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Villas for Sale in 6 October City - 587 Properties for sale


Villas for Sale in 6 October City

There is a large segment of people looking for villa for sale in October at distinctive prices and locations to serve as a real estate investment or a place of original housing, The city of October is often one of the first and most prominent destinations chosen for those who want excellence and sophistication because it is one of the newest residential cities that provide buyers with the required diversity in terms of spaces, levels, prices, and locations, not to mention the various advantages of the City that ensure the provision of all the service and entertainment needs of the population.

Advantages of buying properties in October City

  • October city is one of the modern cities built near Cairo to ease the burden of increasing population.
  • 6 October is only 40 km from the downtown area of Cairo and it is also in the middle of the most important road leading to the various and distant destinations of Egypt such as Alexandria Desert Road, the Ring Road, Fayoum Road, and Al Wahat road.
  • The city is characterized by distinctive urban planning that separates industrial areas from residential areas for greater comfort and tranquility.
  • The city has a large number of real estate units that are equivalent to all different levels, and the prices of these units range from economic to medium and high-end.
  • There is a wide and varied choice in terms of neighborhoods and compounds, each offering multiple advantages and a fair division of services in order to attract buyers and investors.
  • 6 October is one of the most areas that frequently received government attention for the development of services, facilities, and infrastructure.
  • Many green spaces and entertainment venues are available.
  • Most residential areas in 6th of October city, whether high-end or above-average, guarantee security and protection for the residents, with distinct and serious areas that regulate the availability of services and the requirements of units and neighborhoods of regular maintenance.
  • Street planning has been implemented with the aim of absorbing the continuous increase in the population of the city and therefore the problem of traffic congestion which is one of the infrequent problems in the city.
  • The city of October includes some of the most distinguished residential neighborhoods in Cairo, such as Al Bashayer District, West Sumed, Dreamland, Palm Hills 6 October, Al Motamayez District, Porto October, and more, which offer a great choice for anyone looking to buy villa for sale in October.

6 October Services

6 October City is an integrated residential city that ensures that all the needs of the residents of services and recreational needs are provided and this applies to all neighborhoods and cities of the city, the major service and tourism highlights of 6 October include the following:

Educational services: The city includes a range of schools and international and governmental also, Arab, religious, and languages institutes for all different educational stages such as Thebes International Schools, Winchester International School, and Azharian Institute, as well as a number of the most famous specialized universities in the republic and visited by Egyptian, Arab and foreign students, including October 6 University, Misr University of Science and Technology, International Academy of Engineering and Media Sciences, Zewail City of Science and Technology.

Medical services: 6 October is characterized by a group of highest-rated specialized hospitals locally and internationally such as The Memorial Souad Kafafi University Hospital, Dar Al Fouad Hospital, Egyptian Liver Patients Treatment Association, Neurosurgery Hospital, The University Hospital of Misr University of Science and Technology, and branches of major pharmacy chains such as EL Ezaby, Misr Pharmacies, and others.

Sports services: Integrated sports clubs and gyms at the highest level covering all parts of the city, most notably club branches, Degla Palms branch, International Fighting Club, Shooting Club, in addition to the branches of IFC gym and Light Gym for women, massage centers, spa and health services.

Commercial and banking services: The city has multiple branches of all Egyptian and international banks in Egypt, including Banque Misr, National Bank of Egypt, Qatar National Bank, QNB branches, Central Authority for the Supervision and Inspection, and Egyptian Banks Area.

Entertainment services: A group of the most famous international restaurant chains, in addition to restaurants and cafes, specialized in Arab kitchens with multiple branches serving all the parties of The City of October, in addition to the most famous and largest malls in the Republic such as Mall of Arabia and Mall of Egypt.

Find out the best compounds in 6 October

Features of housing in a villa for sale in 6 October

  • Buying a villa for sale in 6 October ensures a very luxurious lifestyle.
  • Most of the villa units for sale in October are with an outdoor garden with varying areas starting from 40 meters.
  • Some units have a swimming pool with different spaces.
  • There is a roof designed in a distinctive way that can be exploited in different ways.
  • If you choose to live in a villa for sale in 6th October, you can be fully assured of the moral and cultural level of the neighbors in the high-end residential communities enjoyed by the city of October.
  • The villas are separated by sufficient intervals to achieve sufficient privacy.
  • Multi-floors villas for sale in October consisting of a ground floor, an upper floor, and a roof, while some consist of three floors.
  • Each villa for sale in 6th October has a minimum of five bedrooms, four bathrooms, a large reception, and a large kitchen.
  • All villa units ensure that two or more parking areas are available.
  • Some residential neighborhoods in October city are keen to unite the exterior architecture to maintain a certain architectural style distinctive for the neighborhood, but some other neighborhoods allow residents to change the exterior and interior decorations and the composition of the villa as desired.
  • Buying a villa for sale in 6 October is not only a guarantee of a high-end and comfortable life, but is an excellent investment option to maintain the value of your wealth, as the value of villas and real estate units in general increases significantly over the years, and is expected to continue in such continuation for decades to come, so buying a villa in October is a great and guaranteed investment option especially in light of the continued expansion of the city.

Best neighborhoods to look for a villa for sale in October

If you are looking for a villa for sale in 6 October, surely the first and most prominent factors that you pay attention to before taking the purchase step is to ensure that the area you will live in provides the standards of comfort and safety that you aspire to, and for this goal, many who want to buy a residential villa prefer in the first place the options offered from villas for sale in October because of the multiplicity of high-end neighborhoods and compounds that ensure providing all the rights and desires of buyers of comfort, privacy, and security, such as Al Bashayer District, Al Motamayez District, West Somid, October Gardens District, and many other options that compete with each other in a number of features.

Villa for Sale in 6th of October City

The average price of a meter for villas in 6 October City varies greatly by location, type of finishing, and services close to the unit, we find that the northern expansions record the lowest value for the price of the meter villas in 6th October compared to some of the compounds and other residential neighborhoods.

The average price per meter for villas in October Gardens area, for example, is 5,000 pounds, while it may be as high as 12,000 in high-end neighborhoods and relatively old compounds in October, such as Al Motamayez District, Al Ashgar District, and others, while the average price per meter for a villa in the new residential compounds may reach 15,000 Egyptian pounds, as in Porto October.