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Fifth Square New Cairo - 137 Properties for sale


Enjoy a luxurious life at Fifth Square, the most elegant of 5th Settlement compounds

Once you've got your eye on Fifth Square Al Marasem, you'll think it's an architectural masterpiece at the heart of Fifth Settlement, for the beauty of its world-class and luxurious designs, the green spaces and water bodies that add an unmatched aesthetic touch, where Al Marasem company has created as usual in the implementation of the project and provided it with all the equipment, facilities, and services that have made it superior to the largest residential projects.

Fifth Square compound location

Al Marasem Fifth Square did not occupy a great reputation and a distinguished position among the major residential projects without reason, but thanks to its many advantages, led by its strategic position in fifth settlement in New Cairo, which linked it to vital areas and many important places, including the following:

  • North 90th Street
  • American University: Accessible in 5 minutes.
  • Heliopolis: You can reach in just 10 minutes.
  • Downtown: The distance between it and the compound can be reached in no more than 20 minutes.
  • Cairo's most famous malls and the highest residential projects in Fifth Settlement.

Living in the Golden Square area where 5th Square project is located means living an unconventional life far from boredom and routine because this area is close to the most exquisite sports clubs where you can have a good time, as well as being greatly upgraded especially with many residential projects in it, which approach the Compound such as:

Area of Fifth Square compound New Cairo

Fifth Square Al Marasem looks like a fun amusement park and not just a traditional residential compound full of buildings and residential units because it extends on a large area of 158 acres interspersed with green spaces of  pleasant and comfortable colors for the soul, in this picturesque view there are residential units established that are designed upon the latest architectural styles and vary in their types and spaces as follows:

  • Fully-finished apartments with air conditioning are with an area starting from 80 square meters up to 270 square meters.
  • Semi-finished villas with areas of up to 350 square meters.
  • Townhouses have an area of 250 square meters.
  • Twin Houses have an area starting from 300 square meters.

The building designs have given it a special character making it distinct from many other residential buildings, they are made up of a ground floor and three upper floors designed with a system known as G+3, which mimics the most luxurious modern styles.

Services and features of 5th Square New Cairo

Staying in Marasem Fifth Square means living in a residential unit overlooking the stunning landscape of the vast green spaces that are spread throughout the project, also guarantees access to all basic services without any trouble, in addition to enjoying other benefits that can achieve the dream of a luxurious and comfortable life, these services and advantages include the following:

  • Swimming pools with excellent designs at the highest level that are suitable for the entire population.
  • 24-hour security services are provided, with state-of-the-art and high-quality devices installed in different corners to maintain complete security in the compound.
  • Residents will not have the problem of parking in front of residential and commercial units located inside the compound, as there is a parking garage.
  • The spread of beautiful views throughout the complex, which ranges from gardens decorated with greenery, flowers, and trees, artificial lakes, and water fountains that add a more beautiful touch to the place.
  • A social club is available to the entire population, where families and friends can spend the most fun time.
  • A range of cafes competes with each other to provide the best service to the residents and provide them with all the drinks.
  • There is a chain of restaurants that are very good at serving delicious food from many countries inside and outside Egypt.
  • Shopping in a large commercial area where various world-renowned brands and all products of high quality and taste.
  • Kids can have fun within their designated area, which has plenty of fun and entertaining games.
  • There is a gym with all the equipment and capabilities to play many sports.
  • There are places for barbecues and holding parties on different occasions.
  • There are areas for seating amid the beautiful views of the green spaces, which lead to relaxing, relief, and peace of mind.

The owner company of Fifth Square compound

Al Marasem Development Company succeeded in making its name among the major companies operating in the real estate sector, after the success of its project Fifth Square, especially since it was the first project in which the company launches its new system under the slogan "Partners, not just customers".

Fifth Square's partner system is aimed at reviving the market and encouraging real estate investment, its basic idea is that the client pays only 50% of the total price of the residential unit while the company owns the remaining 50%, knowing that Fifth Square Al Marasem partnership system is only applied to hotel units.

Its most important projects include Capital Gate New Cairo.

Fifth Square prices 

The executing company of Fifth Square New Cairo project aims not only to make a profit at the expense of their customers but is keen to gain their satisfaction in various ways, whether by providing a huge amount of premium services within the project or by offering suitable and varied prices in a way that suits all customers and investors, they vary according to the type of unit and its area as follows:

  • Apartments: The minimum price starts at one million pounds.
  • Townhouse: Starting at a minimum of EGP 3,400,000.
  • Villas: The minimum price of this type of unit starts from 4 million pounds.
  • Twin House: The minimum price is estimated at EGP 5 million.

Discover the cheapest prices provided in New Cairo compounds

Payment systems

The advantages of Fifth Square New Cairo are not finished yet as it offers a lot of surprises to its customers until the payment stage, it is characteristic that the buyer will not only enjoy the facilities upon paying but will find many payment systems available to him where he can choose from, and although all of them depends mainly on the installment system, they vary as follows:

  • System 1: The customer does not need to pay a down payment and can pay the full unit value over 4 years in equal monthly installments, without adding any interest.

  • System 2: Pay a 5% down payment of the unit price at the time of contract and then pay 5% again after 3 months, with the rest of the amount being divided over 6 years in equal installments without paying any interest.

  • System 3: Pay a 10% down payment of the unit price at the time of contract and then pay 10% again after 3 months and 10% as the third payment upon receipt, with the rest of the amount being paid over 8 years in equal installments and without paying any interest.