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Tiba Rose new capital - 12 Properties for sale


A special tour in Tiba Rose New Capital Compound

A luxury development at a prime location in the new capital. It was developed for Egyptian Armed Forces air defense officers, with reservations opened for civilians to take advantage of the services of this promising facility, which resembles a small city with integrated high-end services and comprehensive basic and recreational facilities. The compound is a magnificent architectural design with the most up-to-date ornamentation. Because it is remote from places of people, noise, and pollution, Global is a location where residents find comfort, serenity, luxury, and enjoyment.

Tiba Rose Compound's location

The compound is in a strategic location in one of the Administrative Capital's most important residential neighborhoods, where it is located in the embassy district, specifically in the seventh residential district R7, and it is close to many important places and roads. The following are the most important features of its location:

  • The compound is close to the Opera House.
  • The hotel is in a fantastic location, close to the convention center.
  • A prime site near the well-known Al-Massa Hotel, the most opulent and largest hotel in the Administrative Capital.
  • It is in a wonderfully strategic location, just minutes from the Presidential Palace.
  • The property is only a few minutes away from the new administrative capital airport.
  • The compound is easily accessible because it is close to main hubs and highways, making it simple to reach.
  • Ain Sukhna's resorts and villages are close by.
  • It is close to Suez Road.
  • The project's distance from Badr City was estimated to be a few minutes by car.

Tiba Rose New Capital spaces

The compound is spread out over a broad area, making it one of the three main projects in the new capital. This area allowed it to be combined with services in a unique and unimaginable way.

Green spaces, in addition to water bodies, lakes, industries, recreational services, and swimming pools, dominate the aesthetic view of the project because they occupy a considerable portion of it.

It consists of a variety of housing units, including independent apartments and exquisite villas, as well as several flexible spaces that may be selected based on the desires and interests of each client.

The following is a list of the internal spaces of the units:

  • The compounds flats range in size from 150 square meters to 175 square meters, with spaces up to 200 square meters accessible in the administrative capital.
  • The compound's independent villas range in size from 500 to 600 square meters.

Services and features of Tiba Rose New Capital Compound

Tiba Rose Compound New Capital is a huge project with numerous benefits over other residential compounds, and the following are some of the most essential services provided within it that make it integrated and self-sufficient:

  • The green spaces provide a psychologically soothing view of the apartments.
  • The compound's beauty and appeal are enhanced by crystal artificial lakes and water fountains.
  • Gardens and parks with sitting, resting, and relaxing zones.
  • There are numerous swimming pools of varying sizes to suit adults and children, with their distribution evenly distributed across the compound.
  • A big Food Court with superb cafés and restaurants providing local and foreign specialties and manned by highly trained chefs may be found.
  • To reduce crowds, there is guarded parking and garages for cars.
  • Away from highways, there are dedicated jogging, running, walking, and bike trails.
  • Tiba Rose Compound New Capital has a large sports club with a significant number of well-equipped playgrounds and offers residents sports and leisure.
  • A huge and worldwide health club, gym, and spa with top-of-the-line sports equipment.
  • There is a commercial area in the compound that includes malls, shops, and stores that provide goods and necessities from the latest worldwide brands.
  • There is a recreational play area for children in the compound, with fun games to do, all while assuring the safety of the children.
  • There is a big mosque with remarkable designs on the Tiba property that attracts a great number of people.
  • Throughout the day, the central shower service is provided to all units in the compound.
  • A vast social club that offers numerous recreational services and is regarded as the most beautiful meeting place for family, residents, and friends.
  • A medical center, medical and treatment services, and pharmacies operate around the clock to receive emergency cases.
  • Guarding and security services are constantly working around the clock to secure all units, seven days a week.
  • Modern surveillance cameras have been installed everywhere in the compound, working throughout the day with the highest accuracy and efficiency.

Tiba Rose New Capital prices and payment systems 

Some may be surprised when they get to know the compound in the administrative capital, and compare it with the many services provided to its residents, or by looking at the prices of similar projects in the same area, as they were distinctive and reasonable to suit all possibilities without exaggeration.

Whereas, according to 2018 prices, the price per square meter starts at around 4000 EGP.

Residential units, apartments, and villas in the compound, range in price from 600,000 EGP to 2 million EGP and 400,000 EGP, respectively.

The project's owner has also provided simple and straightforward transaction and payment systems, which are distinguished by their diversity and flexibility, allowing consumers to select the systems that best fit their needs, as follows:

  • When contracting by agreement between the company and the customer, advance payment is made, and the remainder of the unit price is paid in equal installments over seven payments, at a pace of three payments every three months for three years.
  • The customer pays a contract provider and then pays the remaining amount in two installments over the course of the year for a total of three years.

Knowing that the reservation of residential units in the compound does not need any special conditions or requirements, the customer just fills out a special form that includes their personal data and ways to communicate with them, then chooses the unit that suits them and inspects it, so that the payment terms, delivery dates, finishing details and other matters that facilitate they have to move on to the unique life they have always dreamed of.

In terms of unit delivery in Tiba Rose New Capital Compound, customers have been receiving their units since the last year of 2020, and new customers are still being served.

The owner company and its previous work

Tiba Rose Cooperative Society for Housing and Building is the owner of Tiba Rose Compound, which is characterized by luxury and beauty in a way that fascinates everyone who looks at its realistic details.

The Armed Forces Engineering Authority also collaborated with it, taking responsibility for all projects completing activities from A to Z, and presenting significant projects, particularly those related to national projects such as bridges, highways, and the project to dig the new Suez Canal.

All of this indicates that we are dealing with a vast and powerful project whose strength and credibility are derived from the large corporations that support it and are responsible for its implementation, building, and unit delivery.

As a result, Tiba Rose New Capital is one of the largest projects in the new administrative capital, with a great location and modern architectural designs for its units, as well as integrated services and facilities that provide residents with satisfaction, stability, security, and luxury throughout the year.

A one-of-a-kind endeavor and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that must be taken and won without delay. Choose your unit and begin a new life with a contemporary design and eye-catching accents. You have finally reached the pinnacle of luxury and opulence.