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Porto New Cairo Compound - 43 Properties for sale


Enjoy a sophisticated residence in Porto New Cairo

Many of the advantages have been incorporated in Porto Cairo New Cairo project, located in the heart of Fifth Settlement, in particular, an integrated residential project that provides residents with all the basic services and gives them a range of additional benefits that Amer Group, the owner company, has been keen to provide it with, in order to defeat many other residential projects.

Location of Porto New Cairo compound

The Complex enjoys a unique location that made it appear in the ranks of the major compounds, the most important feature is that it does not exist in isolation from the vital places in New Cairo because it is located right in the middle of Fifth Settlement, which made it close to one of the largest streets in the region and New Cairo, 90th Street.

Many service facilities, important buildings, and departments surround Porto New Cairo thanks to its wonderful strategic location, which has given it an added advantage of the ease of moving to the American University, because it is located right in front of its main entrance, and its residents can reach the Future University in no more than five minutes.

Units spaces in Porto 5th Settlement

There are many choices, both in terms of the size of the units and their type within the project, it meets the different needs and desires of customers, for example, the size of some units ranges from 46 square meters up to 300 square meters, with other types with different areas as follows:

  • The area of studio units starts from 53 square meters.
  • The size of the apartments ranges from 143 square meters up to 285 square meters.
  • Villas spaces start from 330 square meters.

There are Porto New Cairo apartments for sale with 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, and some units are equipped with an electric elevator, all of which have a reception and enjoy a wonderful view, most importantly, the client receives his unit with full finishing.

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Design of Porto New Cairo Amer Group

Porto New Cairo Fifth Settlement project has innovative designs that combine simplicity and modernity with a special character that sets it apart from many other luxury compounds, especially with its residential units having stunning views of artificial lakes and delightful landscapes.

The project occupies an area of 55,000 square meters, which was sufficient to accommodate a huge amount of services and facilities so that its residents can enjoy living within an integrated residential project, both in its designs and even the equipment in it.

Services & features within Porto Cairo project

Luxury life is the title of Porto Fifth Settlement project because it provides a range of basic and recreational services that anyone is looking for inside their place of residence, it is an integrated residential complex in everything, with multiple services and many advantages include the following:

  • Full security was provided with security and guard personnel throughout the day and the installation of modern surveillance cameras.
  • The large area on which it is built has allowed for the diversity of residential units with green spaces that increase the beauty of the exterior design of the project.
  • An area of 55,000 square meters has been allocated to residential units, which has helped to make it varied for the satisfaction of all customers.
  • Enjoy a luxurious international design, so that customers can live in a place that offers them all the comfort and recuperation.
  • A range of selected restaurants and cafes, such as Trésbon, Grand Cafe, and Supreme that offer the best service to its customers.
  • There are more than 130 shops offering all the high-quality goods and products and international brands.
  • More than 10 concert halls have been set up for various events, without having to get out of the compound.
  • All residential units are provided with the highest level of hotel service.
  • The different sizes of the residential units take into account the different needs of each client.
  • Watching local and foreign movies without having to get out of the compound, due to the presence of a cinema complex inside it.
  • The ease of purchasing various household items and goods, due to the presence of many hypermarkets in Porto Cairo project.
  • The comfort and tranquility have been provided for its residents with beautiful views of artificial gardens and lakes spread in different places within the project.
  • There is a shopping mall built over 45,000 meters consisting of two floors so that the residents can shop in one of the best malls without having to travel long distances.
  • There are a number of swimming pools, some of which are allocated to kids and others to women, which provides greater security and privacy.
  • Many areas are dedicated to kids' entertainment and games, so they can have fun and make them not bored during their stay inside the compound, taking into account all the safety and security standards.
  • Sports fields designed to ensure you have fun in different sports.
  • A sports hall (gym) as well as a spa ensures a healthy lifestyle for the population.
  • The diversity of scenic landscapes of water bodies such as manufactured lakes extending over a large area with the spread of green spaces in different places.
  • An area is reserved for enthusiasts of simple sports such as walking and running, with another area dedicated to cycling.
  • World-class luxury hotels offer a high-end service to their guests.
  • Providing a distinguished medical service within the medical centers available to all specialties and health clubs equipped with the latest equipment and the best facilities.
  • Educational services have been provided within the largest internationally renowned schools and universities.
  • The presence of parking spaces for the residents of the Compound that are fully secured.

The real estate developer history

The project is being implemented in this honorable way by Amer Group, also called Porto Group, which is one of the largest real estate developers for its years-long experience that began in 2005 when the company was founded.

The project was overseen by Amer Group, a group of skilled experts and specialists, under the leadership of Mr. Mansour Amer, who is the Chairman of the Group.

The company has carried out many real estate projects inside and outside Egypt, its previous works include the following:

Porto New Cairo prices

Certainly, the prices of the units will tempt you to buy, especially since the wide variety of types and spaces of units in Porto Cairo Fifth Settlement serves the buyer in the first place because that not only guarantees to provide multiple choices for residential units but also provides him with a variety of prices at the same time, to select the right price for his material potential.

The minimum price per meter within the compound is estimated at 15,000 pounds, with the price of some units ranging from 2,960,000 EGP up to 5,000,000 EGP, the price varies according to the type of unit as follows:

  • The minimum price of studio units starts at 1,500,000 pounds.
  • The price of apartments ranges from 2250,000 EGP up to 3,000,000 EGP.
  • The minimum price of villas is estimated at 350,000 EGP.

Payment Systems

Do not hesitate to reserve a unit within this project in 5th Settlement, its prices are not only suitable but also offer many payment methods that the customer can choose from, including the installment of the total price of the residential unit (apartment) over a period of two and a half years.

The customer will not experience any material pressure throughout the payment period, as he chooses a payment system that suits his material capabilities and budget.

The many services and payment facilities distinguish the compound from other projects, so booking a unit within it is a great opportunity for all those looking for an integrated residential place.