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Pharmacies for sale in New Capital - 156 Properties for sale


Pharmacies for sale in New Administrative Capital

Booking Pharmacies for sale in Administrative Capital is a real opportunity for all investors, as the vital location enjoyed by Administrative Capital guarantees the client the success of his project and the achievement of his dreams, the golden opportunity is rarely repeated so everyone should seize and hold it.

Pharmacies for sale in New Administrative Capital

If you want to buy a pharmacy for sale in New Administrative Capital in one of the vital areas that enjoy commercial popularity in addition to service popularity at the same time, you should go to the Administrative Capital, the future of real investment in Egypt, keeping in mind that the price of pharmacies for sale in New Administrative Capital varies according to its area, site, and condition of finishing.

For example, a pharmacy for sale in New Capital at the Downtown area at the interface with an area of 75 square meters can be purchased for EGP 9,000,000, and also a pharmacy for sale in Administrative Capital in Rivan Square mall with an area of 59 square meters can be purchased for EGP 11,214,000.

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The best-known medical malls in Administrative Capital

When starting to buy a Pharmacy for sale in New Administrative Capital, it is preferred to own it within one of the medical malls, as it provides its customers with all the services they need to do their business comfortably without missing anything, and the Medical Capital Center is one of the most important of these malls ever, which is characterized by a range of advantages, the most important of which are as follows:

  • Its strategic location is in a high-end area of the Capital, where it is located on Al Amal axis near the most famous malls and administrative buildings.
  • The mall has a distinctive view of the highest tower on the African continent, which has given it a high value and significance that make it unique from other malls.
  • It has a variety of medical units' areas, making it easy for the client to choose from according to desire, capabilities, and specialty.
  • The project is managed by one of the most important companies specialized in the management of medical facilities and is medically supervised by Dr. Hossam Mowafi.
  • The mall is available on a website of the developer company, which was launched to book units online to save customers time and effort.

Area of MCC Mall in New Capital

A huge area has been allocated by the developer company for the implementation of its medical project as it has been built on an area of 3600 square meters, and this area made the company able to provide the mall with a large number of services and facilities, which meet all the requirements and needs of the customer, it has allocated an area of 2400 square meters for these services represented in the green spaces and paved roads, which made the mall distinct from others.

Design of MCC Medical Clinic

Medical Capital Center was designed with unique and distinctive architectural designs has made it look like an exquisite architectural masterpiece, it is also consisting of 10 floors, nine floors of it is for various medical specialties with areas ranging from 48 square meters up to 96 square meters.

The last floor is dedicated to commercial activities, as it includes 8 commercial centers that have different areas, which guarantees the customer to obtain his unit in accordance with his needs and purchasing capacity, and the division of these floors can be explained below:

  • The ground floor has Pharmacies for sale in New Capital that offer various types of medicines in addition to three cafes.
  • The floors from the first to the third have various medical units including hospitals, medical clinics, radiology centers, laboratories, and operating rooms.
  • The floors from 4th to 9th have 186 medical clinics, each with 35 clinics, as well as a dedicated waiting area for patients.
  • The mall's roof has a gym and spa, both of which are carefully equipped with the latest equipment and devices, contributing to provide exclusive customer service.

Services provided by MCC New Capital

Countless distinctive services are provided within the mall, making it an integrated project that guarantees the customer comfort and well-being, it is one of the specialized medical malls that has met the high demand of customers thanks to its services, the most important of which are the following:

  • All mall floors are equipped with patient waiting areas, all equipped with the highest level to provide maximum comfort.
  • Premium restaurants offering high-quality services, with a staff of highly trained chefs.
  • Gym and Spa which are carefully equipped to provide high-end entertainment services to customers.
  • The mall features stunning views of the landscape and the vast greenery, which have been carefully distributed throughout the mall, giving it a great aesthetic look.
  • It is also provided with carefully equipped housekeeping for nurses to stay there.
  • Medical Software.
  • Two levels of the mall are allocated for parking.
  • There is a garage dedicated to the parking of doctors' cars, to prevent random overcrowding in front of the mall.
  • The mall has many medical centers including an eye center, medical analysis center, radiology center, obesity treatment center, physiotherapy center, medical clinics, plastic surgery center, center for the treatment of both obesity and thinness, infertility treatment, and Microinjection Center, and specialized dental center.
  • The mall offers a variety of medical programs, and this is the company's keenness to provide a high level of service to customers.

Payment systems in Medical Capital Center

The owner company has introduced units inside the mall at reasonable prices to suit the circumstances of a large segment of customers, medical units have been offered at a price starting from 30 thousand Egyptian pounds per meter, while commercial units are with a price starting from 80 thousand Egyptian pounds per meter.

The company has realized that the payment system is the most important thing for the customer, as the flexible payment system enables the customer to pay the price of the unit comfortably without feeling any burden or pressure, so more than one payment system was provided so that each customer can choose the appropriate system for him/her, and the payment systems available are as follows:

  • The total amount is paid in installments of up to 5 years without a down payment or interest.
  • A down payment of 5% is paid at the time of contract and 5% after two years and 10% upon receipt of the contracted unit, and then the remaining to be paid by the installment system over 6 years without interest.
  • Pay 10% on contract as a booking down payment, 5% after two years, 10% upon the receipt, and the rest of the unit price paid over 7 years without interest.

The developer company has announced that all units contracted with customers shall be delivered with a full finishing and air conditioners and pledged that all units will be delivered during the current year.

The owner company and its previous projects

MCC Mall is one of the projects of Alassema Real Estate Company, one of the most important real estate companies in Egypt, with an investment volume of about 2 billion Egyptian pounds, and has pledged that it will provide approximately 250 million pounds in order to increase its investment, in addition to the fact that it will allocate 100 million pounds for the construction of the Capital Mall.

The company has implemented many projects in both Egypt and Saudi Arabia, the most important of which are the following:

The company's previous works in Egypt

  • 30 residential projects.
  • Flowers Resort Project.
  • Many projects in the Dreamland area at 6 October city.
  • A collection of buildings on the axis in October.
  • The Gate and Perla compounds in October Gardens.
  • Mini compound at Dream City.

The company's previous works in Saudi Arabia

  • Serafi Mega Mall Saudi Arabia.
  • Mega Mall.
  • Palestine Hotel Makkah.
  • Prince Faisal bin Salman Hotel.
  • Sheraton Makkah Jabal Al Kaaba Hotel.
  • Tarfeeh Fakieh amusement park.
  • Construction at King Abdulaziz University in Jeddah.