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Katameya Creeks New Cairo - 20 Properties for sale


Learn about Katameya Creek New Cairo Project 

New Cairo Company for real estate investment is the first place of call for anybody searching for a life of peace and stability away from the chaos of downtown Cairo. Before the units run out, which is a very limited amount, pay the full price of your unit and receive the fantastic surprise given by the firm that controls the project.

Information about the real estate developer New Cairo

This project is one of the New Cairo Company's projects that has gained the attention of many investors due to its design in accordance with worldwide quality standards. These firms are among the most significant real estate firms in the Arab world due to their ability to add everything new and innovative to the real estate world thanks to their high-return projects and designs Innovative engineering that is unique to all of its projects.

The following are the most significant real estate projects done by the firm in recent years:

  • Katameya Heights project.
  • Katameya Dunes Compound in New Cairo.
  • Katameya Creek Compound, the company's latest project, and the various units will be delivered after two years by 2022.

Katameya Creek Compound is a chance for high-end homes in the finest location in New Cairo, an excellent critical region filled with many basic and recreational services that are entirely free of congestion and overcrowding, as well as convenient and multiple payment options for all clients.

Katameya Creeks New Cairo project Location

The compound has an outstanding geographical position in the center of New Cairo, and this distinctive location played the most important part in attracting the attention of many consumers to this new residential complex, which is unique in its essential placement near all of the following:

  • German University (GUC).
  • Katameya Dunes Compound.
  • Arabella residential project.
  • Katameya Heights Compound is a few minutes away from the project.
  • Ain Sokhna Road, the most prominent main road near the compound.

Katameya Creeks Compound Fifth Settlement space

A delightful living experience in one of New Cairo's most prominent locations, the executing business was eager to dedicate a big area to assure the development of housing units that attain privacy for all inhabitants, and this space also contained numerous recreational amenities.

The compound provides a significant number of stand-alone villas to people who desire to live independently, the number of which is quite limited and exceeds 44 villas. It also contains a number of construction structures, totaling 22 buildings, all of which are contemporary, medium-rise buildings with 20 apartments of varying sizes to satisfy everyone's demands.

The residential buildings were distributed in a way that exceeded creativity in order to provide privacy for all Katameya Creek residents, and the housing units in the compound came with various spaces and internal divisions, giving the customer a great opportunity to choose the appropriate unit for his family members, as well as the decorations and finishes, are varied and the units are as follows:

  • Villas, with large areas ranging from 750 square meters to 850 square meters.

  • Standard apartments come with a variety of spaces, from 161 m² up to 505 m².

  • Duplex apartments.

  • Twin House.

  • Townhouse.

Katameya Creeks New Cairo Services

With its lovely perspective of the countryside and vibrant parks, this project is one-of-a-kind. Katameya Creek is a wonderful chance for all people seeking a lovely natural life because of its vibrant green hue that stretches over a large area. It also includes a range of leisure services, which include the following:

  • Swimming pools are strategically placed near residential units, and these pools give privacy for both men and women. The property also contains a swimming pool for children, where they spend the majority of their time.

  • Integrated sports services, as the project contains a number of sports fields.

  • The compound provides a fantastic opportunity to experience the wonders of nature all around you, as it has a variety of gardens and parks with vibrant flowers and green areas.

  • The project's construction buildings are all equipped with a number of electric elevators, which enable residents to go to the upper floors.

  • Exceptional health services, which differ across spa and gym halls, and these halls are equipped with the greatest capabilities and technologies to give the best services to all clients.

  • The real estate developer supplies a number of international schools for all educational levels to the residents of the compound, which is one of the project's benefits in that it achieves educational self-sufficiency for all of its residents.

  • Katameya Creek has a wide range of health services, including pharmacies, clinics, and hospitals, all of which are open 24 hours a day. 

  • A mosque with a distinguished Islamic architectural design, which New Cairo built on a large area so that a large number of worshipers can perform prayers.

  • Special places for sports enthusiasts, a group of safe roads have been allocated, far from cars. Residents of the compound enjoy cycling, walking, and running.

  • Car owners in Katameya Creek Compound have access to an underground garage, which provides full protection, particularly at night.

  • A recreational space for the compound's children, which includes a variety of games and activities, and which will offer children pleasure and luxury.

  • The project provides an excellent shopping experience; the compound contains an integrated shopping center, which is separated into a number of international commercial units, and all items are from the most well-known and internationally recognized brands, in order to fulfill the demands of all consumers.

  • New Cairo has taken security and security services seriously, appointing a complete guard team at the compound's gates. The crew rotates, giving a permanent guard 24 hours a day.

  • Residents of the project use the most cutting-edge waste collection and disposal technologies, ensuring that they live in a healthy, pollution-free environment.

Prices and payment systems in Katameya Creek New Cairo

The company that owns the project offers housing units at a variety of prices that are suitable for all customers, fictitious prices that are not comparable to the various entertainment services available in the project, and the payment systems are convenient and flexible, which is what makes them suitable for most customers, as follows:

  • The price of apartments starts from 4.4 million and goes up to 15 million Egyptian pounds.

In terms of payment, the company offers a simple payment system that includes a 20% down payment (10% when booking and 10% when contracting), with the remainder paid over a 5-year period via a convenient installment system. The company also requires customers who own apartments to pay maintenance costs, which are valued at 4%, knowing that it is quarterly.

  • The price of standalone villas starts from 21 million and ends at 25 million Egyptian pounds.

The customer can pay for the villas in Katameya Creek over a long repayment period of up to 6 years, which is a useful and convenient installment system for many customers. The customer is required to pay the down payment amount when booking and contracting which is 10%, and maintenance expenses are in the amount of 4%, and customers can benefit from the clubhouse services, by paying the subscription fee of 150,000 Egyptian pounds.

Surprisingly, the real estate developer provides unmatched reductions and cuts on the total amount of units up to 19% for all immediate payment customers, with this proportion decided by the firm depending on the unit area and bank interest.