall enjoys a strategic location that is easily accessible.
  • Dorado Capital Link Mall provides an integrated shopping experience next to the most important medical centers and the largest hospital in the Downtown area, making it the ideal destination for those seeking care and luxury.
  • The mall also benefits from its proximity to the government district, placing it on the map of vital locations in the city.
  • Dorado Mall is also distinguished by its proximity to leading shopping centers such as Downtown Mall and Mall X Business, making it an attraction point for visitors looking for a unique and diverse shopping experience.

Services at Dorado Mall New Administrative Capital

Capital Link Real Estate Company is working to provide a comprehensive package of distinguished services and modern facilities that meet various customer demands, thus becoming a primary destination for visitors and investors.

  • Inside Dorado Commercial Center in the Administrative Capital, there are elegant and fully equipped halls for holding meetings and events, making it an ideal place for organizing important gatherings.
  • The center also provides ATMs to facilitate financial transactions for visitors and tenants, enhancing efficiency and ease of financial mobility.
  • The smart design of elevators and escalators in Dorado facilitates smooth movement throughout the mall, providing a comfortable experience for visitors.
  • Spacious and secure parking lots are also available, contributing to avoiding congestion and providing comfort for visitors.
  • The mall includes a selected group of restaurants and cafes that satisfy various tastes and meet the desires of visitors.
  • In addition, the Dorado project contains a wide range of medical clinics and health facilities that provide integrated care services for its visitors.
  • The safety of Dorado Mall visitors is enhanced by advanced security systems and security teams present around the clock, in addition to modern surveillance cameras that work to provide a safe environment.
  • Dorado Commercial Center includes all services to meet the daily needs of visitors, inviting them to spend a distinctive and useful time.
  • The experience of visitors and tenants is supported by high-speed internet services that enable effective and continuous communication.

Prices of Dorado Mall the Administrative Capital

In the Dorado Capital Link project in the New Administrative Capital, the company offers a range of units at unparalleled competitive prices, making it an unmissable investment opportunity. The available units vary between commercial, medical, and administrative, with prices starting from:
- 65,000 Egyptian pounds per square meter for administrative units.
- 69,000 Egyptian pounds per square meter for medical units.
- 120,000 Egyptian pounds per square meter for commercial units.

The total prices for units in Dorado Mall start from 5,650,000 Egyptian pounds, giving investors the opportunity to own high-value units in one of the most ambitious projects in the new capital.

Booking System for Dorado Administrative Capital

The company owning Dorado Mall in the New Administrative Capital has multiple and flexible options for financing the purchase of commercial units, offering attractive discounts on immediate payment and distinctive facilities for installment payments.

  • Buyers can benefit from a discount of up to 30% on cash payment, or choose to pay 25% as a discount with a down payment representing 40% of the price, and the rest to be paid in installments over three years.
  • The company offers several payment alternatives including escalating discounts with an increase in the down payment value, where 20% can be paid upfront and the remaining amount divided into installments over six years with a 10% discount on the total remaining price in the last three years.
  • In addition to other plans including paying 30%, 40%, or 50% upfront and enjoying discounts of up to 25% of the price in the last three years of the installment period that extends for six years.

As for the regular payment systems

  • You can start without a down payment and spread the payment over five years.
  • Or pay only 10% and extend the payment to six years.
  • We also provide the possibility of making a 15% down payment with the opportunity to pay the rest in installments over seven years
  • Or choose to pay 20% and divide the remaining amount over eight years.
  • For those wishing to reduce monthly financial burdens with a longer plan, we offer the option of paying 30% in advance and spreading the installments over nine years.

Take advantage of these exclusive opportunities to finance your purchases in a way that suits your needs and ensures your financial comfort.

About Capital Link Company, Owner of Dorado Mall

Capital Link Company, a leader in real estate development in Egypt, presents its new project, Dorado Mall, in the heart of the Administrative Capital.

This project comes to enhance its position after successive successes of several projects in the area, most notably "Verona Mall," which was distinguished by providing unique services and innovative working methods to its customers.

Capital Link Company has a track record of distinguished projects in the New Administrative Capital, including:

  • Spot 5 project in the New Administrative Capital.
  • Verona Mall in the New Administrative Capital.
  • Solano Mall in the New Administrative Capital.
  • La Val Mall in the New Administrative Capital.
  • Cardia Compound in the New Administrative Capital.

Dorado Mall is an unmissable opportunity for investment and excellence in the highest standards of luxury and quality.

Your Investment in the New Administrative Capital: Your Chance for Profit and Growth in the Heart of Modern Egypt!

In the heart of Egypt, the New Administrative Capital emerges as a prominent investment center, equipped with the latest infrastructure and urban facilities that attract investors from all over the world. This area offers a wide range of opportunities for establishing commercial and residential projects, placing it at the forefront of areas attractive for economic and technological development.

The New Capital is considered fertile ground for investment in real estate fields that vary between residential and commercial, and opens its doors to establish huge projects that contribute to continuous development. In addition, investment in infrastructure such as educational and medical institutions and commercial centers increases its value and attracts more effective contributions.

The New Capital is also a hub for business and innovation, especially in the sectors of communications, technology, tourism, and hospitality, providing an ideal environment for launching pioneering projects that fit the evolving market needs.

The Egyptian government supports this trend by providing incentive benefits to investors including tax exemptions and facilities in company establishment procedures, which increases the attractiveness of the capital and enhances its position as a preferred investment destination.

The New Administrative Capital appears as an active area that combines population and economic growth, thus forming an ideal platform for long-term investments that focus on financial success and future expansion, and then opening the horizon for investors to achieve their goals efficiently and successfully.