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La Mirada New Cairo - 45 Properties for sale


Enjoy a luxurious life in La Mirada New Cairo, the most luxurious 5th Settlement compounds

The highest modern designs and all amenities that ensure a luxurious and comfortable life to the fullest you will find it available within La Mirada located in the Fifth Settlement most prestigious areas of New Cairo, and despite the multiplicity of residential units, all of which are characterized by luxury, modernity, and the splendor of design, so that the customer feels that lives inside one of the most luxurious compounds designed with the world style.

La Mirada compound location

The privileged location is not only considered a secret of the success of La Mirada New Cairo but it also made it surpass many other well-known compounds, because the developers were keen to choose one of the best sites within New Cairo, specifically in the area of the fifth settlement, so that its residents can finally enjoy living in a quiet and lively area at the same time providing them with all the services, especially because of its proximity to important places, such as:

  • American University: Accessible from its site in just a quarter of an hour, the distance between them is 12 km.
  • The New Administrative Capital: one of the most important national projects, and a distance of 5 km.
  • Al Mostakbal City: One of the highest cities in New Cairo.
  • Madinaty: it is very popular among high-end cities.
  • Luxury residential buildings: such as Katameya Gardens and Regents Park.
  • Other important landmarks, such as: Cairo Festival City, Police Academy, Downtown Mall.

Moving to the center of New Cairo and many other cities and areas will be very easy for those inside La Mirada Tagamoa especially in case of moving by a private car, due to its proximity to important roads such as the ring road as well as Sokhna road and Suez road.

Although public transport is somewhat limited in the area, South 90th Street has a high availability of transportation, which facilitates mobility, giving an added advantage to the compound strategic location.

La Mirada area

Lamirada project should be classified as one of the largest and most beautiful residential projects in Egypt, occupying a large area of 22 acres (91,658 square meters), but at the same time, it looks like a picturesque garden because beautiful scenery and green spaces take up a large area of it and the rest of the area occupied by buildings and residential units.

The units of Mirada take into account the different needs and desires of buyers and customers, so they vary in their designs as well as their areas ranging from 120 square meters up to 240 square meters, and all of these units provide complete tranquility to the residents and maintain their complete privacy and its types and areas include:

  • The size of the standard apartments in la mirada for sale ranges from 122 square meters up to 215 square meters.
  • The area of the apartments with gardens ranges from 134 square meters as a minimum up to  214 square meters as a maximum.

With this variety of spaces within the project, all those looking for apartments for sale to La Mirada can find the space they are looking for, whether small, medium, or large, offering many options for small, medium, and large families.

Extra details on New Cairo compounds

Services and features of La Mirada compound New Cairo

The dream of living in a fully serviced residential space provides all the meanings of luxury, sophistication, and modernity is achieved within this project which offers many services that satisfy its customers as well as its advantages that make it better than many other residential compounds and make its residents enjoy full comfort and psychological calm, and the services and features include the following:

  • Enjoy a stunning view that gives its units a magnificent view, where green spaces are scattered across different parts within the compound, occupying 70% of its total area.
  • There are designated places for hiking or cycling lovers, so they won't have to go out to practice their favorite sport.
  • A community club located on a large area, equipped with all the facilities to ensure a special entertainment time and various entertaining activities.
  • The presence of exquisitely designed swimming pools is available to the inhabitants of the Compound.
  • Many sports courses for football, golf, and squash, are equipped with all the facilities that make La Mirada compound play their favorite games in a suitable setting.
  • Eat at any time without having to get out of the compound, due to the spread of the most exquisite restaurants around it.
  • Various cafes offer various drinks so that the residents can have their favorite drinks in a luxurious and special place at the same time close to where they live.
  • Provide a distinct educational service for kids in the nursery which are interested in teaching them languages.
  • A mosque has been constructed inside so that its residents can pray there.
  • The diversity of the landscape in the project, which adds to the luxury and sophistication of the project, whether it be artificial lakes or water fountains as well as trees and green plants.
  • A spacious health club with the best doctors in various fields to ensure the best medical service for the residents.
  • A unique gym equipped with all the utilities and facilities to ensure a good time.
  • 24-hour security and guard services are provided, ensuring that the residents of the Compound feel completely secure.
  • The presence of a commercial mall occupies a large area, due to the multiplicity of shops in it that offer different products and brands to satisfy all tastes and desires.
  • The various buildings are equipped with electric lifts (elevators), to facilitate movement among the upper floors for the residents.
  • The existence of private parking especially since it is a safe and secured place and close at the same time to their residential units. 
  • The presence of commercial areas spanning a large area, displaying different goods and products in the shops scattered within it, making it easier to shop for all the inhabitants.

The real estate developer

The company that took over the development of La Mirada is Grand Plaza, which is popular among other real estate companies, thanks to the excellence of its various projects, the most important of which is this project, in addition to La Mirada Mostakbal City Compound.

La Mirada Grand Plaza came out in this honorable image thanks to the experience of its developer, a joint-stock company founded years ago by the largest real estate developers, and since its inception, it has a clear vision and goal which is to manage, own, and develop major real estate projects to mimic global projects.

La Mirada Plaza prices

Those looking for apartments for sale in The Complex will find a variety of prices that will ultimately suit a large number of customers and investors and get their satisfaction especially after looking at its high-end services and its unique additional features.

The price of the meter within the compound starts from 9,000 pounds, and since the calculation of the unit price is in meters it is natural that its total price varies according to its area, and its type also has a role in determining it, and in general, the average prices for project units can be explained as follows:

  • Regular apartments: Priced from 1,526,941 EGP up to 2,824,353 EGP.
  • Apartments with garden: Starting from 1,440,000 EGP up to 2,387,141 EGP.

The payment systems

The executing company of La Mirada Plaza project is keen to satisfy customers to the end, by providing facilities that facilitate the payment process to buyers, they will not have to pay the full unit price in one payment but can installment it, where 10% of the unit price is paid as a down payment with the rest of the amount via installment over 8 years.

All these services and facilities provided in the project, whether for prices or payment methods, attract many to book units within the compound because it is a really distinct residential place.