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Il Bosco New Capital - 126 Properties for sale


Get the finest housing in Il Bosco New Capital Compound 

Bosco Project has caused a sensation since its launch in the new administrative capital by Misr Italia, Il Bosco New Capital is distinguished by the integration of its services and the availability of all amenities and entertainment on the premises, allowing its residents to enjoy a modern lifestyle free of the routine and boredom that many residents of the complex experience who live in typical living quarters

The location of the compound

The location of the compound was chosen based on a smart and well-thought-out plan, as the company that built it purposefully placed it in the heart of the New Administrative Capital in order to be close to all of the city's service areas, as well as all of the city's main roads and prominent landmarks, such as:

  • The Green River: directly overlooking the compound.
  • Convention Center
  • Presidential Palace
  • Opera House
  • Diplomatic area
  • Academic City
  • Mohammed Bin Zayed South Main Street
  • Medical District
  • El Masa Hotel

The business chose a prominent location for the compound, which is surrounded by many other compounds and significant inhabited areas, ensuring that its residents do not feel secluded, as it is only a few minutes away from:

Il Bosco New Capital compound's spaces

Despite the numerous types of units in the project, the administrative capital appears to be a large park with green spaces, and this is due to the fact that it spans 200 acres (approximately 840 square kilometers), but its buildings occupy only 22.5% of these acres, leaving the remainder for services and green spaces.

Everything inside the compound appears to be well-organized since the entire area is divided into three portions by the numerous buildings and services:

  • The villas section: the villas alone occupy 45% of the percentage allocated to the buildings inside the compound, and this percentage is estimated at about 20.25 acres (about 85.50 square kilometers).
  • Residential Apartments Division: It alone owns 24.75 acres (about 103.950 square kilometers)
  • The Department of Service Areas, Green Spaces, Administrative and Commercial Units: Acquires 155 acres.

Il Bosco New Capital offers the most luxurious residential units you will find available in front of you inside the compound there are apartments for sale in addition to villas, twin houses, and penthouses, all of which are available in multiple spaces as follows:

  • There are two- and three-room apartments with relatively average areas of 121 square meters, and the larger apartments' spaces reach 194 square meters.
  • The building spaces in the twin houses, away from the attached gardens, start from 254 square meters and reach 380 square meters.
  • There are small villas with an area of ​​not more than 380 square meters and spacious villas of up to 530 square meters.
  • The minimum space of the penthouses is 273 meters and the maximum is 327 meters.

It's worth noting that the complex has ten independent villas, each with two stories (ground floor, first floor) and a private garden for all villa residents. This is an innovative method known as (I Villa), and the compound is one of the first residential projects to use it.

Il Bosco New Capital Design

The compound's architecture is influenced by American style, so it exudes elegance and sophistication, and it also adheres to worldwide trends in project design that value green color in any residential setting, so it includes green spaces.

The company in charge of the project wanted to provide the most luxurious units possible, whether apartments, standalone villas, or twin houses with the most up-to-date European designs, but it also wanted to give its customers the option of customizing the interior design of their units to make them feel more at ease in their new home.

Il Bosco New Capital Services and Amenities

IL Bosco New Administrative Capital is a one-of-a-kind instance, especially in terms of the amenities and services available to its residents, because they are extremely diverse while also being distinguished by extraordinary luxury, and we will illustrate its most notable services and advantages as follows:

  • The integrated security system includes individuals for guarding, as well as equipment and cameras for surveillance, which are distributed throughout the compound.
  • Parking garages for inhabitants of the compound only, ensuring that they have safe and convenient places to park their vehicles.
  • International Schools use European and international educational methods to ensure that all pupils in the compound receive the finest education possible.
  • The presence of green plants spread throughout the compound creates a beautiful view while also ensuring that residents live in a healthy green atmosphere.
  • The presence of administrative units that are equipped in such a way that they can serve as the headquarters for a variety of firms, regardless of their industry.
  • The compound's commercial sectors offer the best and highest-quality products to its residents.
  • Water fountains and swimming pools are wonderful decorations that rely heavily on water elements in their design.
  • The luxurious style of Club House, as well as the pleasant, cozy views it offers, transports diners to another planet.
  • Providing a one-of-a-kind service embodied in the Vertical Forest concept that is only available within the compound and not elsewhere.
  • Take a stroll in a beautiful central park or one of the numerous additional leisure spaces.
  • In the compound's cinemas, the most recent films and cinematographic works are shown.
  • Providing complete social services solely through its own facilities.
  • Il Bosco by Misr Italy is a major cultural center with a 10,000-square-meter theatre.
  • Special areas for organizing barbecues in an open area 
  • A sports club that allows residents of the compound to participate in a variety of activities and sports in a single, well-equipped location.
  • The condominium is a modern architectural design that features one large greeting area.
  • The placement of artificial lakes in various places of the compound with breathtaking patterns adds to the compound's elegance.
  • The presence of a number of pharmacies in various locations within the compound in order to be close to all or the vast majority of units.
  • A shopping center featuring all of the necessary supplies and merchandise for students.
  • A collection of the best cafés, as well as prominent restaurants, are dispersed across the Bosco Misr Italia complex.
  • There is a supermarket with a range of merchandise and many products required by the residents of the compound.
  • All occupants of the compound have access to playgrounds where they can spend their free time participating in fun sports.
  • Gyms, spas, saunas, and jacuzzis are among the many facilities dedicated to body health and fitness.
  • Places are set aside for children's enjoyment, allowing them to participate in a variety of entertaining games in a completely safe environment.

Il Bosco New Capital compound prices

Despite the high pricing of residential units in the New Administrative Capital, IL Bosco Misr Italia project stands out because it has managed to strike a balance between the various services it offers and reasonable prices.

The price per square meter inside the compound varies from 9,000 to 12,000 EGP, depending on the unit's finish, location inside the property, and other criteria.

The overall cost of the units varies depending on their type; for example, an apartment inside the compound costs 1 million and 800,000 EGP, a twin home costs up to 6 million EGP, and independent villas cost 9 million and 200,000 EGP

Payment methods in Il Bosco New Capital

When it comes to paying the unit price in IL Bosco New Capital, you won't have any problems because the company offers simple payment options, such as:

  • A 10% down payment is required, with the remainder paid in installments over the next 7 years.
  • The unit price is paid in 9 installments over 9 years, including annual interest.

Because it is intended to be supplied to clients during the year 2022, you can expect to obtain your unit within Il Bosco New Capital as soon as possible.

Owning company and previous business

Misr Italia, the compound's owner, holds a significant position in the real estate market, and it is regarded as one of the largest corporations in the field, not only in Egypt but throughout the Middle East.

The company had a significant impact on the real estate market by launching substantial and integrated projects including IL Bosco Compound as well as a number of notable earlier works such as: