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La Fontaine New Cairo Compound - 15 Properties for sale


In La Fontaine Compound, New Cairo, you can own the most luxurious residential units.

Nothing compares to living a life of luxury in one of La Fontaine Compound's luxurious units, which reflect all aspects of creativity with its most beautiful architectural designs that complement the Fifth Settlement area. Many investors and customers are rushing to reserve units inside the compound because of the area in which it is located, which is known as one of the finest areas in New Cairo.

La Fontaine compound's location

Sophistication, liveliness, the availability of service facilities, and ease of mobility are all accessible in the Golden Square neighborhood, where La Fontaine property is located. It must be a distinctive and important landmark among the largest and most luxurious residential projects because it is located in the Fifth Settlement in New Cairo and has all of these benefits on the project site.

Residents of La Fontaine can walk to the American University in 5 minutes, and if they want to go to Heliopolis or Nasr City for shopping, hiking, or any other reason, they won't have to travel long distances or waste a lot of time because the distance from the compound to them is only 15 minutes by car, and it takes half an hour to drive to the New Capital.

The spaces of La Fontaine compound New Cairo

At first glance, the 34-acre (143,000-square-meter) La Fontaine Compound appears to have no end - this is due to the large area it covers, which confirms that the compound not only provides multiple residential units to its customers, but also many facilities, especially given that the compound's investments totaled 2 billion Egyptian pounds, where the number of its housing units is estimated at 565 housing units, including apartments, townhouses, penthouses, and duplexes, distributed over 45 residential buildings.

Small families, obviously, require smaller housing units in terms of space than medium or big families, and the compound is intended to accommodate this disparity, with units ranging in size from 135 square meters to 270 square meters.

Although the units are supplied semi-finished, the project organizers were concerned about the customer's comfort and wanted to please him as much as possible, so they offered a full finishing service for those who wanted to pay additional.

La Fontaine offers a variety of services and amenities.

We can call La Fontaine compound New Cairo the city of dreams because anything you can think of or dream about having in your home is already available inside the compound because the executing company's main goal was to have its project integrated to the point where its residents could enjoy comfort and luxury, which prompted it. To build a number of facilities and provide a variety of services in them, such as:

  • The existence of more than one swimming pool guarantees that it is distributed around the compound, with special attention paid to designing some of them (covered pools) to suit the ladies.

  • Taking care of the compound's overall look by offering lovely views such as the scenery and the green spaces that surround its different structures.

  • Working to alleviate the residents of La Fontaine Compound's boredom and monotony by developing a social club where they may participate in a variety of activities.

  • Ensure that children's requirements are met by designating a play space with all of the necessary equipment for them to have a good time in total safety.

  • The existence of water fountains and bodies of water provides a more appealing picture of the property, as well as a lovely view of its units.

  • Underground parking spots have been built to accommodate a huge number of automobiles over a vast area.

  • The compound is guarded and secured 24 hours a day, with guards and security men on duty at all times to cope with any emergency situations.

  • Eat or drink anything you like at any of the restaurants or cafés that cater just to the residents of the compound.

  • The mosque built within the property allows people to worship when they are outside their residences.

  • The property is not only a residential area, but it also appears to be a notable shopping destination, since it houses one of the most luxurious malls in the area.

  • The compound's broad streets enable traffic flow, ensuring that residents are not inconvenienced by overpopulation.

  • Customers' various demands are met by providing a wide number of units of various sizes, allowing each buyer to select the most acceptable space for him.

  • The units, as well as the property as a whole, are meant to protect residents' privacy while still providing total safety and comfort.

  • Within the medical and health clubs (gym and spa) established within the property, providing excellent services to all residents.

  • The vast number of recreational spaces in the compound, as well as their diversity, including sports clubs and locations for conducting various festivities, as well as areas for walking and jogging, as well as facilities for cycling and other hobbies.

  • The existence of service facilities that provide high-quality services commensurate with the compound's status and sophistication. International schools and colleges, as well as luxury hotels and big banks, all provide these services.

The real estate developer of La Fontaine, Arco

 Arco for Investment and Real Estate Development takes pride in being the owner of the project because its launch contributed significantly to its success and elevated its status as one of Egypt's largest real estate companies in the real estate development sector.

The firm was formed in 2005, thus Arco Compound is not its first project, as some may believe. Its projects can be found in some of Egypt's most famous areas and towns, including the North Coast, the 6th of October, Marsa Alam, and Sheikh Zayed:

  • City Stars Mall in Nasr City, Sharm El Sheikh, Red Sea.

  • Royal Meadows Compound in both Sheikh Zayed and the Fifth Settlement.

  • City Stars Village in the North Coast.

  • New Alamein Lagoon Village.

Prices of La Fontaine units

The compound confirms that it is the best project because it caters to all investors and customers looking for integrated projects in high-end areas that provide them with everything they require without having to pay absurdly high or excessive prices.

Because the total price is decided by the area of each unit rather than its kind, the client will not find the same unit at the same price. For example, he can buy a unit for 2 million and 700 thousand pounds or more.

Payment systems in La Fontaine New Cairo Compound

Clients of La Fontaine Compound will never have to deal with a defaulted payment problem because the firm that owns it provides unrivaled payment facilities. structured such a manner that the buyer is not put under any financial strain, but may pay with ease by paying 8% of the total unit price upon booking, followed by another 8% payment after 3 months of contracting, following which the remainder of the unit price is available to be paid in installments over 8 years.

The consumer will not gain any additional benefits over the course of the payment period, but he will not have to wait long for his apartment, as it will be delivered within three years of his contract with the project's owner.