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90 Avenue New Cairo Compound - 98 Properties for sale


Important information about 90 Avenue New Cairo

Tabarak Developments Company has unveiled its latest residential projects, Avenue 90 Fifth Settlement that magnificent residential complex, which was implemented in accordance with the world's most sophisticated architectural models, and has been provided with a large number of services and facilities to ensure the comfort and well-being of the population, as well as the enormous variety of prices and spaces of units within the compound, which meets all the potentialities and desires.

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Ninety Avenue location

The distinctive location is the first to attract the customer while he is looking for any residential unit, and the company has realized this well which made it keen to choose a vital place for implementing its residential project, and this was already done when the most distinctive areas of New Cairo were chosen, where the proximity of the important places as follows:

  • It is located near 90th Street and American University.
  • Ninety Avenue New Cairo is in front of the Future University in Egypt.
  • Approaching Mall 90 and Cairo Festival City Mall.
  • A few minutes from the police academy and the armed forces hospital.
  • Approaching Nasr City and Heliopolis.
  • It is close to the most important roads as it is 9.5 km from the Cairo Ring Road, the distance between it and the Suez Ring Road is 7.5 km, and 21 km from the airport road and the Ain Sokhna road is only 10 km away.

This excellence in location has been contributory in attracting the attention of a large number of customers who want a quiet life away from the pollutants, the hustle, and bustle of the city.

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Area of Avenue 90

90 Avenue Compound occupies a large area of 50 acres, and the green spaces occupied the largest proportion of the project area, which amounted to 82% of the total area, and the area of buildings was only 18%, which indicates the extent of luxury available in the compound, services are the ones that characterize the project and make the demand increase because it is the first thing the customer is looking for.

The company has provided many standard residential units, with 56 units each containing more than five floors each with more than 4 apartments in addition to 2 Queen Suite, and has varied among small studios, villas, townhouses, twin houses, and duplexes with an area starts from 157 square meters up to 315 square meters, all of which will be delivered with full finishes.

Services provided by 90 Avenue New Cairo

The various services are one of the most important things that distinguish the residential project and make it a distinctive destination for customers, so Tabarak Company was keen to provide Ninety Avenue project with a huge amount of services that the customer needs in his daily life, which ensures that he does not leave the place to look for services that are not available within, and the most important services available in the compound include the following:

  • A large number of hotels that offer excellent services to customers.
  • An area for kids to entertain them with toys, and it's fully secured so they can enjoy having fun without worrying or fearing about them.
  • Tabarak compound in 5th Settlement has plenty of shops with many goods and products, and offers international brands.
  • Swimming pools have a variety of designs to suit everyone.
  • Sports clubs with a large number of fields.
  • A theme parks have been implemented on a large area with many large games.
  • High-end cafes offer different types of hot and cold drinks.
  • International restaurants featuring a variety of local and international food.
  • Ninety Avenue complex has a health and sports club at the highest level.
  • The magnificent water fountains give the complex an unmatched aesthetic.
  • A mosque with great geometric designs, ready to accommodate a large population.
  • A large space dedicated to seating amid stunning views for relaxation and comfort.
  • Avenue 90 has gardens, parks, and vast green spaces that have made the compound look very special and wonderful.
  • Surveillance cameras throughout the compound to observe everthing that goes around to secure the population, provide maximum security and protection to them.
  • High-level finishes and full insurance for all units and apartments within the Compound, all equipped with electric elevators operating efficiently for added comfort to residents.
  • Places for barbecues and various events.
  • Health centers and hospitals are equipped to provide the best health care to the population.
  • A top-level 24-hour trained security team.
  • Exquisite interiors and exteriors

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90 Avenue New Cario prices

Although 90 Avenue project is one of the highest newly implemented complexes, which has been very popular, the prices of 90 Avenue Compound sought to suit many customers compared to other residential complexes, the owner company also announced the existence of a comfortable and easy payment system consisting of paying only 5% of the total price of the unit as a down payment upon contract, and the rest is paid over a long period of more than 7 years without any charge of interest.

The developer has announced that the delivery of the units will be in 2020 with full finishes, and has confirmed that all units are documented in the real estate month.

Features of 90 Avenue Tabarak

The Complex has come up with countless advantages that distinguish it from other residential complexes, the most important of which are the following:

  • International designs and exquisite decor that are characterized by moderniny and elegance.
  • Green spaces calm the population and relieve them of stress and anxiety.
  • Prices suitable for a large number of customers.
  • Flexible payment systems made available by the company to its customers.
  • The residential units have been in different areas.
  • A quiet life where sophistication, tranquility, and distance from noise and sound.
  • Great variety of services for added convenience.
  • High security thanks to the massive security system.
  • Privacy in all units.

A short history about the developer

Avenue 90 is one of the projects of Tabark Developments company has been implemented with investments of up to 5.2 billion pounds, and is one of the pioneers of real estate companies in Egypt, which has experience of up to 40 years, during which it was able to implement many projects that varied between medical, agricultural, residential, administrative, and tourism and The company has supervised the implementation of 12 projects in Egypt and Saudi Arabia, and through its experience, it has been able to sell more than 6,500 units and deliver nearly 4,500 units in its projects, The most important and prominent of these projects are the following:

  • El-A'ALY CLINICS in Maaadi Ring road.
  • Bayti project in 6 October city.
  • Fantasia Ras Suder Resort.
  • A group of towers in different areas of Cairo.
  • The city of Tabark on the ring road Maadi.
  • The Farms of Jannat Tabark on Alexandria desert Road.

It is worth mentioning that Tabark Group is an entity made up of many companies, which include the following:

  • New Horizon Housing and Construction (El Ofoq El Gadida) Company.
  • Maadi Heights Company.
  • Maadi Investment and Development Co.
  • El Ofoq Investment and Tourism Development Co.
  • Delight Tourism Company established in 2000.
  • Tebark Housing and Construction Company was founded with a capital of up to 100 million pounds in 1995 AD.

90 Avenue is a huge residential complex that has achieved the high life for its customers, where the distinctive location, many services and wonderful designs that attract attention, all this came at a reasonable price and a flexible payment system that does not form any burdens on the customer, all you have to do is to quickly book your unit with this unique project in order to enjoy a quiet and more comfortable life.