Everything You Need to Know about Studios for Sale in Sheikh Zayed

A lot of people are looking for a studio for sale in Sheikh Zayed, a charming city that has been established since the mid-1990s. It is characterized by its precise and orderly design, with wide streets, picturesque green spaces, and the great diversity of units in terms of their type and size. All of this has made it a great choice for anyone who wants to lead a luxurious lifestyle away from heavily-populated areas.

Sheikh Zayed City

Noting the high demand for housing in Sheikh Zayed city recently, many people have realized how important it is thanks to its wonderful geographical location, as it is close to 6 October City and about 30 km from Cairo. In addition, it is close to many important roads and axes such as the July 26 Axis and the ring road.

Not only that, but the city covers a large area of about 49 square kilometers, ensuring that residents have everything they need in their daily lives, which lets them enjoy a comfortable life that doesn’t lack anything.

The advantages of living in Sheikh Zayed

Sheikh Zayed City offers several advantages that have made it one of the most comfortable destinations for a large number of people who want a luxurious and peaceful. The city’s most important advantages can be summed up below:

Low density: Sheikh Zayed is one of the low-density cities with a population of about 150,000, which guarantees the population a comfortable and calm life.

Educational facilities: Sheikh Zayed City has a large number of educational institutions, which offer a high level of education.

The city is designed to include many schools, it is also very close to 6 October City, which is known for many private universities such as October 6th University and The Egyptian University of Science and Technology.

Gyms and sports centers: The city includes a large number of sports clubs, most notably The Sheikh Zayed Youth Center and Sheikh Zayed Sports Club. It is also easy to find a number of highly-equipped gyms with various types of sports gear, such as Power Gym and Arnold Gym.

Medical Care: Medical care services are very prominent in Sheikh Zayed City, where there’s a large number of pharmacies and hospitals, all equipped to the highest standard.

Leisure Services: Recreational services are available in every corner of the city, ensuring customers and their families will have plenty of fun activities to do close to their place of residence. Examples include Crazy Water amusement park and Zayed Park.

Green spaces: The city has many green spaces, gardens, and parks, which occupy a large part of its land, giving it a breathtaking aesthetic appearance.

Shopping malls: There are many shopping malls available in the city that provide all the requirements of the population, most notably Mall of Arabia, Tivoli Mall, Dandy Mega Mall, Hyper One, and Americana Plaza Mall.

All these advantages have increased demand and made living in Sheikh Zayed very desirable to many people. The city offers a unique and comfortable lifestyle for its small population, so it’s an excellent opportunity if you’re looking for a new residence.

All these advantages have been a reason for the increased demand for housing in Sheikh Zayed City, the city has been able to achieve a different life for the population characterized by well-being and comfort, living within its borders is a valid choice and a real opportunity that everyone should seize, it is an opportunity that is rarely repeated.

Sheikh Zayed's best compounds

Sheikh Zayed city is dotted with a range of lavishly-designed compounds, which provide its residents with an unconventional life full of comforts. Below, you should get a pretty good idea about each of these compounds:

Beverly Hills

It is one of the most important compounds in Sheikh Zayed, as it occupies a wonderful position near important places such as Casa Compound and the 16th District. Beverly Hills covers a large space of approximately 1.75 million square meters, and the compound is known for its many services to ensure that residents will have everything they need within reach.

Zayed Dunes Compound

This compound is a great example of sophisticated living, thanks to the variety of services available to provide the population with everything they need.

The compound is blessed with a wonderful location in the heart of Sheikh Zayed, minutes away from Hyper One and Lebanon Square. You are free to choose between a variety of unit types and spaces to suit your needs and budget.

Studio for sale in Sheikh Zayed

If you want to own a studio with a suitable space and price, don't over think it and pay a visit to Sheikh Zayed City as it contains a large number of these units, where you can choose whatever suits your desire and means. For example, there are studios for sale with an interior space of 65 meters and complete finishing at a price of 1,300,000 EGP, you can also find larger studios with a space of 75 meters with full finishing, at the price of 1.500,000 EGP. Most of these units can be obtained with payment systems, where you only need to provide a small down payment to book the unit, and the remaining amount to be paid in installments over many years. The payment system depends on the developer company for each project.

Studio apartment design

Studio units are apartments that typically have a small, but open space. They are divided into a bedroom and a bathroom. The open space may include a lounge, a kitchen, and a living room. The design of this type of unit is completely different from any other apartment, as they’re more suitable for anyone looking for a small apartment with a small price whether to rent or own. It is an ideal solution for those who want to live alone or for married couples with no children.

Benefits of living in studio units

Living within studio units gives the individual numerous benefits compared to other types of residential units, including the following:

  • You don't need a lot of money to furnish it, because the simplest furniture will do.
  • Easy to organize and move your furniture around thanks to the open space.
  • Moving through the unit is very easy thanks to the open space design. You’ll be surrounded with everything you need without needing to even leave the room.
  • The open space of studios gives people the freedom to decorate however they want without adhering to a specific idea and style.
  • The rental value for this type of unit is small compared to larger apartments.

Drawbacks of living in studio apartments

Despite the many advantages that individuals enjoy when living in studio units, there are some disadvantages to consider below:

  • The unit area is small and does not accommodate more than two individuals at most, thus not being able to receive friends and guests freely.
  • This type of unit is intended to accommodate basic daily needs, without any additional storage space.
  • If the unit is on the ground floor, the residents will be exposed to the surrounding noise.