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Jnoub New Capital - 58 Properties for sale


Enjoy living in Jnoub New Capital Compound 

Because of its attractive designs, it ranks among the most luxurious compounds launched in the New Capital, and Jnoub Capital Project enjoys a package of the most wonderful services in addition to the multiple facilities in it, and we review information about the project below so that you can learn about its splendor for yourself.

Jnoub New Capital Location

Jnoub New Capital project will not only allow you to live in Egypt's new administrative capital, which is regarded as the country's future city, but it will also allow you to live in one of the city's most prominent locations, the G6 plot in the seventh residential district (R7), which means you will be living in a very prestigious area with important neighborhoods such as:

  • Diplomatic Quarter: The compound is directly opposite it
  • Government district
  • Ministers District
  • Embassies District

One of its most significant advantages is the ease with which one may get to and from the compound site, thanks to its proximity to major vital roadways such as:

  • Ain Sokhna Road
  • Regional Ring Road
  • Cairo-Suez Road

The compound is not isolated from other residential areas in the city; on the contrary, it is very close to them, such as the eighth residential district, which is well-known among the new capital's residential neighborhoods and is situated in front of the exhibition city, or Expo City, as it is known, and provides residents with easy access to both:

  • British university
  • Hospital and school complex
  • The Cathedral
  • green river
  • Presidential Palace: only 15 minutes away.
  • New Administrative Capital Airport: It is only 15 minutes away.

Jnoub New Capital Project design 

You will be impressed by the beauty and grandeur of the project's images because the luxurious designs of its buildings are inspired by the modern architectural design that combines the luxurious classic style and the modern European style to appear in the end to produce a picture of the pinnacle of glory.

Intelligence appeared in the design of Jnoub New Capital, as well as in its construction in an unconventional way that made it overlook five corners instead of only four, and it is also distinguished by dividing its space in a brilliant way that helped distribute units throughout without being crowded with buildings or residents, especially since there is sufficient distance between each of its buildings, ranging from 18 square meters to 35 square meters, and it is also distinguished by dividing its space in a genius way that helped distribute units throughout without being crowded

The compound is extremely safe because it is totally surrounded by a sturdy concrete fence with a height of 3.5 square meters, which provides inhabitants with peace of mind whether they are inside their residential units or even when they leave.

Engineer Omar Aqil is responsible for planning and implementing Jnoub project in the administrative capital in this manner, which is integrated with form and substance, and he is always keen to adopt different modern visions regarding the architectural design of his various projects, as evidenced by his previous works, the most notable of which are Project Lake House, Mangrove Island in El Gouna, Hilton Burj Al Arab project.

Jnoub New Capital compound spaces

Whether you prefer regular or luxurious units, you should head to Jnoub New Capital because it is built on 48 acres and thus includes a variety of units such as regular apartments, duplexes, and villas. Not only that, but you will also enjoy living among charming views and a variety of entertainment venues. Because the vast majority of the compound's space is taken up by green spaces, recreational and service amenities.

The compound is not overcrowded with buildings because it only has 23 of them, each of which has a ground floor with 7 floors above it and its own entrance to provide more peace and quiet for its residents. Despite the different architectural designs, all of them are luxurious and about 90% of them overlook the panoramic views. Stunning green areas and artificial lakes.

All compound buildings feature two electric elevators in addition to conventional staircases (one available at all times and the other for emergency instances only) to make it as easy as possible for inhabitants to go to the top floors.

You will be able to choose from 23,000 apartments within the compound, which, despite their large number, are distributed intelligently within the different buildings, with four apartments on each floor and each apartment having its own entrance to give residents more privacy, having known that each apartment includes a reception, three rooms, a kitchen, two bathrooms, and a balcony.

The spaces accessible for its many components in the compound are diverse in a way that serves all customers:

  • There are medium-sized apartments that do not exceed 130 square meters, while the larger apartments reach 180 square meters.
  • The minimum space for a twin house is 324 square meters.
  • There are villas with spaces ranging from 250 square meters up to 500square meters.

