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Stella Di Mare Sokhna Resort - 30 Properties for sale


Take advantage of this unique chance to book a summer property in Stella Di Mare Sokhna Resort

Due to its unique position and a variety of amenities that are rarely found in other tourist resorts, the resort of Stella Di Mare Ain Sokhna has made a significant leap in the Egyptian real estate market.  Many clients and investors have been pleased by the resort since having a summer house there ensure them an unforgettable summer holiday. So reserve your unit at the resort and enjoy distinctive amenities that ensure your luxury and distinction.

Stella Di Mare Sokhna Resort resort

The owner company picked the greatest position for it in Ain Sukhna, at km 45 Suez Hurghada Road, and it is one of the large resorts that is recognized by its unusual location that draws many clients.

Stella  Sokhna is located relatively close to Cairo, since the distance between the two cities is just 120 kilometers, allowing residents of the town to go to Cairo in less than an hour.

The new administrative capital is located extremely near to the resort's site, enhancing the site's sophistication and strategy, as well as its accessibility to vital locations and services that provide inhabitants with more comfort and amusement.

Stella Di Mare Sokhna Resort space

Stella Di Mare Golf Ain Sokhna resort is part of the massive Ain Sokhna resort development, which spans over 1,750,000 square meters. The corporation divided the overall area between buildings and services, with service facilities and scenic views taking up the majority of the space. Only around 20% of the land is inhabited.

When putting the village together, the business came up with a remarkable and one-of-a-kind design. It has carried out its massive undertaking in phases. The first stage contained a collection of private islands, each encircled by artificial lakes, giving the area a magnificent aspect. Bridges and paved roads connected the lakes.

The resort, which overlooks the picturesque Makadi Bay, which is distinguished by coral reefs of varied colors and forms, as well as many other varieties of fish, was implemented to finish the first phase of the project.

The resort was built entirely on a terrace structure, allowing all apartments to enjoy a breathtaking view of the beach's white sand and crystal blue ocean. All of the resorts' apartments had different sizes, ranging from 80 square meters to 500 square meters, and they all had international equipment.

According to the company, there are chalets for rent in Ain Sukhna and in the resort, as well as others for purchase, depending on the customer's wish and capabilities.

Stella Di Mare Sokhna Resort Services

The numerous services offered inside the borders of the resort have added to its brilliance and distinctiveness, making it the ideal destination for anybody looking for a unique vacation filled with all elements of luxury and refinement. The following are some of the most well-known services offered in the resort:-

  • All of the units at Stella Di Mare are built in accordance with worldwide technical standards that emphasize elegance and refinement.
  • Large areas of the resort were occupied by green spaces and water bodies, which added to the settlement's overall attractiveness and magnificence.
  • The Stella Di Mare Hotel is one of the resort's most noticeable attractions since it provides excellent hotel services to its visitors owing to its unique features and services.
  • The resort has specialized recreational spaces for children, which are equipped with a huge variety of activities appropriate for their early ages, allowing them to spend quality time without stress or anxiety.
  • Within the resort, there is an Aqua Park with a variety of fun and thrilling games for people of all ages.
  • Apart from Stella Di Mare Ain Sokhna Hotel, the resort contains two additional hotels, providing clients with extra high-end hotel amenities.
  • Swimming pools of different sizes and forms, as well as children's pools, are available.
  • The resort has designated places for parties and other special occasions.
  • An open theatre with international designs built on a broad space to accommodate a big number of clients is located within the resort.
  • Customers' demands are met at shops and commercial centers that offer a distinctive package of items and worldwide brands.
  • A hypermarket that supplies customers with all of their daily wants and requirements without stopping during the day.
  • Maintenance services are performed on a regular basis inside the community to maintain the quality and effectiveness of the services supplied to the inhabitants.
  • Advanced security and guarding systems are installed throughout the community and work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to guarantee the highest level of safety and protection for the residents.
  • Houses of worship with beautiful religious designs were created on a big scale to allow for the practice sessions of religious ceremonies.
  • There are exquisite restaurants in the village that serve a variety of cuisines to the inhabitants, all of which are cooked by a staff of highly trained chefs who guarantee that clients receive excellent service.
  • Elegant cafés offer a wide range of hot and cold drinks to suit all tastes and preferences.
  • A sports club with a number of sports fields where clients may participate in a variety of sports such as basketball, handball, and golf.
  • For further luxury and distinction, the residents will have access to a gym, spa, and health club with international amenities.
  • Within the resort, there are a number of clinics and pharmacies that operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide consumers with complete health care.

Pricing and payment methods

The resort has summer apartments of varying sizes, resulting in a considerable price range since the price of a unit is determined by its size, characteristics, and proximity to the beach.

Because the company's major goal is to make things easier for its clients, it has created a flexible payment system that allows them to pay the amount owed without feeling stymied or having difficulties doing so.

The firm provided the option of making a 15% down payment and the remaining balance over seven years, in keeping with the company's mission of satisfying consumers of various talents and capacities.

Owning company and previous business

Stella Di Mare Sokhna Resort is one of the accomplishments of Remco Establishments, one of Egypt's most well-known real estate enterprises, with over 25 years of expertise and a track record of success owing to its profitable company.

Remco is made up of numerous important real estate development corporations, including the Egyptian Company for Tourist Village Establishment and the International Company for Tourism. With a capital of 2 billion Egyptian pounds, the firm has engaged in the Egyptian real estate industry.