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Galleria Moon Valley New Cairo - 105 Properties for sale


Enjoy a distinguished residence in Galleria Moon Valley New Cairo

It is distinguished by characteristics of creative modern design, which were visible throughout the planning, execution, and completion stages. The project is located in the center of the Fifth Settlement, in the Golden Square neighborhood. You simply need to look at the project details to select your residential unit, which will have Ultra Super Lux finishes at costs that will astound you. Follow us to learn about the project's unit pricing.

About the company that owns the project

Arabia Holding, the official owner, designer, and executor of this massive residential project, Galleria Moon Valley, is a well-established Egyptian firm with over 27 years of expertise in the Egyptian real estate industry.

With billions of pounds in investments, the firm has made several real estate accomplishments in the Middle East, and it is now finishing its work process by building massive residential projects in new cities such as the 6th of October City and New Cairo. The following are the company's most notable prior works:

  • Moon Valley One Project.

  • Moon Valley 2 project.

  • Tycoon project, located in the most distinguished areas of New Cairo.

  • The huge residential project, Sun Capital, on the 6th of October.

  • Benglos Tourist Project, located on the North Coast.

  • Galleria Mall project.

  • Galleria Residence project.

  • Arabiano Project.

Galleria Moon Valley compound's location

Arabia carefully selected the executing company for this residential complex, which is what attracted the attention of many of its customers, and what distinguishes this project is its proximity to all of the Fifth Settlement's vital areas.

Galleria Compound is located in the center of the Golden Square neighborhood, and one of the project's benefits is that it is situated at a height of 330 meters above sea level, close to the following:

  • The American University is only 10 minutes away from the project.

  • Teseen Street is only a few minutes away from the compound.

  • Cairo Club.

  • Katameya Dunes Compound.

  • Cairo Airport, a few minutes away from the compound.

  • Katameya Palm Hills Compound.

Galleria Moon Valley space

On a total of 71 acres, the company has completed its new residential project. The project provides the highest level of seclusion to its residents, as shown by the development of housing units on 25% of the total land area designated for the project.

As for the remaining 75%, it was allocated for the establishment of open green spaces, picturesque gardens, and beautiful parks, The company also used this huge space to create clubs and the greatest recreational services in order to provide comprehensive recreation for all Moon Valley Compound residents.

Thanks to the employment of the greatest design and architectural professionals in the world, the project is unique in its original and innovative concepts. The facades of the project are constructed of stone and glass. The project's construction buildings are divided into 124 residential structures.

Each structure in the property has a ground level and three higher stories, with each floor including a group of standard apartments ranging in size from 125 square meters to 450 square meters, and these units are ideal for clients looking for modest spaces.

If you want a more distinguished and luxurious experience in the complex, you may select a residential unit from the magnificent spaces connected to a garden, with apartments ranging in size from 128 square meters.

The penthouse units offer additional solitude and start at 129 square meters. These units are distinguished by the presence of a more than magnificent swimming pool with dimensions of 4 * 5 meters and a depth of 1 meter, making it appropriate for a wide range of clients.

It's worth mentioning that different types of residential units have different numbers of bedrooms, such as two, three, four, or five. The real estate developer Holding is constantly looking for new methods to vary the spaces of housing units and their internal division, in order to meet the demands and needs of a wide range of consumers.

Galleria New Cairo Prices and Payment Methods

The real estate developer Arabia Holding has announced the introduction of different units at great pricing for all clients who seek a luxurious living and are looking for apartments for sale in Galleria Moon Valley Compound.

Galleria Moon Valley apartment rates vary depending on the size and finish. The higher the price, the larger the unit. This variety contributed significantly to the ability of a broad proportion of consumers to book in Galleria Moon Valley New Cairo.

The company is known for its modern and unique designs, as it consists of a number of residential structures, each level including a group of independent flats ranging in size from 4 to 9.

Our dear client, please do not hesitate to contact the firm in order to win the best apartments for sale in Galleria Fifth Settlement that the company has to offer. Galleria Moon Valley pricing is competitive and incomparable, with housing units starting at 2,360,520 EGP.

