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Armonia New Capital - 83 Properties for sale


Luxury and high standards within Armonia New Capital Compound

Thanks to its extensive services and numerous benefits, Armonia Compound New Capital ensures that its clients live in a delightful ambiance full of all elements of luxury and comfort. Armonia New Capital is one of the top projects in the New Administrative Capital, with a high-end design and a strategic position, and it gives the client the best price and the longest payment time because life is limited. The complex is pleasant to be in, with no stress or inconvenience.

Armonia New Capital Compound Location

The compounds location has absolute vitality and strategy, as it was implemented in the seventh residential neighborhood in plot E3 specifically, ensuring residents' proximity to the capital's prominent neighborhoods, such as the Diplomatic Quarter, which is 800 meters away, and the government neighborhood, which is 4.1 kilometers away.

The distance between the compound and the Opera House is 1.6 kilometers, while the distance between the Green River and the compound is 2.1 kilometers.

The compound is located very close to the cathedral, as it is 2.5 km away from it, and it is one of the most famous landmarks of the capital.

The compound is very close to the conference center, as the distance between them is 4.8 km, and the distance from the Medical City is 5.3 km, and the investment area is about 5.5 km away from the compound.

The distance between the Academic City and the complex is only 8.8 kilometers, making it quite easy to get there.

Because of the compound's proximity to the Ring Road and Ain Sukhna Road, residents find it easy to move around and get about.

The distance between the property and the new capital airport is only 10 kilometers.

The space of Armonia New Capital Compound

The compound occupied a large area of 42 acres, with green spaces taking up a large portion of that space and buildings accounting for only about 20% of that space. This was due to the company's desire to reduce congestion inside the compound in order to enjoy a quieter, more comfortable, and luxurious life.

The project is distinguished by its distinctive designs, which were created by engineer Raef Fahmy and include white facades blended with green spaces that are pleasing to the sight and provide occupants with a sense of peace and psychological comfort.

The project consists of a collection of residential buildings with a total of 1750 apartments divided into two kinds, each having a group of units consisting of seven stories and varying in size as follows:

First Type: Park building

This kind of property comprises two-bedroom apartments with areas ranging from 156 square meters to 185 square meters, as well as three-bedroom apartments with areas varying from 187 square meters to 191 square meters and four-bedroom apartments with areas ranging from 187 square meters to 191 square meters. Its dimensions ranged from 331 to 346 square meters.

Second Type: XL building

One-bedroom apartments ranging in size from 88 square meters to 94 square meters, as well as two-bedroom apartments with varied sizes ranging from 130 square meters to 158 square meters, and bigger apartments consisting of three rooms ranging in size from 173 square meters to 195 square meters, are available in this sort of structure.

Armonia New Capital Compound services

The compound is unique in that it offers distinctive services that enhance customer comfort and provide a high level of life. The following are the most well-known of these services:

  • The green spaces, which included Family Park and Dogs Park, covered a considerable portion of Armonia Copound New capital estate and gave it a unique appeal.
  • There are designated running and cycling paths in Armonia Compound.
  • The property offers dedicated reading places among the lovely green settings for those who enjoy reading.
  • Yoga, events, and barbecues are all held on the property.
  • Swimming pools are evenly spaced on all sides of the area and come in a variety of forms and sizes to accommodate people of all ages.
  • Armonia New Capital Compound has fantastic recreational grounds with age-appropriate fun and entertainment games.
  • A sports club featuring a variety of courts, including tennis and football, and foreign designs.
  • Residents will benefit from a gym with top-of-the-line equipment.
  • Luxurious cafés provide a variety of hot and cold beverages.
  • A crew of highly trained chefs supervises the preparation of meals in restaurants.
  • Armonia New Capital clubhouse has been outfitted with foreign amenities to provide inhabitants with a sense of distinction and elegance.
  • A high-end health club that delivers exceptional service to its members.
  • A large commercial area within the property comprises a collection of facilities and stores that provide inhabitants with the greatest worldwide brands and items.
  • Garages in buildings XL are built on a large area to accommodate a large number of cars in order to protect and preserve them.
  • To guarantee the quality and effectiveness of services, the complex performs routine maintenance.
  • Security and guarding service is stationed throughout the property and operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week to ensure the inhabitants' safety and security.

Pricing and payment methods

The company has provided units that are notable for their attractive pricing. When we compare those rates to the available services and benefits within the property, we can see that they are pretty simple and without exaggeration.

The average price per square meter for apartments inside the project, according to the company, starts at 10,500 EGP, which is a reasonable price for a wide range of clients.

The organization has supplied many payment methods so that each client may select the one that best matches their abilities and capabilities. The following systems are available:-

  • A 5% down payment is required, with the remainder spread out over five years.
  • A 6% down payment is required, with the remaining balance to be paid over the course of six years.
  • A 7% payment is required at the time of contracting, with the remaining to be paid over the course of seven years.
  • The customers make an 8% down payment and the balance is spread out over eight years.
  • A down payment of 9% of the unit's value is required at the time of contracting, with the remainder to be paid over 9 years.

All of the project's contracted units are expected to be delivered in 2023, with partial finishes so that the purchaser can finish his unit according to their own preferences.

Owning company and previous business

The Land Real Estate Company, an Egyptian joint-stock company, established Armonia Administrative Capital, which is made up of three large institutions: Al-Tibi Company, Bosch A-Part Company, and The Steel & Concrete Company.

The Land Company was founded in 2006 by the well-known billionaire Ahmed Al-Tibi, and this project is the company's first in the Egyptian market, with a massive investment volume of 3 billion Egyptian pounds.