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Park Lane New Capital - 100 Properties for sale


Learn everything there is to know about Park Lane New Capital Compound

Park Lane Compound is an authentic Egyptian project, but it resembles the most luxurious international compounds in terms of design because it was inspired by the classic Dutch design known for its splendor, it's mixed with wonderful Egyptian touches to appear in the end in an eye-catching manner, especially with the spread of green spaces in various parts in addition to the various facilities and amenities to live a totally extraordinary life.

Park lane compound location

Park Lane project's strategic vital location is one of its most important strengths, because the company that owns it not only built it in the seventh district, the most famous and prestigious of the new capital's neighborhoods, but it also chose the best plot for its residence within the area, Mohammed bin Zayed South Axis.

The compound is distinguished by its location on a large main street with a width of up to 70 meters, as well as its proximity to well-known residential projects in the area, such as IL Bosco Compound, and it is also close to a number of the New Capital's most important landmarks and areas, including:

  • Taiba Rose (right in front of the compound)
  • Swedish University
  • Medical City
  • government district
  • Presidential Palace
  • green river
  • Diamond Hotel
  • central park
  • Opera House
  • Diplomatic Quarter

Park Lane compound's spaces

Despite the fact that Park Lane, New capital, does not span hundreds of acres like many other residential developments, since it was created on only 26 acres, it provides its clients a variety of units of varied sizes, just like any other project that spans a large area.

Apartments and duplexes are the different forms of compound units, and there are ground apartments with a garden connected, and the spaces vary in all sorts to satisfy different needs, and the spaces available include:

  • Small apartments are about 90 square meters and have one bedroom.
  • There are apartments with a minimum area of ​​129 square meters and two bedrooms.
  • There are apartments with a minimum area of ​​142 square meters and have three bedrooms.
  • There are spacious apartments with a minimum of 196 square meters and four bedrooms.
  • Duplex units have a wide area ranging from 200 square meters up to 350 square meters.

It is worth noting that one of the most renowned real estate consultants in the Middle East, Raef Fahmy, who previously oversaw significant projects such as the Waterway Resort in the North Coast and the Skyline project, is the secret behind the stunning design of the property.

Park Lane Compound New Capital services and amenities

Since its design imitates the Dutch style and even its equipment reaches a global level because it includes various basic services of the highest degree of quality and sophistication in addition to the new features available in it alone to ensure a modern life, Park Lane New Capital Compound bears the name of one of the largest and most important streets in the Netherlands, some of its most notable amenities that it provides for their residents:

  • Integrated security is provided by security personnel and guards who are on duty 24 hours a day.
  • The compounds residents get complete privacy thanks to the external design of all buildings.
  • Between natural fields and landscapes, the property has a variety of views and exterior decorations.
  • Paths that are designed to allow for morning activities such as jogging or cycling, as well as taking a walk and roaming with friends.
  • A chain of restaurants, as well as many cafés, so that residents may eat and drink in the most luxurious settings if they want.
  • The presence of water features in the compound's external decorations, represented by swimming pools and artificial lakes.
  • Each housing unit has its own car park so that residents do not have to deal with traffic when parking their vehicles.
  • Because of the compound's magnificent external architecture, all of its apartments have a breathtaking outlook.
  • There is a well-equipped gym as well as a spa with a variety of amenities to ensure the finest possible service.
  • The inclusion of non-residential units, such as shops and administrative offices, is advantageous to the owners of these units because it simplifies access to customers and clients, as well as to the residents of the compound since it guarantees that their various requirements are met in one location.
  • The presence of a major shopping center, making it easy for residents to obtain any products or items they require.
  • There are several entertainment spaces in the compound, as well as a separate play area for children.
  • The clubhouse is constructed to a high quality in order to offer residents a relaxing environment through which to relieve tension.
  • The existence of a dedicated medical facility to provide comprehensive and timely health treatment to all residents of the complex at any time.
  • Creating structures in a unique fashion that allows them to be connected by bridges.
  • Two swimming pools are available in the covered system for those who desire to use them.
  • All types of drinks and snacks are available at the many kiosks located throughout the area.
  • Places where inhabitants can play leisure activities like chess to relieve boredom.
  • A center concerned with body fitness, in addition to other specialized centers such as the social center and the center for business owners.
  • In addition to the small cinema and the central kitchen, several of the buildings in Park Lane property feature reading or study rooms.
  • Creating an open area for residents to enjoy strolling and wandering with their families or friends, as well as providing another fantastic entertainment option in the form of the availability of (Skyline Lounge)
  • The property has three major gates, two of which are reserved for residential units and the third for commercial units, in order to maintain order and ensure that residents do not encounter any traffic congestion when entering and exiting the compound.
  • Among the other amenities in the project, the construction of a mosque to guarantee that people have access to any services they require.

Park Lane New Capital Compound Prices

The prices offered for Park Lane Compound units will not discourage you from making a purchase, but rather will encourage you to do so because they are very competitive and appealing, despite a large number of equipment and services available, with prices per square meter ranging from 10,000 to 12,000 EGP, depending on the area and specifications of each unit.

A duplex unit in Park Lane Compound New Capital may be purchased for as little as 3,27 thousand and 495 pounds, and the minimum costs for the flats available there are as follows:

  • 848 thousand and 9 pounds for the apartment, which includes one bedroom.
  • One million and 527 thousand and 330 pounds for the apartment, which includes two bedrooms.
  • One million and 718 thousand and 330 pounds for the apartment, which includes three bedrooms.
  • 2 million and 193 thousand and 330 pounds for the apartment, which includes four bedrooms.

Park Lane New Capital has a variety of payment options.

The compound provides its clients a variety of alternatives in everything, including payment methods, with three simple payment systems to choose from:

  • A down payment of 7% of the unit's fixed price is required, with the remainder to be paid in 6 payments over the next 6 years.
  • A 10% down payment is required, with the remaining balance to be paid in installments over the next 7 years.
  • A down payment of 15% of the unit price is required, with the remainder to be paid in 8 payments over the next 8 years.

Customers obtain semi-completed units, but if they want them fully finished, they must pay an extra 2500 pounds over the sold unit's price per square meter.

Developing company and previous business

Huge projects require significant companies with a lot of expertise, therefore the business that controls Park Lane Compound Project is Al-Attal Real Estate Company, which has been in the real estate market for more than eight decades, starting in 1948.

The company has several branches both inside and outside of Egypt, and it is named for its founders: Hani El Attal, Mohamed El Attal, and Ahmed El Attal. It has launched numerous real estate projects in Egypt and the Arab world.

The company's initiatives in Nasr City and the Fifth Settlement have been hugely successful, and while Park Lane El Attal Compound is the most well-known, it had previously completed other notable projects, including:

  • Pavilion Mall in the New Administrative Capital
  • Construction of a number of buildings in Garden City, Nasr City, Lotus District, Bait Al Watan, Andalusia, Heliopolis, and others.
  • Development of many embassies, such as Qatar Embassy, ​​Bahrain Embassy, ​​Angola Embassy, ​​Malaysian Embassy.
  • Contributing to the establishment and development of the infrastructure of the High Dam project in Aswan, Alexandria, Ain Shams.

It's worth noting that the company's activities span a variety of industries, including contracting and building, as well as developing a collection of government and diplomatic institutions, as well as schools, tourist villages, and hotels in Egypt, East Asia, and the Gulf Cooperation Council nations.