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Skyline Kattameya Compound - 100 Properties for sale


Skyline Kattameya Compound offers the most luxurious residential units.

Skyline Compound is the finest witness of Memaar Al Morshedy's inventiveness, which is constantly eager to develop luxury projects that compete on a worldwide scale. The compound is distinguished by its beautiful and eye-catching designs and offers its clients multi-space residential homes. The compound is a significant leap in the real estate sector due to its comprehensive services and one-of-a-kind advantages.

Skyline Kattameya Compound location

The most essential feature of the complex is its strategic location in the center of Kattameya city, which is especially placed on the new Kattameya Road along the 50th Street, which is the most renowned street in the region, so its residents will have no problem traveling from there to many other locations.

Thanks to Memaar Al Morshedy's prominent position, its residents may easily travel to any place, even distant cities, because it is adjacent to major strategic highways that serve as the primary artery for transportation and transportation in Egypt, the most significant of which are:

  • Ring road
  • Zafarana Road: It can be reached within 30 minutes.
  • Kattameya-Ain Sokhna Road: It can be reached in 30 minutes as well.

Getting to Egypt's major areas and cities will also be simply because they are near to the compound due to its strategic position, for example:

  • Cairo: The compound is close to the heart of Greater Cairo.
  • The New Administrative Capital: Moving from the compound to it takes no more than 20 minutes.
  • Nasr City: It only takes 15 minutes to get to it through the axis of the Field Marshal Tantawi.
  • Mokattam: Moving from the compound to it does not take more than 20 minutes.

You may shop at Carrefour City Center in Zahraa El Maadi at any time because it is only ten minutes away from the compound and ten minutes away from New Cairo's major street, 90th Street, and only feet from Wadi Club. The well-known Tigris.

Skyline Compound Spaces

You can imagine how many different services, facilities, and equipment are accessible in a project that spans over 50 acres (approximately 200,000 square meters). Its customers will not only discover luxury housing apartments but also numerous recreational and service facilities, making it the largest residential and recreational structure.

All of the apartments for sale in the compound will definitely astonish you because of their appealing designs and decorations inspired by the current global style, that is, they are not traditional at all, given that they are divided over 11 stories, beginning with the garages and ending with the last floor (the roof).

The compound does not only feature residential units, but also uses the integrated project idea by providing additional units for enterprises and businesses, and there are levels for commercial shops, restaurants, and theatres within, despite the fact that the parking garage takes up two floors.

The compound considers the various demands of clients in everything, including space, because it provides apartments for sale in the compound of varying sizes (studio apartments of 59 square meters) as well as medium and big units of up to 200 square meters.

Keep in mind that the number of rooms and the internal division of the unit varies depending on its size; for example, there are units with one room, a kitchen, and a bathroom, and others with two rooms, a kitchen, and bathrooms, while larger units have a reception, three rooms, a kitchen, and two bathrooms (a small bathroom and a spacious bathroom).

Skyline Kattameya Compound services and benefits

Because of its extensive and high-quality services and different special advantages, Skyline Memaar Al Morshedy project has been able to hold a prominent position among the most luxury residential projects available in the real estate market. 

  • The presence of security professionals responsible for guarding the compound at all of its gates throughout the day to ensure the safety and security of its residents.
  • Skyline Kattameya Compound has a number of swimming pools that are appropriate for both adults and children, as well as those that are just for women.
  • Tracks for walking in wide spaces and in the open air, with the option of engaging in other pleasurable sports such as cycling.
  • A number of the finest restaurants, as well as a group of prominent cafés, give integrated and premium services to their clients in order to satisfy them.
  • Preparing various spaces for children's amusement, where they may engage in a variety of activities and games without having to leave their home.
  • The presence of a hypermarket with a variety of commodities and items that the residents of the residential units may require.
  • The presence of modern gyms is equipped in such a way that numerous exercises may be practiced, as well as the availability of additional facilities concerned with the health and fitness of the body, such as the spa and the Jacuzzi.
  • The existence of a large garden, which is one of the largest gardens found inside residential projects not only in Egypt but on a worldwide scale, as well as other magnificent places represented by green spaces and landscapes.
  • The Infinity Pool was built on the compound's top-level to provide inhabitants with extra amusement and enjoyment, especially because it is the largest in the world.
  • Because of the beautiful décor and the spectacular views that surround the compound buildings, all the compounds units for sale overlook a delightful landscape.
  • The existence of a cinema complex that shows various films and modern cinematic works so that residents of the compound do not have to leave it to watch them.
  • The various entrances to the property are distinguished by the greatest degrees of luxury due to their appealing designs that resemble the most luxurious hotel designs.
  • The existence of non-traditional recreational venues is portrayed in skiing areas in order for inhabitants to feel more at ease.
  • The buildings feature modern designs and decorations that draw attention due to their magnificence, and the area is adorned with a lovely rooftop garden.
  • Creating a big commercial area that contains everything so that the inhabitants of the complex do not run out of options after shopping there, especially because it offers all of the well-known brands and a wide range of high-quality items.

Skyline Mimar Al Morshedy Compound Prices

Despite the project's integration of services and a high level of luxury, its prices are not inflated in any way, and the prices of apartments in the compound are competitive and appealing to both investors and people searching for housing units.

The price per square meter in the compound varies according to the characteristics of each unit, but in general, it is approximated at 10,000 EGP, and therefore the overall price of the unit varies depending on its area as well. This price disparity is, of course, beneficial to the buyer since it enhances his chances of acquiring a suitable unit at the desired price.

Payment methods at Skyline Kattameya Compound 

Al Morshedy's Skyline prices are not the only factor that entices buyers to purchase a unit within the compound; the payment methods available also encourage this, as the buyer can pay a down payment of no more than 5% of the unit price, and then pay the remaining percentage over an 8 year period.

Receiving your unit will be easier than you think, because all units must be given to consumers within 3 years of the date of their contract with the owner firm, with the buyer paying a maintenance charge of 7% of the unit price.

Owning company and previous business

The compound's owner, Memaar Al Morshedy, is recognized as one of the giants of firms operating in the real estate development and architecture sectors not only in Egypt but across the Middle East. It earned all of this renown since it was founded in the early 1980s and used to launch significant projects that clients and workers in the real estate market admired for their magnificence.

Despite the modernity of Skyline Mimar Al-Morshedy and the fact that it is the company's third project in Kattameya, it gained wide fame among the other projects it launched, particularly because it worked on implementing it in a way that combines modernity and sophistication, so it used one of the largest real estate design companies in the entire world, Vander Company European Bass Design, for the design of the compound, despite the fact that this company does not cooperate in Egypt except with Al Morshedy works only.

Skyline Kattameya Compound is not the company's only exceptional project; it has launched many other important projects over the years and has picked the most renowned and crucial sites, such as Kattameya. The following are some of its most notable prior works: