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El Patio Oro New Cairo - 79 Properties for sale


Tour inside El Patio Oro, the most luxurious compound in Fifth Settlement

Many residential projects compete among themselves to take the lead, but El Patio compound remains out of competition for its creative designs and its distinctive geographical location in New Cairo and the great diversity of its residential units in a way that meets all needs and satisfies all tastes, it is an integrated project, by all means, we will take you now on a tour inside the compound to discover it yourself.

Patio Oro location

The first secret to the great success of this compound is its distinctive geographical location in the Fifth Settlement area of New Cairo, in one of its most delicate areas, the Golden Square, to approach the most vibrant roads and more prestigious areas such as the following:

  • Cairo Suez Road: it is about 19 km away.
  • American University: The distance between it and the compound is 7 km and can be moved to it in about 20 minutes.
  • The Future University in Egypt: it can be reached in 10 minutes.
  • The Middle Ring Road.
  • Al Ain Al Sokhna.
  • The New Administrative Capital.
  • Nasr City and Heliopolis: Residents can move to any of them in just 10 minutes.
  • Al Rehab city.

This compound location is also considered an attractive place for job seekers, adding another feature that is rarely available in the competitive residential projects, due to the existence of many commercial and financial centers that require staff and personnel.

El Patio New Cairo project guarantees its customers to live in a high-end and vibrant area, but at the same time it is far from the bustling cities where the residents suffer from noise and congestion, ensuring the maintenance of calm and providing the necessary comfort for all residents, especially since it is surrounded by distinct entertainment places such as:

  • Concord Plaza.
  • Point 90.

Areas in Patio Oro New Cairo

El Patio Oro New Cairo is attractive not only by its large area of 35 acres but by the optimum use of that space in such a way make the compound emulate the best modern and international compounds, where green spaces and wonderful recreational facilities such as horse riding areas and walking tracks that are scattered on 85% of its total area while residential units, administrative facilities, and shops occupy only 15% of the total area.

The large area of La Vista El Patio Oro is sufficient to accommodate all services that allow providing all service and recreational facilities, where commercial centers, universities, schools, hospitals, parking areas, golf courses, as well as gardens in front of its residential units, and many more have been established.

All units within the complex are with super lux finishing, whether apartments, penthouses, duplexes, twin houses, or villas, i.e. the client will not suffer the burden of finishing his unit but receives it with the latest finishes and the space of his choice, where the units' area varies from 120 square meters up to 280 square meters.

The project has been implemented in five phases: El Patio 1, El Patio 2, El Patio 3, El Patio 7, the latest of which is El Patio Oro which provides customers with luxury villas and apartments, while the first three phases offer villas and twin houses.

Discover the best prices provided by New Cairo compounds

Available services of El Patio Oro New Cairo

La Vista Oro is dedicated in providing the most distinct services to its customers, it has already succeeded in doing so thanks to the many facilities and entertainment places that spread throughout its various parts, despite the great interest in the entertainment aspects of its residents, but this did not overwhelm the basics, all are fully available, its various services include the following:

  • The variety of exciting facilities that add to the splendor of the compound, from swimming pools to artificial waterfalls and crystal lagoons.
  • Integrated medical services have been provided within the large-area medical complex in addition to a group of high-end international hospitals.
  • A range of health centers and clubs offer outstanding service to their customers and provide them with a spa and jacuzzi in the place.
  • There are a number of high-end malls that offer world-renowned brands so that the residents can shop in truly distinct places.
  • A range of the most luxurious hotels with exquisite designs and the most delicate guest service has been provided.
  • A series of select dining restaurants serving delicious and unusual dishes from different countries have been created.
  • Underground parking for the residents of the compound is innovatively designed which is easy to enter and exit, as well as other places for visitor parking only.
  • Paying attention to the breathtaking scenery that relaxes the eye and gives a psychological calm, such as gardens and green spaces that spread in different places besides being in front of residential buildings, as the buildings occupy only 15% of the project area.
  • The presence of a large commercial and service area for shopping within its shops located on large areas, as well as offering important facilities that everyone needs to deal with continuously as the headquarters of banks and companies.
  • Security within the compound was provided by the presence of security personnel throughout the day with integrated surveillance systems.
  • The availability of many facilities to ensure a healthy and active life, for example, there is a gym with various sports equipment and clubhouse with all amenities as well as places for simple and healthy sports such as cycling, walking, and running 
  • There are cinemas in different places within the compound.
  • Interest in establishing cultural spaces with all the necessary equipment as well as providing monitoring devices inside them to maintain the security and safety of those who are there.
  • Large spaces of landscapes giving more beauty and luxury to the place as a whole giving some units a beautiful view.
  • Making sure to create social clubs so that the people of the Compound have the opportunity to entertain themselves with a nearby and suitable place for all, even families.
  • Venues have been set aside to allow all residents to hold their own parties in complete freedom.

The owner company profile

The executing company of this special project is one of the major companies working in the real estate development sector and the field of urban development which is La Vista Developments company, so it was natural to have all this fame and be distinguished from many of the most luxurious compounds.

La Vista Patio Oro project has been launched to complete the success process started by the company since its founding in 1991, where it launched many projects within Egypt that caused a stir in the world of real estate and construction for its majesty and its unparalleled excellence, especially as it has a group of the most qualified engineers and experts who adopt a modern and contemporary vision of construction, which was clearly reflected in the projects established in Al Ain Sokhna and the North Coast.

The company's projects exceed 30 projects and spread in different regions within Egypt, including:

El Patio Oro prices

The prices offered for the units of the compound will not be an obstacle to the client but on the contrary may lead him to buy a unit within the project without hesitation, despite the many services provided in it and the variety of features and facilities, but its prices are suitable and not inflated, unlike most other luxury compounds.

The total price of the unit varies according to its type and area, estimated at a minimum of 22,000 pounds per meter, which ensures the availability of a variety of prices due to the multiplicity of the units' spaces from small to medium-sized and large units.

Elpatio Oro Payment systems

The payment facilities provided within the project confirm the fact that it is the best option for its customers, where the buyer can pay through one of the best payment systems, installment, after paying a down payment of 10% of the unit price after which he can pay the remaining amount via installments over 5 years, to receive his/her unit within 4 years of contracting with the company.