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City Gate New Cairo - 10 Properties for sale


Details of the strong return of City Gate New Cairo

If you're looking for a place to live that fulfill your dreams and put all the services you want at your feet, you'll not find anything better and more attractive than City Gate project, which has been ranked among the best compounds in Fifth Settlement, a giant project designed according to the latest international building standards.

It is a residential opportunity characterized by luxury and sophistication for anyone who wishes to calm down and relax, especially as the completion of his work has been transferred to Ora Developers company, which is witnessed by accuracy and commitment.

City Gate location

City Gate Fifth Settlement is a unique project in all its details and specifications, particularly with regard to its location in a privileged location near many vital areas.

  • It is located at the entrance of Fifth Settlement.

  • The American University in its new headquarters in El Tagamoa finds is only 10 minutes from the project site.
  • The Complex has a direct view of 90th Street, the largest and most important street of the Fifth Settlement, which is characterized by a lot of services, facilities, shops, and major malls.
  • The location is very close to Cairo International Airport, which can be reached from the Compound in just 30 minutes.
  • It is about 30 km southeast of Cairo.

Area of City Gate New Cairo

The complex was implemented on a large area as it is planned to be a small residential city with integrated facilities and services, and the project area is about 8,500,000 square meters.

A large part of the project area, estimated at 68%, has been exploited for Landscapes, green spaces, and recreational services, with an area allocated to commercial areas, playgrounds, clubs, educational services, and water bodies.

While the smallest part of the area, 32%, dedicated to buildings, constructions, apartments, and villas of all kinds, and this ensures that there are a variety of spaces separating the residential units represented in the green gardens for all residents to enjoy privacy and the distinctive view.

As for the units types in City Gate 5th Settlement, they are diverse among residential apartments city gate for sale, duplexes, standalone villas with private gardens, townhouses, and twin houses.

The spaces of these units are distinguished by their diversity in a way that provides a large and diverse segment from which each client chooses the space that suits his needs and the needs of his family members, and the spaces are as follows:

  • The area of the townhouses starts from 270 square meters.
  • Twin House units area starts at 313 square meters.
  • The area of private villas starts from 343 square meters.

Most important information about the average price within New Cairo compounds

Services available in City Gate New Cairo

Services are the most important attractions of any residential project, and it is the most considered by customers when they select a new residential unit, and in City Gate, you will find all the facilities and services you think of aimed at delighting every member of the family, and in a way that makes you comfortable about the future of your kids in a place that provides them with achieving all their dreams of luxury and safety, the most important of these services include the following:

  • The project includes community centers within all its parts.

  • Large green spaces, hiking gardens, water fountains, and crystal artificial lagoons, i.e. all compound's units overlook a comfortable landscape.
  •  A large number of swimming pools, designed with a variety of spaces and distinctive geometric shapes.
  • There is a commercial area, shops, and malls that provide all the goods needed by customers, more than 720,000 square meters have been allocated for these purposes.
  • There are 4 international five-star hotels offering high-end services.
  • There are educational services at the highest level, with three distinct international schools.
  • There is a very large gym with a range of well-equipped sports fields for a large number of games.
  • A large golf course with 18 holes.
  • About 300,000 square meters have been allocated for recreational and commercial purposes.
  • Large areas have been allocated for cycling, walking, and exercise between gardens and greenery.
  • The complex is highly secured as it has huge gates that are well secured.
  • Golf, tennis, squash, and basketball courts.
  • A large area dedicated to kids' games with great games and entertainment activities and all the games are top secured.
  • A large area with excellent cafes and restaurants serving the most delicious and famous food and beverages.
  • Places are dedicated to relaxing and practicing yoga in the arms of nature.
  • There is a large mosque that provides places for a large number of worshippers.

City Gate New Cairo prices

As we mentioned above that Citygate compound includes all the luxurious and comfortable services, and there is a large number of residential units in a variety of areas, this wonderful life can be enjoyed by paying good prices compared to the benefits you will get within the complex, which has many types of units.

As for prices, the indicators were as follows:

  • The townhouse units are available with an area of 270 square meters and priced at 2.473.000 million Egyptian pounds, the customer pays a down payment of 898,000 Egyptian pounds upon contract, with the rest to be paid in equal installments over 8 years.
  • The twin house units with an area start at 313 square meters and are available at a price of 3,236,000 Egyptian pounds, where 49,000 Egyptian pounds is paid as a down payment upon the contract, then the rest of the unit price is paid in equal installments over 4 years.

  • Private villas start with an area of 343 square meters, and the price starts from 3,825,000 Egyptian pounds, the customer pays 1.289 thousand as a down payment when contracted, with the rest to be paid in equal installments over four years.

As for finishes, the company undertakes to deliver the units in a semi-finished system, knowing that all the designs of the compound are modern according to the latest designs and international standards.

City Gate Developer

The company that owns Citygate is The Qatari Diar Company, which had started the construction of the project and took some steps, but due to some differences between the company and the Urban Communities Authority and the Egyptian government, work on the project was suspended for a while, until it was announced last February a partnership between the company represented by The East Gate Company in Cairo and Ora Developers Real Estate company for its owner, Egyptian engineer Naguib Sawiris.

Under this large partnership in which Ora obtained 60% against 40% for Qatari Diar, Diar company paid 1.25 billion pounds as a delay fine before the contract is executed, thus resuming work on the project at steady steps to return it back after the work has been assigned to engineer Naguib Sawiris company with proven credibility and transparent and trusted by a large segment of customers.

Ora Developments has submitted several successful megaprojects, including:

  • Pyramids Hills October residential project in 6 October.
  • Zed East New Cairo Project.
  • Nile City Towers Project.
  • Project 18 in Islamabad.
  • Grenada project.

 As for the previous projects of Fiar company, these include:

  • Anantara Towers project in Tunisia.
  • St. Regis Cairo Project.
  • Conrad Hotel in USA.
  • Doha Convention and Exhibition Center DECC in Qatar.

From here it can be said that City Gate has become one of the most important projects of New Cairo after it was re-established by the giant company, Ora, to offer its customers a unique project with all the services and facilities in a unique location and with facilities in payment and good prices.