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Azha Sokhna Resort - 125 Properties for sale


Enjoy the finest residential units in Azha Ain Sokhna Resort

One of the most beautiful tourist resorts in Ain Sokhna, thanks to its attractive designs and integrated equipment, you will feel endless luxury all of the time because it includes many recreational facilities and fun places; you will never regret your choice because everything inside it is purely for your comfort and well-being.

Azha Sokhna Resort location

Its privileged location in the heart of Ain Sukhna, which has lovely beaches that lighten the mood all year and offer the resort a perspective of the top of beauty, isolates you from the bustling life and transports you to a world full of peaceful and attractive nature.

The location of Azha Sokhna Resort is not only beautiful, but it also has a lot of energy because it is close to big cities and a lot of important projects, such as:

  • Greater Cairo: Because the distance between it and the resort is only 126 kilometers, getting it is simple and quick.
  • The Ain Sukhna Gates is about 11 kilometers away from the resort.
  • Stella Di Mare Resort is located 7 kilometers from the resort and is well-known among neighboring Ain Sukhna communities.

Azha Sokhna Resort spaces

The picturesque scenery is what dominates the resort of Azha Ain Sokhna, which, despite its size of 360 acres (equivalent to about 1.5 million square meters), is not crammed with buildings as many people imagine, but rather is spread out with beautiful plants, trees, and green spaces in cheerful shapes.

In addition to the extreme luxury of the resort unit designs, it also has a wonderful view because the sea is close by, as the resorts depth reaches 2,300 meters and its width exceeds 700 meters along the length of the sea, so it is adjacent to a beach with a charming view that extends also 700 meters from the side of the Gulf of Suez.

The resort units vary between chalets for sale in Azha Ain Sokhna, townhouses, and villas, and despite their wide variety in order to serve all customers, they only account for 18% of the total project area, because service and recreational facilities and shops take up 120 acres, while Crystal Lagoons alone covers 150 acres.

Not only do the units have different forms and shapes, but they also have different sizes. For example, townhouses and villas ranging in size from 145 square meters to 318 square meters are available. In Azha Ain Sokhna Resort, there are also chalets for sale in the following areas:

  • Spacious chalets with 3 rooms and spaces start from 125 meters up to 145 meters.
  • There is a chalet for sale in Azha El Sokhna consisting of only two rooms and a small area starting from 97 meters and not more than 115 meters.

Azha Ain Sokhna Resort's services and amenties

Everything you need for your comfort and well-being can be found inside the resort of Azha Ain Sokhna, which ensures the delight of its visitors by providing a variety of the best services and a number of the most attractive benefits, such as:

  • One of the resort's most important features is that it has multiple entrances, making it easier for guests to approach it from different directions, especially given the resort's large size. This also helps to avoid crowding at a single gate.
  • The restaurants and cafes in the resort have direct views of the sea, allowing customers to enjoy their meals and drinks in a beautiful setting.
  • The resort is near the sea, thus it has a beautiful view while also having a very refreshing environment, especially because the beach has its own entrance.
  • All of the units in the resort have the highest quality finishes (full finishing), but they are priced reasonably.
  • The resort has a clubhouse that is well-equipped and provides a fantastic place for relaxation.
  • All guests who like to participate in various sports and activities in specially designed areas can do so on the sports courts.
  • High-end shopping malls and boutiques provide resort visitors with everything they require in the highest possible quality.
  • In terms of design, planning, and everything else linked to it, Azha Ain Sokhna Resort has been executed at a world-class level.
  • A gymnasium (gym) for men and another for women, so that they can enjoy greater freedom when practicing different exercises.
  • In addition to their smart architectural design and gorgeous surroundings such as green spaces and sparkling lagoons, the various units, whether chalets or villas feature superb interior and exterior designs.
  • The presence of golf cars scattered around the community helps transport inhabitants to whatever location they like within the resort, which is vast.
  • Throughout the day, security guards patrol the numerous residential structures, which all have a garden attached to them and a lovely outlook.
  • In addition to a maid's room and a spot for pets, every resort building has a parking garage.
  • The presence of a medical center with a large group of experienced doctors specialized in more than one specialty and sophisticated medical equipment, as well as cosmetic centers with high-tech equipment.
  • Installing security cameras on a number of the resort's beaches and preparing them in such a way that they are highly suited for children to play and have fun without being subjected to danger.
  • There are numerous areas for amusement and picnics, such as the Crystal Lagoons and Central Park, as well as social clubs that span a broad region and other locations.
  • The presence of a 5-star and a 7-star hotel, as well as floating hotels within the resort, allows for non-traditional services to be provided to its visitors.
  • The presence of car garages that are open to all residents of the resorts without exception, allowing them to park their cars inside rather than in front of their homes or in garages that are far away.
  • In addition to the spa, which provides a superior service to the resort's guests, there is a well-equipped sauna.
  • Swimming pools of all sizes and shapes may be found throughout the resort, catering to both adults and children.

