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Cairo West Residence Compound - 15 Properties for sale


All Information about Cairo West Residence Compound

The Cairo West Residence compound is considered one of the best residential projects implemented by Al-Dau Real Estate Development and Investment Company in the best areas of Giza Governorate. The company has made sure to provide all services in it, making it one of the most prominent integrated compounds that serve as a self-contained city, providing residents with self-sufficiency, luxury, and happiness. For more details, follow us through the sections of the article.

Location of the Cairo West Residence Project

The Cairo West compound enjoys a prime location in the Pyramids area of Giza Governorate, making it a luxurious residential and tourist complex. Additionally, it is close to several important areas and tourist attractions visited by tourists from around the world, most notably the following:

  • It is located a short distance from one of the most important hotels established by Al-Dau Real Estate Company, namely the Hyatt Regency Cairo West Hotel.

  • It is located near the Grand Egyptian Museum.

  • It is also located near the Sphinx International Airport.

  • It is located on the desert road next to the Mercedes dealership, specifically at kilometer 22.

Design of Cairo West Residence Compound

Cairo West Residence is designed on an area of 11 acres in a sophisticated style that combines creativity and distinction in line with modern architectural styles in Europe. Cairo West Residence consists of fourteen residential buildings, and each building will be equipped with 2 electric elevators. The facades and entrances of the residential buildings feature luxury and hotel-style designs.

Services Available in Cairo West Residence Al Dau

The company owning the project has ensured the provision of integrated basic and recreational services to meet the needs and desires of customers of all age groups. These services include:

  • The famous Spanish Ibero Urbano Hotel is located within Cairo West.

  • Workers are available to continuously maintain the green spaces and facilities.

  • Cairo West Residence also features a comprehensive sports center that includes an equipped spa room, a gym with modern equipment, a jacuzzi, and a distinctive sauna room.

  • There are designated recreation areas for both children and adults, equipped with comfort and safety features.

  • A large number of swimming pools are distributed thoughtfully throughout the compound.

  • Large green spaces filled with plants and flowers have been provided, in addition to a number of charming artificial lakes that add more magic and beauty to the place.

  • Central air conditioning is also available.

  • A variety of distinguished cafes and luxurious restaurants offer high-quality services to customers.

  • All units are equipped with smart home technology.

  • Cairo West Residence features an excellent security system with highly trained security personnel available 24/7.

  • A large number of surveillance cameras with advanced technology are distributed throughout Cairo West and the surrounding areas.

  • There is a comprehensive commercial area containing various shops selling products of world-famous brands, allowing shopping enthusiasts an enjoyable shopping experience at the best prices.

  • The charming parks and gardens are interspersed with enchanting water fountains that add more vibrancy, radiance, and joy to the place, making it a great spot for photoshoots.

  • There is an aqua park featuring various water games suitable for all customers of all ages.

  • The residential units within the project are characterized by luxury, privacy, and tranquility for residents.

Areas and Prices of Residential Units in Cairo West Residence Al Dau

Various residential units are available within the compound, including studios, duplex units, and a distinguished penthouse. It is worth noting that the client receives their unit fully equipped with a complete kitchen, in addition to a private swimming pool for duplex units and penthouses. As for the studio units, they vary in size and contain a number of luxurious bedrooms ranging from one to three bedrooms.

The unit areas are different to suit all customers with varying needs and desires. The prices and areas are as follows:

  • The price of a residential unit in Cairo West Residence is very attractive and suitable for everyone, with no competition from other compounds.

  • The starting price per square meter in the project is only twenty-five thousand pounds.

  • The residential unit areas range from a minimum of 44 square meters to a maximum of 466 square meters. The prices also vary according to the unit area, ranging from one million and one hundred thousand Egyptian pounds to eleven million and six hundred and fifty thousand pounds.

Payment Systems in Cairo West Residence Project, Giza

Al-Dau Real Estate Company offers easy payment systems for customers with great facilities for purchasing a residential unit within the compound. The payment systems include:

  • The customer initially pays a down payment of only 3% of the total unit price.

  • The remaining amount is paid in equal installments over ten full years.

  • The developing company delivers all fully finished and decorated super luxurious units within three years from the contract date, i.e., by 2022.

Information about Al-Dau Company and its Previous Works

Al-Dau is one of the largest real estate companies in Egypt, which started its work in the field in 1999. During this long period, it has been able to deliver a number of successful residential and tourism projects.

Al-Dau Company is one of the Sami Saad group of companies, which entered the real estate sector in 1963.

The company's investments in the real estate market exceed 3 billion pounds, and it follows the best global design methods and adheres to international quality standards and specifications for interior and exterior finishes and decorations.

The company announced the launch of the first phase of its distinguished Cairo West Residence project and has an honorable track record and significant achievements in the field, most notably:

  • Al-Dau Heights in Hurghada Governorate on the Red Sea coast.

  • Al-Dau Strand Resort.

  • Al-Dau Khosla Project.

  • Planning to implement Al-Dau Resort in the Red Sea Governorate soon.