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Sueno New Capital - 47 Properties for sale


Sueno Compound Location in the New Administrative Capital

The compound enjoys a prime location in the heart of the New Administrative Capital, situated within the strategic R7 area, specifically in Block N4, making it one of the most vibrant and sought-after neighborhoods. It boasts stunning views, including a walkway extending over a kilometer and a half and 40 meters wide, in addition to a valley and a vast park brimming with natural beauty, providing its residents with an enjoyable and unique living experience in Sueno.

Sueno residents enjoy proximity to the main landmarks and essential services within the New Administrative Capital, with easy access to the heart of the capital. It is just minutes away from the embassy district and the exhibition area, and 10 minutes from the famous Diamond Hotel. It also benefits from its proximity to the Opera House, the Banking District, and the Administrative Area, as well as easy access to the New Administrative Capital Airport within approximately 20 minutes by car. It is not far from other upscale residential compounds such as the Euro Compound and The City Compound, further enhancing its value and appeal as a distinguished residential choice in the capital.

Compound Facilities and Services

The Sueno residential complex is a distinguished destination that combines luxury living and diverse services, with facilities and services occupying approximately 80% of its total area, providing all the daily and recreational needs of its residents. The compound's essential amenities include:

- A central fountain and family park surrounded by green areas and artificial lakes, contributing to an atmosphere of tranquility and relaxation.
- 24/7 security services and continuous surveillance, in addition to providing a smart app that allows easy communication with the compound management.
- A designated safe area for children's playgrounds, located in close proximity to the residents.
- Various multi-purpose tracks for running, walking, and cycling, to encourage outdoor physical activity.
- The use of solar energy to power the compound, contributing to environmental protection and reduced energy consumption, as well as the installation of solar-powered water heaters.
- Private garages beneath each building to facilitate parking for residents.
- An infinity swimming pool offering an enjoyable experience for adults and children alike.
- A comprehensive commercial area featuring The V Mall, which includes a variety of shops, cafes, restaurants, pharmacies, and a supermarket to meet all residents' needs.
- A free health club offering a gym, a world-class wellness resort, a steam room, and a sauna.
- A clubhouse equipped with a spa, Jacuzzi, gym, and swimming pool for residents' relaxation and entertainment.
- A business center and library to cater to the professional needs of residents.
- A dedicated childcare center for the care and entertainment of children.

Sueno Compound Prices in the New Administrative Capital

The New Administrative Capital offers a variety of upscale and diverse residential options to meet the needs of residents at competitive prices. Among these projects stands a unique residential development known as "Sueno." This residential project offers a wide range of high-quality apartments with modern designs to suit various tastes and budgets.

At Sueno, prices start from 27,000 Egyptian pounds per square meter, providing an opportunity for many who wish to live or invest in the New Administrative Capital to acquire their units at a distinguished price. For example, a 137-square-meter apartment can be purchased starting from 3,700,000 Egyptian pounds, offering exceptional value in a strategic location.

To facilitate clients' acquisition of their units, the project offers a range of flexible payment systems, allowing potential investors and residents to choose from multiple payment methods that suit their financial capabilities. These systems include offering down payments with varying percentages starting from 5%, with the option to installment the remaining amount over periods up to 7 years with no interest. Additionally, some systems allow for purchasing units without a down payment and receiving discounts of up to 4% in the case of payment within specific periods.

The Sueno project aims to provide a comprehensive living experience that combines comfort, security, and luxury by offering meticulously designed residential units and optimal utilization of indoor and outdoor spaces, ensuring the fulfillment of its residents' desires and needs.

About SAK Real Estate Company, the Developer of Sueno Compound

SAK Real Estate Foundation works to provide high-quality real estate services at affordable prices, combining extensive expertise and professionalism in various real estate fields such as residential, commercial, developmental, tourism, and industrial sectors. The company ensures comfort and security whether you purchase residential units in cash or through an installment system.

The company consists of three main partners: Engineer Qadri Al-Gheitani, the company's founder and owner of Al-Gheitani Real Estate Development Company; Engineer Samih Al-Qaishawy, who holds a position on the board of directors of Al-Fawzan Group in Saudi Arabia; and Mr. Ali Al-Shahat, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al-Ola Real Estate Development Company. Additionally, the company employs a large team of engineers specialized in the real estate field.

As for the projects implemented by SAK Developments Real Estate Company, they have included several distinguished projects such as Elite Mall in the New Administrative Capital, Al-Ola City, Othman Towers, Aga Sports Stadium, Sun Set Resort in Ras Al-Barr, renovations to Mansoura Stadium and Hotel, Al-Nukhba Medical Tower in Mansoura, Wafi Compound in Riyadh, and Al-Sabahi Tower.

A Perfect Blend of Serenity and Brilliance in the New Administrative Capital!

The New Administrative Capital represents a contemporary picture of refined living, skillfully combining tranquility with urban attractions, where the essence of nature blends with the latest construction technologies. Inspired by the concept of smart cities, the city presents itself as an integrated destination for living, working, and recreational lifestyles, reinforced by a design that places great importance on green living and smart development.

It is distinguished by its vast expanse spanning over 170,000 feddans, outlining lines for residential communities, commercial centers, and administrative facilities that encompass lush parks and vast green spaces, enhancing the quality of life within. Attention to facilitating pedestrian movement and promoting public transportation is a key contributor to reducing traffic congestion and enhancing daily living.

The parks in the capital appear as sprawling artistic canvases with their vibrant, contemporary designs, offering a respite for relaxation and lounging under a clear sky. Economically, the capital positions itself in a central location, attracting major government entities, financial and business centers, as well as international exhibitions and forums, making it a hub for commercial and cultural activity.

The capital also stands out with its modern infrastructure reinforcements, including an international airport, a network of highways and electric train lines, as well as a diversity of healthcare, educational, and commercial facilities, and entertainment venues that cater to the needs of its residents and visitors with varying requirements.

With all its advantages, the New Administrative Capital presents a model that bridges vision and brilliance, offering a destination that fulfills aspirations for living, working, and prosperity within a harmonious setting that combines the charm of nature with the possibilities of modern technology, promising a unique and unparalleled experience.