Jnoub New Capital Compound services and benefits

A large number of customers would not have competed to own units inside the compound if it had not been for the integration of the compound from everything, because it offers them with a vast number of services and a wide variety of advantages represented in:

  • The existence of service and recreational facilities, such as sports facilities, allowing it to be classified as an integrated service and entertainment complex rather than merely a residential complex.
  • It is a unique position since it is easily accessible while still having a high level of vitality because it connects residents to several major routes that allow them to travel to numerous cities, including New Cairo.
  • The presence of green spaces spanning a huge area within the enclosure, as well as beautifully created artificial lakes and a plethora of other lovely scenery and decorations.
  • In addition to the linked garage, each building has a private entrance for its tenants only, ensuring greater comfort for the residents of each building.
  • There is a major shopping center with a lot of high-end stores and groceries that cater to the needs of the locals.
  • All of the project's buildings are surrounded by a circular road that allows cars to travel around with ease while also ensuring that no residents, particularly children, are in danger if they walk down any of these roads.
  • Many of the units have a lovely countryside view, which contributes to a relaxing ambiance.
  • A number of high-end restaurants and large cafes compete with one another to entice residents of the compound to their establishments by delivering superior services.
  • A pleasant area designed specifically for the amusement of children that live in the compound, with numerous fantastic games and activities to participate in.
  • Living in a healthy, environmentally friendly environment, because the compound uses solar energy to provide electricity to its many units and structures, and the materials used in its construction cause no harm.
  • There is a parking garage that is underground and has a large enough area to accommodate a significant number of residents' cars.
  • The distribution of the high-end urban landscape across wide areas within the compound in order for it to be seen in all of its glory.
  • There are areas within the project for those who enjoy walking, running in the open air, or cycling in the open air.
  • Jnoub Compound's variety of spaces and rates appeals to all consumers, regardless of their interests or desires.
  • There are multiple gates to the compound to ensure greater regularity when entering and exiting it, as well as to avoid traffic congestion or blockage in the event of a significant number of residents.
  • There is a social club that covers a vast space of 300 square meters and is equipped with numerous options and services to meet the needs of all residents.

Prices in Jnoub New Capital

Financial concerns will be eased because the project pricing is fair and appropriate for all customers, implying that they will receive integrated services and luxurious units at the best possible price.

The price per square meter in Jnoub New Capital Compound is determined by the specifications of each unit, however, most units in the compound have a minimum value of 9,500 EPG and a maximum value of 11,750 EGP.

The prices of apartments in the compound will tempt you to buy because they are reasonable and vary to such an extent that you will have a better chance of finding the right price for you. The price per square meter for apartments ranges from 12,000 and 100 EGP and 20,000 EGP for villas.

Jnoub New Capital Project Payment Methods

You will not have any financial hardship when paying for the unit in the project because it offers its clients payment options that allow them to pay for the unit in installments over the longest time possible. It also allows each customer to select his preferred payment method from the two most straightforward options.

Despite the fact that the costs of Janoub Compound New Capital project are quite reasonable, even if they are expensive, you will be able to comfortably pay the unit's worth thanks to the simple payment methods available to clients, which are:

  • Pay a down payment of 5% of the unit price, then pay the rest of it in installments over five or six years.
  • Pay a down payment of 10% of the unit price, then pay the rest of it in installments over seven years.

It's worth noting that the compound, allows customers to pay their installments monthly or annually, as desired, and that all of its residential units are scheduled to be delivered semi-finished in 2022, with the option of delivering them fully finished (Super Lux) to those who want it.

Owning company and previous business

Orientals for Urban Development (OUD) has a long and illustrious history, as seen by all of its luxury projects, particularly Janoub Compound of the Administrative Capital, which it owns. Engineer Mohamed Farid Khamis founded the company in 1994, and it is a joint-stock corporation with investments totaling over 3.5 billion dollars.

Despite the company's tremendous success in the real estate sector, it also operates in other sectors such as agriculture and tourism, among others, and it has shown itself in each of these areas.

It is evident from the company's name that it is linked with the big Oriental Weavers group of firms since it collaborates with many of the other 26 companies that make up this entity.

The firm that owns Janoub oud won the Cityscape International Award for being the greatest Egyptian company in terms of project design, and its past projects are equally notable for their elegance of design, most notably:

  • Azadir Compound in New Cairo
  • Baron City in Maadi on the Ring Road
  • La Fontaine project in the Fifth Settlement, which is famous for having the first dancing fountain in Egypt inside it.
  • Jasmine Compound in the 10th of Ramadan
  • Heliopolis Hills Project
  • Al-Nakhil suburb in Al-Shorouk
  • Azad project