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Sodic Eastown New Cairo - 113 Properties for sale


Important information about Sodic Eastown New Cairo

Sodic has been creative in the implementation of Sodic Easttown and took care of the most accurate details as it is an architectural masterpiece rarely repeated, thanks to its magnificent designs and services scattered in every corner, which made the population feel a state of self-sufficiency do not lack anything, the residence within this wonderful compound is a real opportunity that everyone should seize.

Eastown Sodic location

The most important features of Eastown Sodic are its wonderful location, as it is close to the most important areas and main roads, and the most important advantages of this site are the following:

  • It is next to the American University and Canadian University.
  • It is close to the Higher Institute of Languages and Translation, and the Police Academy.
  • Eastown is unique with its location on 90th Street.
  • It is easily accessible to Cairo Airport, as it is very close to it.
  • The region has a large number of educational facilities, such as international, Azharian, Arabic, and language schools.
  • The place has many restaurants and cafes.
  • The location is close to the most famous clubs such as Wadi Degla SC, Katameya, and Aviation Club.

Area of Eastown Compound New Cairo

This project is one of the huge projects that has occupied a large area of 200 acres, and this area of the complex has included a number of apartments Eastown for sale and a large number of green spaces and important services to make residents comfortable and calm.

The developer of Eastown New Cairo project was keen to diversify the areas of units that consisted of ordinary apartments and duplexes, allowing the customer to find what is suitable to his desires and needs, the area of East Town apartments starts from 130 square meters up to 220 square meters, as for the duplex units, it has areas ranging from 245 square meters up to 316 square meters, and all units are fully finished, saving time and effort the customer to be able to live immediately without suffering any additional charges.

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Services and features of Sodic Eastown New Cairo

The dream of excellence and sophistication has become a reality within East Town as it has given its customers an unconventional life, all that the customer dreams is located steps away from him, the residence within this enormous edifice saves the residents from going out to search for any service not available, it is really like a small integrated city that made the population enjoy a comfortable and upscale life, and the most prominent of these services include the following:-

  • There is a special selection of restaurants and cafes that are keen to offer different dishes and drinks preferred by many customers, ranging from east to west types.
  • The company recognized the importance of education, so it provides the Compound with schools designed at the highest level.
  • Every family can get all their needs, through the huge malls scattered everywhere within the Compound.
  • Sports fans have not been overlooked by the company, they have been equipped with sports centers at the highest level.
  • A health center dedicated to women, so they can have special times without violating their privacy.
  • A number of beauty centers, which offer a high standard of service through a group of professional experts in the field, are available also.
  • There is a high-quality sauna for both genders.
  • A remarkable variety of swimming pool shapes and spaces located within Eastown Sodic, to be suitable for the entire population.
  • The kids can play and have fun comfortably in the gardens and areas allocated to them by the company, which are provided with full security.
  • The stunning scenery was clearly taken care of by the company within the Compound, with a large part of the compound has been occupied by beautiful green spaces to give residents a sense of comfort and tranquility.
  • A parking garage for the residents.
  • The complex has branches of many well-known banks, with ATMs distributed throughout the compound.
  • The company has not neglected sports enthusiasts, as it has allocated places for them for walking and cycling in places isolated from cars' routes.
  • There are mosques with great designs.
  • The compound is equipped with many cultural centers.
  • All buildings are equipped with modern electric elevators for the comfort of the residents.
  • A clubhouse that is equipped with all the capabilities, which makes it ready to provide the best level of service to customers.
  • The facades of the project have a very distinctive and modern design as the developer has relied on using reflective glass to provide a charming view.
  • For more security that the company has been keen to provide to its customers, it has provided the place with automatic generators, in the event of a power failure.
  • Reassurance and security are the most important thing the customer is looking for and the company has realized this well, which made it provide the project with a guard that works all day and depends on the latest security means.
  • Surveillance cameras are deployed throughout the compound to fully secure it.
  • A large area of 8 acres has been allocated for the building of a sports club.
  • Water bodies, fountains, and artificial lakes made the compound look like a piece of paradise.
  • Various parties and events can be held in open spaces, overlooking the greenery.
  • Carefully distributed lighting for quiet and comfort.

All this has increased the search for an apartment for sale in Eastown New Cairo where the integrated full life full of comfort and tranquility.

History of the developer and its previous works

Sodic Developments Company is the executing company of East Town Compound, which is one of the most famous companies working in the field of real estate in the Egyptian market, it has proved its worth in the twenty years since it was founded, thanks to its supervision of many distinct projects, the most important of which are the following:

Eastown prices and payment systems

Sodic has provided its customers with the possibility to enjoy exclusive services, comfort, and beauty at unbeatable prices, as the price per meter in East Town Sodic compound starts from 13,000 Egyptian pounds, which is one of the best prices in the region, and the company provided a convenient system to pay by paying 10% of the total amount as a down payment and the remaining amount to be paid over 7 years, or pay 20% as a down payment and pay the rest up to 6 years, without any interest.

The company has announced the existence of apartments for sale in Eastown Sodic New Cairo and that these units will be delivered after 3 years from the date of writing the contract.

From the foregoing it is clear to us that the problems of East Town Egypt compound are almost non-existent, it is a distinctive edifice that all its details have been taken care of to appear exclusively and unconventional, it is a truly wonderful residential complex that does not lack anything, all you have to do is book your unit to enjoy a different, comfortable, and special life.