Prices in Azha Ain Sokhna Resort

You will be surprised when you learn about the prices of Azha Sokhna chalets, because they will most likely be the total opposite of your expectations, as the resort offers its visitors a package of the best prices for all of its units, despite the fact that it is integrated with services and characterized by a high level of luxury.

In Azha Ain Sokhna, there are chalets for sale at various prices depending on the characteristics of each chalet, and the prices of other units in the resort vary as follows:

  • A penthouse can be purchased for between 10 million and 500,000 EGP although a more luxurious property can be purchased for up to 12 million pounds.
  • For 5 million and 500,000 EGP or 6 million pounds, you can buy a townhouse in the resort, and for 7 million and 700,000 EGP or 9 million and 200,000 EGP, you may buy a more magnificent apartment.

Payment methods in Azha Sokhna Resort

Although the resort of Azha Ain Sokhna has excellent payment facilities that allow customers to pay the unit price in installments, it also allows the buyer to select the most appropriate payment system for him from among the four options:

  • 10% of the entire unit price as a down payment, with the remainder paid in 9-year payments.
  • Pay a down payment of 15% of the total unit price as a reservation deposit, then pay the remaining balance over 8 years in installments.
  • Pay a down payment of 15% of the total unit price as a reservation deposit, then pay the remaining balance over 6 years' installments.
  • Pay a down payment of 15% of the total unit price as a reservation deposit, then pay the remaining balance over 4 years in installments.

If the customer desires, they can purchase units directly from the owner using the instant payment system (cash), with the assurance that all owners will receive their units within three years with complete finishes and equipment and will not be charged any further interest.

Owning company and previous business

The project's owner, Madar Development Company, planned to implement it in an integrated manner that ensures its development in one of Ain Sukhna's most prominent sites, as well as high-end designs and diverse services at reasonable costs that satisfy customers.

The company built a large group of commercial and residential projects, as well as a number of the most luxurious hotels known as (Sun Rise), and gained great fame. As a result of its success, Madar has been named the best real estate company in Egypt among a number of competitors.

The company is always eager to collaborate with other major companies and entities in order to benefit from their expertise in launching large projects. Among the companies with which Barton Wilmer, Mixty previously collaborated, their real estate investments totaled approximately 7 billion pounds, and this is one of the most important secrets of the company's great success.

Azha ain Sokhna is one of the company's earliest projects, however, it was built in stages due to its big size and a high number of units and equipment. The stages are as follows:

  • Mosca's first phase featured the building of a variety of recreational amenities, as well as numerous units, such as townhouses, villas, and other types of housing, as well as a variety of other services.
  • The second phase, Bavo: It included the construction of a number of chalets on the ground floor and first floor, in addition to a number of swimming pools.

It's worth noting that the corporation is looking to start new projects in several high-end areas of Egypt, including the North Coast, Sheikh Zayed, the new administrative capital, and the Fifth Settlement.