Studios for sale in 6 October City

Own a Studio for Sale in October and with it the Opportunity for a Luxurious Life at a Reasonable Price

Buying a studio for sale in October is a dream for many people, where a small apartment can be obtained with unique specifications in a high-end compound. You can choose from a large number of luxury residential communities, all offering a wide variety of unit types and spaces within them, to make it easier for everyone to find the space that suits their desire and the number of family members in their household. In particular, studio apartments are suitable for small families, limited projects, or individual residence, and they make it easier to live in a luxury compound with a reasonable price range.

Studio for sale in October

Studio apartments are small-sized residential units and unique divisions, suitable for young people and small families, they’re also a very popular option for expatriates.

These apartments often consist of one room, bathroom, kitchen and lounge, where one or more people can live, and can be purchased at a reasonable price.

October 6th is one of the most popular places where this type of housing unit is accepted by a large number of people.

Advantages of studio apartments

A studio is a small apartment with everything you need in one open space. They offer many advantages as follows:

  • It can be obtained at a low price because of its small space.
  • Gives the owner the freedom to decorate however they see fit, thanks to the open design.
  • It is an ideal choice for any expatriate, single or living alone for the purpose of studying, for example.
  • Suitable for small families and newlyweds.
  • The little space makes everything close to you and at your fingertips.
  • Apartments that are easy to furnish and clean.

Disadvantages of studio apartments

Although there are many advantages to living in a studio apartments, they still come with some drawbacks. Consider the following:

  • Its small area makes it not suitable for large families.
  • There isn’t much room to receive a lot of guests.
  • Most of them are found on ground floors, making them close to external sources of noise.
  • There are no storage spaces, allowing only basic needs.

The advantages of living in 6th of October City

Whoever's looking for a studio for sale in October is, of course, well aware of the benefits of life in this charming city. A lot of people find life here very rewarding, even in a studio apartment.

The city's most important advantages include the following:

  • The special location of October 6th brings your apartment close to all vital areas.
  • Located near important roads and main axes, you will find it close to Sheikh Zayed, Ring Road, El-Remaya Square and Faiyum Desert Road.
  • The city has plenty of real estate at very reasonable prices. The apartments are very affordable and suitable for young people, middle-income families, and newlyweds, as the average price per meter is 3,900 EGP.
  • Featuring a variety of residential unit spaces, such as apartments, private villas, penthouses, duplexes, and townhouses.
  • There are plenty of major residential projects and luxurious compounds.
  • There are also large national residential projects, such as Ebny Baitak (Build Your House) project, where young people can live and own apartments in convenient installments.
  • An upscale city that is clean, calm, orderly, and distant from pollution and noise.
  • There is a clear separation between industrial and residential areas, ensuring calm, cleanliness and distance from pollution, so residents can enjoy a wonderful life.
  • All types of basic services and facilities are available.
  • Residents enjoy all kinds of recreational services.
  • The city has health and education services, with major hospitals, international schools, private universities, and nurseries for children.
  • Green spaces are the most important feature of the city, and there are also artificial lakes to enhance the stunning scenery.
  • There are malls and great places to shop, as well as parks, gardens, and entertainment venues.
  • Children's playgrounds, restaurants, and luxury cafés are available.

Apartment prices in October 6

As we have previously mentioned, the search for a studio for sale in October will lead us to the most important residential compounds in the city, which is the best place to find apartments in a variety of sizes to suit everyone’s needs.

6 October City has a large number of luxury residential compounds with many features and elegant modern services, all offered for reasonable prices compared to the services available there.

Here's a glimpse of the average prices within this beautiful city:

  • Residential units in Trillium Compound have a variety of spaces, with the price per meter starting from 8,800 EGP and up to 9,800 EGP.
  • Studios are available for sale in Sun Capital Compound October, which is considered one of the finest compounds in October gardens. The price per meter in this compound starts at 8,800 EGP.
  • Studio apartments in Mountain View are available in a variety of spaces starting from 100 square meters and up to 400 square meters. The price per unit starts at 1,000,000 EGP.
  • Pyramids Heights compound has apartments starting at 2,350,000 EGP, while villas are available with prices starting at 6,000,000 EGP. 
  • La Vida compound has units starting at 880,000 EGP.
  • Rock Eden compound’s price per meter starts at 8,775 EGP, while apartment prices range between 1,404,000 EGP and 2,622,294 EGP.
  • Mountain View iCity compound has studio apartments with spaces starting from 60 square meters, there are also apartments and private villas with spaces up to 400 square meters. The price per meter starts from 10,000 EGP.
  • Ashgar City compound has studio apartments for sale with spaces ranging from 100 square meters to 194 square meters. The prices range from 850,000 Egyptian pounds and reach about 1,500,000 EGP. The price per meter for fully-finished units starts from 7,500 EGP, and the price per meter for semi-finished units is only 6,500 EGP.
  • Beta gardens compound offers spaces ranging from 140 square meters and up to 310 square meters. The prices start from 550,000 EGP, and the payment system is very easy, where the customer only provides 10% of the unit price when signing the contract, and the remaining amount is to be paid within 7 years.
  • Al Fardous compound’s units start from 430,000 EGP, while the villas start from 850,000 EGP.
  • Studio apartments are available in Degla Palms, in addition to a variety of other units, with prices starting from 260,000 EGP and up to 850,000 EGP.
  • Eshraqa Compound is one of the most popular residential projects in October. In it, you can find studio apartments with spaces ranging between 112 square meters and 219 square meters, with prices starting at 880,000 EGP.
  • Karma Residence offers convenient services and reasonable prices starting at 6,900 EGP per square meter and up to 7,100 EGP.
  • The Core Residence has a distinct location and unique services, with prices starting at 8,500 EGP per square meter.

From the above, you should have a clear picture of the studios available for sale in October City. Studios represent a quick and smart solution for anyone who aspires to live in the 6 October and enjoy its wonderful services and distinctive location, all without having to buy a large apartment that does not suit your needs. Studios are available for a small price. They are small apartments, but nevertheless give the person an opportunity to enjoy an elegant life in a high-end compound and unique location.