Enjoy a luxurious residence in Al Jazi Gardens Compound, New Cairo

The stunning view within Al Jazi Gardens, which has astonished clients and even real estate employees since its opening, is not limited to green plants and colorful trees. It has a variety of other attractive views that decorate its external design and provide incomparable vistas of beauty and grandeur to its numerous units, as well as the diversity of its services and amenities in a way that meets all of its customers' needs.

Al Jazi Compound's location

The crucial location in the heart of the Fifth Settlement, one of New Cairo's most upscale areas, is an integral part of the compound's overwhelming success, especially since its privileged location is easy to reach because it is close to major projects that are important and prominent signs in the area, namely: Central Bank Club, Family City Compound.

Jazzi spaces in New Cairo

Only integrated projects, such as Al-Jazi project, require vast spaces to accommodate the massive number of facilities, equipment, and services that those in charge wish to give to its clients, thus it was only logical that it be built on 38 acres or 154.423 square meters.

Because of the vast size of the complex, the possibility to give a fantastic entertainment service was provided in the form of a garden filled with green plants and trees in each residential structure. As a result, the flats are furnished with both basic and luxurious amenities.

Al-Jazi project considers the many wishes and preferences of consumers, therefore it is not restricted to a single kind of housing unit, but also contains duplexes and independent flats with sizes ranging from 153 square meters to 272 square meters, ensuring that all customers are satisfied.

Services and features offered at Al Jazi Gardens

Finding an integrated residential project with specifications that fulfill every buyer's dreams in his place of residence is difficult because prestigious projects like Al-Jazi are counted on fingers, so only the lucky few are able to book units inside it to enjoy its services and advantages, which are rarely repeated or can be found in another compound, and include:

  • In addition to trying to achieve the greatest levels of safety for the residents of the complex through the presence of security and guard personnel and their deployment inside the compound throughout the day, the "intercom" service was offered inside it.
  • The residential units are separated in a unique and clever method, allowing for the most number of rooms and appropriate places to be accommodated. In addition to the other areas, it has two bathrooms and multiple bedrooms.
  • All inhabitants of Al Jazi Compound have access to a big swimming pool.
  • Due to the creation of an international school and a nursery for children within the complex, obtaining educational services does not involve leaving the compound, and any family living within the compound can enroll their children there.
  • Establishing specific fitness centers within the property to promote a healthy lifestyle for residents, who may also engage in jogging and other sporting activities within the project's amenities and sports clubs.
  • Praying may be done at any time within the complex's mosque, which saves time spent looking for a mosque outside the compound or returning to your place of residence if you are outside the compound.
  • The inclusion of huge parking garages for Al Jazi Compound inhabitants guarantees that the compound's overall look is retained because homeowners will not have to park their cars in front of residential buildings.
  • The beautiful view dominates the facades of the residential buildings inside the compound, which are covered with marble, giving them a more luxurious appearance and making them appear to be constructed according to the most recent international models.
  • Each residential structure inside the property has an electric elevator, and the service is unique in that the electric elevators do not begin on the first level, but instead, begin at the garage and go all the way to the roof.
  • The residential apartments are equipped with the most up-to-date and essential amenities, such as air conditioners and a central shower. This entails staying in a unit that does not lack almost anything.

If you look closely at the services provided within the compound, you will see that it not only meets your basic needs for housing but also goes above and beyond to meet your entertainment needs, ensuring that you do not become bored due to routine or a lack of services in your current location.

The real estate developer of Al Jazi, Gulf Real Estate Investment Compound

Gulf Company for real estate, which owns Al-Jazi project, has had a lot of success since its founding in 2007, thanks to its human recruits who combine experience and creativity at work, whether engineers or construction workers, as well as a desire to use the best international engineering design experts. As a consequence, it's no surprise that its numerous projects have been a huge success.

Before Al Jazi Gardens project, the business had launched several projects, the majority of which were centered in the most prominent locations such as New Cairo and New Heliopolis, and included the following:

  • Plot No. (126,225,325) in Banafseg, New Cairo
  • Plot 17 in New Heliopolis.
  • Plot 22 in District Three in North Lotus.

Prices at Al Jazi Gardens project, New Cairo

The company that owns Al-Jazi project follows the idea of providing the greatest service at the best price, because profit is not its sole aim, and the customer's interest, comfort, and happiness are some of its top concerns. As a result, it not only provided numerous services to the compound units but also did it at the best possible price on the market.

The price per meter varies depending on the type of unit and its location within the compound; for example, apartments with a view of the main street start at 5250 pounds per meter, while apartments on the backside start at 4950 pounds per meter, keep in mind that these prices are subject to change based on real estate market fluctuations.

Payment systems in Al Jazi Compound, New Cairo

Clients of Al Jazi Compound benefit from a variety of services that go beyond dealing with a simple payment system, such as the ability to pay the unit price using more than one method. At a 10% interest rate, the buyer can pay the remainder of the unit price in 30 monthly installments, which is around two and a half years.

The compound is perfect in every way, including location, size, services supplied, and even rates and payment procedures, so there's no reason to wait or think twice before booking your unit and living in your ideal apartment.