It's worth noting that these units are fully finished, with all amenities and a super-luxe finish, which means that apartments for sale in Galleria Moon Valley are ready to live in right away, without the need to choose paint colors, designs, or decorations, which is one of the benefits that the company provides to its customers, saving them time and effort.

There are a variety of residential apartments, penthouses, and independent units available. These apartments are on the ground level, and the most notable feature is that they come with a large garden. Clients of the firm can also take advantage of this fantastic chance to see the most exclusive neighborhoods of the Fifth Settlement. To learn more about the prices of apartments for rent in Galleria Moon Valley, simply contact the company.

Select your unit and the suitable payment system for you: The greatest apartments for sale at affordable rates and fantastic payment facilities, choose your unit and the appropriate payment system for you:

  • The first system requires a 10% down payment and the remainder to be paid in simple payments over a period of up to 7 years.
  • The second system is obtaining the nicest apartments for sale in Galleria Moon Valley and receiving them after three months, with the remaining price paid in payments over an 8 year period, and securing these prestigious homes necessitates a 20% down payment.
  • The third system offers consumers the longest payment time, up to 10 years, and choosing this system involves paying the initial payment, which is 30% of the unit's entire worth.

Services and features that Galleria Moon Valley offers

The project's most notable feature is that it includes several services and entertainment venues. Regarding Galleria Moon Valley Compound issues, they are not present, and the most essential services are as follows:

  • The property has air-conditioned restrooms, which may be regarded as one of the greatest leisure areas in the area, as consumers have praised them.
  • Customers value security and safety above all else in order to provide a pleasant and secure existence, and the company has increased its efforts to find the best security guys to watch the entrances and gates 24 hours a day.
  • Despite the security men's efficiency and inventiveness in their work, the real estate developer remained unsatisfied which led to the installment of 1200 professionally dispersed security cameras were put across the Moon Valley Property, the Fifth Settlement, to assure coverage of all parts of the compound.
  • Free parking, a wide space to accommodate all of the cars of apartment owners and visitors, and this excellent service saves customers time and effort in looking for a safe parking spot.
  • A big library with a renowned collection of books in many disciplines, and the library's organizers are eager to give everything that is fresh and worldwide to all those who visit the library and enjoy reading.
  • There are a variety of luxury restaurants within the property that are overseen by some of the most well-known chefs in the Arab world, ensuring the highest level of service and satisfying all restaurant patrons. The most important thing for those in charge of the project as well as its residents is the cleanliness and beauty of the compound, so cleaners and those in charge of maintenance work periodically throughout the day to achieve the best level of cleanliness and ensure the residents of the compound a healthy environment free of pollution and diseases.
  • A health club with many fully equipped rooms, including a spa, gym, steam baths, and other amenities. Residents can benefit from such programs by getting some relaxation and entertainment.
  • Artificial lakes can be found throughout Moon Valley Compound, which adds to its visual appeal and makes it a great spot for the whole family to visit.
  • The company in charge of this project distributed six swimming pools in the complex, which are appropriate for both adults and children, as well as covered swimming pools for women.
  • A walking and jogging track surrounded by nature and green space that allows clients to stroll and cycle whenever they want without being bothered by cars.
  • An integrated shopping complex that comprises a noteworthy set of stores and may be regarded as the finest in the New Cairo area. All visitors to the mall have access to high-speed internet.
  • An advanced sports center for children, with a variety of recreational services and sports activities, a gym and fitness room, a table tennis hall, and a billiards hall, all of which are equipped with the most up-to-date tools and equipment, making them the ideal location for amusement.
  • Galleria Fifth Settlement is one of the ecologically friendly developments since it gets its electricity from solar panels.
  • All inhabitants of the complex have access to free Wi-Fi.
  • The Club House service, which is supplied by the project, provides the greatest entertainment services to its inhabitants.
  • The project has a fine arts exhibition, which comprises a magnificent collection of paintings and exhibitions, and this service is not offered by any other residential project in the Fifth Settlement.
  • Cinema, which is unique in that it offers the greatest cinematic shows, Arab and international films, documentaries, and cartoons to meet consumers' preferences.
  • The compound placed a high value on your children by providing them with the chance to learn music from some of the world's most famous artists, which aids in the development of their creative abilities.