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Green Avenue New Capital - 104 Properties for sale


Invest your money and get a residential unit inside Green Avenue New Capital Compound

Green Avenue is the first project of the New Jersey Development Company within the New Administrative Capital, so it was keen to choose the best place that pulsates with life and beauty in the heart of the Administrative Capital, the compound was built at the highest level and by the most skilled engineers and workers to obtain this wonderful shape and multiple advantages, The project was able to tip the scales, provide all services and achieve self-sufficiency for its residents, despite that, the prices of housing units inside are reasonable.

The location of Green Avenue New Capital Compound

Because it is located in the less densely populated seventh district R7, plot N6, which includes numerous government agencies, the compound enjoys a fortunate and strategic location in the heart of the New Administrative Capital and near the most vital areas in it.

  • It is located close to the embassy district, only a few minutes away.
  • The property is also situated on Mohammed bin Zayed's southern axis.
  • The compound gained its significance as a result of its location on the central regional ring road.
  • It's also close to the British University and the fairgrounds.
  • The property is within a short distance from the capital's airport.
  • It's also close to the Green River, as well as the Presidential Palace and the Ministries District.
  • The compound is next to the Al Masa Hotel and the Diplomatic Quarter.
  • The property is next to the International School and is located on City Walk, a major thoroughfare in the New Administrative Capital.
  • It is close to the Opera House and the Al-Fattah Al-Alim Mosque.
  • The opera house and the cathedral are just a few minutes away from the compound.

Green Avenue New Capital Compound space 

On an area of 11.5 acres, it is regarded as one of the finest projects developed in the New Administrative Capital. This area was separated into modern residential units with originality and Egyptian heritage, as well as entertainment venues and green spaces, to give the complex a distinct facade and internal and external attractiveness.

The residential units and construction take up only 22.5% of the entire project area, with the balance dispersed among green spaces and recreational areas to provide a relaxing, comfortable, serene, and tranquil ambiance.

The project consists of 17 buildings with a total of 490 housing units.

Regular flats, twin houses, duplexes, penthouses, and townhouses are among the residential units available. Green Avenue New Capital Compound has apartments for sale ranging in size from 158 meters to 400 meters, with one-room apartments to four-room apartments to suit all clients and investors.

The residential spaces within Green Avenue New Capital Compound

  • Standard apartments range in size from 100 to 196 square meters.
  • Luxurious penthouse apartments start at 170 square meters and go up to 250 square meters.
  • Unique duplex residences ranging in size from 184 square meters to 328 square meters.

Services and features of Green Avenue New Capital

Green Avenue New Capital Compound provides a wide range of services to its people. It also has a number of benefits that have made it the best compound and the first pick of many customers. The following are the most essential of these advantages, as well as the most services it offers to its customers:-

  • It has a dancing fountain in the midst of the compound to contribute to the project's aesthetic appeal.
  • It consists of a series of artificial lakes and swimming pools that have been methodically and precisely arranged across the compound.
  • Children's entertainment spaces are located throughout the site and are fully safe.
  • Providing integrated guarding and security for all of the compound's entrances and exits 24 hours a day, as well as electronic gates.
  • Green spaces and trees make up a substantial portion of the estate, accounting for 78% of its total area.
  • A clubhouse is located within the compound.
  • The compound is home to some fantastic cinemas and a theatre.
  • High-resolution surveillance cameras monitor all areas of the facility.
  • There are locations dedicated to many types of sports, such as jogging, cycling, and yoga, as well as places for reading and drawing.
  • The compound has a complete commercial area to help inhabitants attain self-sufficiency, as well as a huge commercial center with a wide variety of items and commodities to suit all tastes.
  • It is home to Center Park.
  • It includes high-quality clinics and medical centers with cutting-edge technology.
  • The compound by the New Jersey company includes restaurants that prepare the most delicious food, in addition to the presence of cafes that prepare all drinks to spend an enjoyable time with family and friends.
  • It has swimming pools for children and covered pools for ladies, as well as a huge kitchen for the entire compound and a children's nursery.
  • The compound has a top-of-the-line fitness club.
  • There is a full gym, sauna, and spa on site.
  • To avoid overpopulation, each building has its own private garage.

Pricing and payment methods

  • The price of a 158-square-meter apartment starts at 2 million and 63,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Apartments with a 168-square-meter size start at 2 million 148,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • The price of a 196-square-meter apartment starts at 2 million five hundred and seven thousand Egyptian pounds.
  • Apartments in Green Compound with a surface area of 212 meters start at 2 million and 433,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Apartments with a living space of 230 meters start at 2 million 925,000 Egyptian pounds.

New Jersey Real Estate has made three simple payment options available to all consumers, all of which include 0% interest and Super Lux finishes:-

  • The initial price of Green Avenue residential property will be paid in full after a 5% downpayment, with the remainder paid in seven installments.
  • When paying a down payment of 10% of the original housing unit's price, the installments are spread out over eight years.
  • Pay 15% of the housing unit's base price upfront, with the remainder spread out over nine years in installments.

In Green Avenue Compound project, New Jersey Development has included a unique method that allows residents to receive a semi-finished residential unit and finish it according to their own preferences and tastes.

Green Avenue New Capital Compound also provided the new administrative capital, luxury housing units ready to move in and reside on the spot with high-quality finishing, in addition to air conditioning in the third phase. The price per square meter starts from ten thousand seven hundred and fifty Egyptian pounds.

Owning company and previous works

In addition to the high position it has occupied in the world of real estate investment for more than 18 years of originality and excellence, New Jersey Company is considered one of the most well-known and experienced international real estate investment firms.

Professor Gerges Youssef owns the New Jersey company and is the CEO of Green Avenue Compound project, but even though the project consultant is Engineer Samer Samir.

Before 2018, New Jersey Real Estate had created numerous innovative residential complexes in the United States of America with excellent quality and originality in design.

However, in 2018, New Jersey Developments returned to Egypt with a new, advanced, and innovative concept that combines design, American style, ancient Egyptian civilization, and the people's customs and traditions to bring Green Avenue New Capital Compound, to life in this mythical form that drew the attention of all customers and witnesses. The concept, as well as the majestic architecture, was noted for its low cost.

Many projects have been built by the firm in various places such as New Heliopolis and various areas in El Shorouk City and New Cairo, including:

  • 25 villas.
  • 60 luxury apartment buildings.
  • High-level medical center.
  • Three huge malls.

The New Jersey Company has also built a huge project in Ain Sokhna, which is Jura El Galala Resort, Ain Sokhna, and is constructing Soul Plaza Mall in the new administrative capital.