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The City Valley New Capital - 36 Properties for sale


Advantages of living in The City Valley New Capital Compound

It is a residential compound that blends simplicity and sophistication in architectural design, making it one of the most significant residential compounds in terms of providing comfort and luxury to clients. The compound has been implemented by Master Group Development in the best parts of the New Administrative Capital, which is the main destination for investors in the city. Recently, due to the provision of complete services, in addition to the high level that offers the pioneers a respectable existence, it has become more prominent.

The location of The City Valley Compound

One of the most essential qualities of the compound is its strategic position, which increases the desire for consumers and investors to acquire units here. The following examples demonstrate the significance of the location:

  • It's in the administrative capital's investment area, which is one of the city's most prominent districts.
  • It lies in the middle of the seventh residential district, namely the H1 district, and overlooks the main axis, which is roughly 90 square meters wide and runs beside the eighth residential district, which contains Anna Jackie Compound, and it is one of the most famous and finest residential compounds in the Administrative Capital
  • It is close to several important sites, including the exhibition city and the well-known Al Masa Hotel.
  • It is approximately five minutes away from the Green River Park, which is a core park of 100 acres with artificial lakes and a 35-kilometer complete service area.
  • It's right next to the diplomatic area (embassies complex).
  • The customer will require roughly a third of an hour to go from the compound to the Administrative Capital Airport and the Presidential Palace.
  • It is located on the opposite side of the residential IL Bosco New Capital compound.
  • The ring road, the center of Cairo, Madinaty, and Badr city are all nearby, making getting from here to everywhere quick and easy.

The Space of The City Valley New Capital

The entire property was created on a 63-acre plot of land and has distinctive apartments with modern décor.

The percentage of buildings in the project is around 19.5% of the overall land, with the remaining 80.5% being used to offer natural spaces with a lovely green hue, water bodies, and major service and recreational facilities.

The internal division of The City Valley Compound consists of 10% various services, 60% residential buildings, and 30% standalone villas.

Because the independent villas are located in a separate area from the rest of the complex units and are surrounded by a high wall, the project has four access gates.

The residential buildings are separated from one another by wide streets ranging in width from 20 to 30 square meters, ensuring more privacy for inhabitants inside the apartments, especially because the residential rate within the compound is relatively low to avoid overpopulation, ranging from 7% to 15%.

The Space of The City Valley's Units

All of the residential apartments offer a lovely breathtaking view, and the compound has a choice of places for customers to select from, depending on their demands, the number of family members, and their financial resources. The size of the apartments in the compound ranges from 115 square meters to 396 square meters at the most.

The City Valley New Capital Services

Due to its extensive services, the project is regarded as an integrated city closed in on itself that achieves self-sufficiency for its people, eliminating the need for residents to venture out in search of any of their needs or requirements. The following are the services:

  • The City Valley is known for its extensive green natural spaces, gardens, and parks, which provide psychological comfort to its visitors.
  • There are tracks that extend throughout the compound for exercise and cycling.
  • There are a variety of water bodies, including artificial lakes and swimming pools of various sizes and styles, which are dispersed around the property to provide a beautiful view of all residential units.
  • A variety of dancing fountains may be found within the compound.
  • Set aside time to unwind and sit in the peace and quiet of the outdoors.
  • The CLUBHOUSE is extremely well-equipped.
  • A large social club with a set of playgrounds for practicing various sports activities, where there is a basketball court, football, and volleyball.
  • A health club featuring a spa and a gym with the most up-to-date international equipment.
  • There is a large commercial mall within The City Valley New Capital Compound that incorporates malls and shopping centers, as well as cinemas showing the latest Arab and international films, a group of luxury restaurants and cafés, and a number of stores selling the world's most recognized brands.
  • There are two buildings, one of which is a 5,000-square-meter administrative building and the other of which is a medical facility that provides health treatment to the inhabitants.
  • Cleaning services are provided on a regular basis, in addition to the deployment of cleaners throughout the day.
  • In addition to City Square, there is a Foot Court with several cafés and restaurants where you may have fun with friends and family.
  • Customers' cars are stored in underground garages.
  • Each residential unit has its own garage that is covered.
  • For the care and education of young children, a world-class international kindergarten has been established.
  • Several prestigious international schools.
  • In addition to the vast grounds that offer them a nice setting for pleasure and enjoyment, there is a leisure space for children.
  • The use of solar energy inside The City Valley New Capital Compound.
  • There is a Mosque available to perform prayers.
  • A 24-hour guard system and security staff are stationed throughout the complex.
  • Surveillance cameras are used to monitor occurrences throughout the day.

Prices for The City Valley New Capital

When buying a residential unit in any high-end location, each customer looks for an excellent location and integrated services, which Master Group provides in its prestigious residential project, The City Valley New Capital. Not only that, but it also focused on providing units at reasonable prices that are considered the best among the projects in the same area.

The price per square meter inside the complex ranges from 11,500 EGP to 14,500 EGP, with the understanding that the units will be supplied semi-finished to consumers by 2022 AD, allowing them to complete the packaging and decorations to their liking.

Payment Methods

Within The City Valley New Capital Compound, the owning firm provides the following payment systems:

  • Ownership of the apartment without making the contract down payment and paying the total cost in six-year installments.
  • Pay a reservation and contract down payment of 10% of the unit price, then pay the remainder over seven years in installments.
  • A contract provider for 15% of the entire unit price, with the remainder of the unit value paid in equal payments over the longest payback period, up to eight years.
  • The company's final payment structure is a 15% advance payment, with the second payment of 5% due six months after the first payment, and the third payment of 5% due after a full year, provided that the remaining amount is paid in nine-year installments.

Owning company and previous business

Master Group Development is the developer of The City Valley New Capital, and it is one of Egypt's largest real estate companies, focusing on meeting all of the needs of customers and their families through high-end architectural designs and a strategic location, as well as providing comprehensive services to achieve a higher level of luxury and enjoyable time away from the noise and commotion.

Master Group has completed a number of projects that have garnered a lot of praise from its clients, including the following:

  • White Bay village in Ras Sidr.
  • Implementation of a distinguished residential compound within Aida Resort in the North Coast.
  • Aventura Mall Administrative Capital.
  • City Oval Compound Administrative Capital.
  • In addition, in collaboration with the Egyptian Ministry of Endowments, a number of large real estate projects have been implemented.