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Midtown New Capital - 14 Properties for sale


Everything you need to know about Midtown New Capital, the city's most renowned development.

Although Midtown Compound is primarily a residential project, living there gives you the impression that you are living in an integrated city, complete with units, commercial areas, and charming gardens adorned with green spaces and water elements, in addition to luxurious buildings with very sophisticated engineering designs, indicates that everything is available for your complete comfort and convenience.

Midtown compound location

If the most important thing for you is to live in an upscale area with all services available, do not miss out on booking your unit in Midtown Egypt Compound because it is located in the seventh residential district (R7) in the heart of the New Capital, which is characterized by the presence of many educational and medical service centers that surround it and many high-end shops.

The project is located on one of the most important strategic routes, the Suez Road, and it is adjacent to the fairs as well as Expo City, where it is immediately in front of it, and it offers a unique perspective of the Green River.

The compound is also minutes away from the two main places of worship in the New Capital, Al-Fattah Al-Alim Mosque and the Cathedral, and there are several amenities and other essential sites nearby, including:

  • Presidential Palace
  • El Masa Hotel
  • Ministries area
  • Medical City
  • Opera House
  • the airport

Residents of the complex will find it extremely easy to move within or outside the administrative capital because it is close to the ring road and the southern axis of Mohammed bin Zayed, which is the major axis in the entire area

Midtown New Capital Compound's spaces

MidtownEgypt, the administrative capital, does not have a large area however it extends over 50 acres, but rather a good division of these acres helped to exploit them optimally, as many types of residential units, represented in townhouses, twin houses, independent villas, as well as non-residential units of administrative offices, were built on them. And stores, despite the fact that there is no construction congestion within the enclosure.

The compound buildings, which occupy only 20% of the land, are very well distributed across the percentage allocated to them, with the remainder occupied by green spaces and service and recreational facilities such as malls, restaurants, and artificial lakes that wrap around the majority of the buildings.

As an initial stage, there are 390 villas for sale in Compound Midtown New Capital, implying that additional new villas, along with other units, are expected to be constructed in the next stages.

The areas of all units in the compound, whether residential or non-residential, differ, and their spaces are as follows:

  • Apartments: There is an apartment of 90 square meters with one room, and an apartment that includes two rooms has an area of ​​135 square meters, and the area of ​​the largest apartment, which includes three rooms, is 180 square meters.
  • The area of ​​the smaller villas is 200 square meters, and its spaces increase to 350 square meters for the widest villas available in the compound.
  • The area of ​​​​the townhouse in the New Administrative Capital (Corner) available within the compound is 350 meters, surrounded by green spaces of up to 300 meters, and the middle town has a green area of ​​200 meters.
  • The area of ​​the Twin House units is the same as the Corner Townhouse, i.e. 350 meters for buildings and 300 meters for green space.
  • The commercial units are located on the ground floor and their spaces start from 110 square meters in addition to 80 square meters for outdoor space.
  • Administrative offices and clinics are located on the upper floors and start from 110 square meters as well.

Midtown New Capital Services and Amenities

Housing in Midtown Administrative Capital project is a dream that thousands, if not millions of people, wish to achieve because it provides its residents with various forms of luxury and other essential basic services, ensuring that there are no inconveniences that can disrupt them, as it provides them with:

  • The availability of all resources to assure the compound's total security, such as security staff present throughout the day, electronic gates, and others.
  • It is distinguished for its abundance of natural spaces, as well as its attractive artificial lakes.
  • Establishing and fully equipping the health club, as well as supplying it with different essential equipment and capabilities
  • Residents have access to a private garage where they may park their vehicles without being inconvenienced by traffic.
  • The presence of well-known stores that give their clients high-quality and sophisticated items and brands.
  • Establishing a pharmacy within the complex to make it simpler for residents to obtain any medicines or medical supplies they want at any time.
  • There are several swimming pools open to all residents, rather than just one.
  • The units feature a spectacular view of the artificial lakes, which are distinguished by the elegance of their design, as well as the brightly colored green spaces.
  • The presence of a number of the finest cafés, as well as a number of the most luxurious restaurants offering high-end services to its clients.
  • The clubhouse is visually appealing and provides a fantastic atmosphere that fosters relaxation among very soothing views.
  • The construction of a commercial center that covers a large area of 15,000 square meters, is distinguished by its placement on a prominent street right in front of the city of Expo and has eye-catching designs and facades.
  • The compound's high-end architectural and engineering design, which was undertaken by a group of the most qualified and experienced architects.
  • Midtown Egypt is not only located in the New Administrative Capital, but it is also one of its most essential regions, as seen by the presence of several service facilities such as malls, schools, and administrative offices.

Midtown New Capital Prices

Due to Better Home's desire to surpass all other projects in the New Capital in everything, including the rates given, you should not miss reserving a unit within Midtown New Capital Compound in order to enjoy numerous services at competitive and affordable costs to a significant extent.

The price of a townhouse in the new administrative capital differs from the price of an apartment or villa inside the compound, for example, but the price also changes within the same kind of unit according to its features, and the prices provided for some of the compound's units are:

  • An apartment can be purchased inside the compound for a minimum of 990,000 pounds.
    A villa for sale in Midtown New Capital can be purchased for a minimum of 3,990,000 pounds.

Methods of payment in Midtown New Capital project

Although the costs of many units in Midtown New Capital can approach millions of pounds, the client will not have to pay all of these millions in one go but will be able to pay them in payments over a lengthy period of time without feeling any financial constraints.

The following payment systems are accessible in Midtown New Capital for the customer's selection:

  • An apartment can be purchased inside the compound for a minimum of 990,000 pounds.
  • A villa for sale in Midtown New Capital can be purchased for a minimum of 3,990,000 pounds.

Although Better Home New Capital provides excellent payment options for its clients, it was dissatisfied with this, therefore it had previously offered them a special offer of a 5% discount when reserving a unit between January 15 and February 15.

Developing company and previous business

An integrated and luxurious project such as Midtown, the new administrative capital, had to be implemented by a major firm like Better Home, which is at the forefront of the major corporations operating in real estate development not only in Egypt but also in Africa and the Middle East as a whole 

Better Home's history stretches back to 1997, and throughout the years, the company has built a number of real estate projects in Egypt's most major cities, including Greater Cairo and the New Administrative Capital. The following are some of the company's most notable prior projects: