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Properties for sale in New Giza Compound 6 October - 40 Properties for sale


Enjoy living in the most luxurious apartments in New Giza this October.

Not just on 6 October, but across Egypt, New Giza 6 October project is one of the most major residential complexes. The relevance of the complex is due to the fact that it offers a variety of services and benefits that are rarely seen in other projects. Designs are another feature of the complex. It is integrated in every way, with modern and stunning eye-catching views.

New Giza Compound location

The compound is the right location for you if you want to live in a peaceful neighborhood while yet being close to other cities and important regions. It is located in the 6th of October city, which is known for its calm and service.

The compound is notably positioned on the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road in kilo 22, 23 kilometers from Greater Cairo, and is also distinguished by its proximity to important roadways like as:

  • The Ring Road is 2 kilometers from the property.
  • Axis is 3 kilometers distant.
  • Al-Wahat Road is about 5 kilometers from the complex.

The spaces of New Giza Compound 6 October

Inside the compound, there will never be an issue with overpopulation because the residential structures take up up the smallest percentage of the entire area of 1,500 acres, while open green spaces and streets take up 87%.

Although the residential units account for the smallest amount of the compound's land, they are diverse enough to meet the demands of all clients, since they include apartments, duplexes, twin homes, and independent villas, and their sizes vary as follows:

  • Small apartments are less than 100 square meters in size, and larger apartments may be up to 280 square meters in size.
  • Duplex flats come in a variety of sizes, although the lowest start at 295 square meters.
  • A twin house must have at least 324 square meters of area.
  • Separate villas with modest areas starting at 382 square meters and larger villas starting at 654 square meters are available.

The compound features charming designs inspired by Old Cairo, particularly Garden City and Zamalek, mixed with modern architectural designs, i.e., it combines contemporary architectural design with luxurious classic design, and its luxury is evident in the appealing colors and decorations that adorn the units, in addition to the charming landscapes and designed streets that are very innovatively

New Giza Compound 6 October offers a variety of services and benefits.

Boredom never comes to New Giza Compound in October since it is equipped with all services and varied ways that ensure a life that is never traditional and full of infinite enjoyment and fun, as its fundamental services, entertainment, and features are as follows:

  • The presence of a security guard on duty throughout the day to ensure the safety of the compound's residents to the maximum extent feasible.
  • Installing contemporary, high-quality surveillance cameras in various locations across the compound to increase security.
  • The availability of a diverse choice of cafés and restaurants, allowing inhabitants to drink and dine away from home while remaining in a convenient location.
  • Residents will be able to store their cars in a completely guarded and covered garage, rather than in risky areas or far from their residences.
  • The existence of private and international schools within the property so that residents' children do not have to attend schools that are far away from their residences.
  • The presence of a private university with several departments and specialties, making it accessible to the majority of students living in the compound.
  • The distribution of greenery across wide regions, which not only reflects a lovely and elegant perspective of the site but also creates a fantastic environment for wandering in nature and outdoors.
  • The presence of a unique entertainment area Downtown, which allows all residents of the compound to spend an unusual and pleasurable time there.
  • There is a particular club in the complex named after it (New Giza Club), so residents will not need to join other clubs that are far away.
  • Practicing golf on a course specifically designed for it, which provides more enjoyment due to all of the necessary equipment, and is notably spacious with 18 golf holes to accommodate a big group of people at the same time.
  • Establishing a health club and equipping it with the required equipment and supplies to ensure that the inhabitants of the compound receive excellent service.
  • The inclusion of pedestrian routes helps to protect people's lives by ensuring that they are not in danger if cars drive through the compound's roadways.
  • Because it is an integrated project that benefits investors, customer-owners, and regular people equally, administrative units are located beside residential units.
  • Due to the presence of art exhibitions conducted inside the site, in addition to the music hall, there are a variety of activities and events.
  • The presence of a 5-star hotel, which means that it provides exceptionally high-end services that are not available in other big hotels.
  • The inclusion of a cinema within the project as a kind of entertainment for its residents, particularly those who enjoy viewing movies and contemporary cinematic works.
  • Adding a gym to the recreational amenities of the property, where residents may play any sport because it is completely equipped.
  • Providing the greatest health services inside a large medical district that spans over 200 thousand square meters and is slated to become one of Egypt's most prominent integrated medical centers.
  • Because it is a fully integrated social center in every way, it provides residents with a unique service that is impossible to find in any other setting.
  • The existence of dedicated shopping zones for shopaholics, including luxury stores and supermarkets with all of the goods and items that inhabitants would require.

New Giza Compound 6 October prices

The buyer is always on the lookout for rare opportunities to own luxury units with integrated services for the lowest possible price, and the project has already achieved this because its prices are competitive and reasonable, with the compound units starting at 20,000 pounds per square meter.

Within the property, you will not only discover reasonable pricing, but also a variety of them. This will undoubtedly work to your advantage because you will be able to compare costs and select the unit whose overall price corresponds to your financial condition.

Payment methods in New Giza Compound 6 October

The payment period is considered one of the most difficult periods for any buyer, but this is not the case with New Giza Compound because it offers special facilities to its customers, such as paying only 10% of the total price determined for the unit and then paying the remaining percentage over a longer payment period of up to 7 years.

Owning company and previous business

New Giza Compound 6 October attracted attention to it as soon as it was introduced since it bears the name of significant real estate business, New Giza Egypt, which is regarded as one of the largest real estate companies in Egypt, having been formed for more than ten years.

Mahmoud El-Gammal and Salah Diab, two businessmen, own New Giza Development. It has been able to undertake several successful projects, both inside and outside Egypt, throughout the years. Among the most notable of its prior efforts are:

  • Seychelles in the North Coast
  • Ein Bay in Ain Sukhna
  • Playa Seychelles in the North Coast
  • Ghazala Bay