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Kattameya Gate Compound - 23 Properties for sale


Enjoy the modern residential life in Kattameya Gate Compound by Memaar Al Morshedy

Kattameya Gate is the ideal example of a modern compound that offers its residents a luxurious lifestyle in the real sense of the word since it not only provides residential apartments, but also a variety of additional amenities and services. As a result, the compound continues to stand out among the most opulent residential developments, especially because it offers all of the benefits that any buyer seeking a genuine opportunity to acquire an integrated housing unit with all of the amenities at the finest pricing might consider.

Location of Kattameya Gate Compound

The compound site was not picked at random, but rather according to a well-thought-out plan by the executing business, which wanted its location to have all of the characteristics of a renowned strategic position, including vitality and distance from noise, therefore it erected it in Kattameya.

Because it is positioned at the beginning of Kattameya Road, at the entrance of Ain Sukhna Road, Kattameya Gate Compound is connected to many key cities and locations. It is also one of Memaar Al Morshedy's seven important projects between Carrefour Maadi and the Sokhna Tunnel since it is a distinctive center region that serves as a gateway to various cities, including:

  • Fifth Settlement: Residents may easily access it because it is only five minutes away.
  • Nasr City: Residents may easily access it because it is only 15 minutes away.
  • Heliopolis: It takes only a quarter of an hour to travel from there to the compound.
  • Downtown is about a third of an hour away for residents.
  • 6th of October City: Compound residents can reach it within a third of an hour as well.
  • Maadi City: Compound residents can move to it within five minutes only.

Kattameya Gate's proximity to important roadways like as the Ring Road allows its people to easily travel to a variety of locations, including the New Administrative Capital, Zahraa Maadi, and 50th Street, as well as its vicinity to:

  • Cairo Festival City Center: residents can reach it from the compound within only 15 minutes.
  • Cairo International Airport: The travel time from the compound to it does not exceed a quarter of an hour only.
  • Carrefour Maadi: The distance between it and the compound can be cut in no more than seven minutes.
  • One Kattameya project: the compound is located directly in front of it.

The spaces of Kattameya Gate Compound

Kattameya Gate Memaar Al Morshedy is an integrated mega project that required a big area to accommodate all of its services and buildings without appearing congested, so the compound was erected on ten acres (equivalent to 43,700 square meters)

The most noticeable feature inside the compound is the delightful views, which account for the majority of the entire space, while residential units account for only a third of it, with 2896 housing units surrounded by the most breathtaking views.

Because it is an integrated project, the company that owns it was eager to build commercial and administrative units as well, knowing that it consists of 11 repeated floors in addition to two garage floors, with residential units occupying the vast majority of these floors and commercial institutions and companies having one floor.

Whether you prefer to live in small or large units, you will find what you are looking for inside the compound, because it offers small units whose areas do not exceed 45 meters with one room. It is considered a studio apartment in addition to the spacious units whose areas reach 177 meters and consist of either reception and two rooms or reception And three spacious rooms.

It's worth noting that the units were designed by Vander Pas Design, one of Europe's largest design companies, and are delivered to the customer fully equipped with water, sewage, and electricity networks, as well as soundproof aluminum windows, so the buyer won't have to worry about finishing and equipping the unit after it arrives.

Services and benefits of Kattameya Gate Compound

The secret behind the surge of customers to book a unit inside Kattameya Gate Memaar Al Morshedy is that it enjoys a big number of services and a great number of advantages that are impossible to count, but a few of its most essential services and most noticeable advantages can be listed below:

  • For further security, security officers are stationed throughout the compound, and surveillance cameras are strategically placed throughout the corridors, elevators, and commercial centers.
  • The existence of electric elevators that run the length of every building, starting at the garage and ending on the top floor.
  • A group of gymnasiums that includes a gym as well as a number of additional body-health-related facilities such as saunas and health clubs, as well as a jacuzzi.
  • Sports enthusiasts can enjoy bowling or billiards on their own courts, as well as playing football.
  • The existence of a mall that provides residents with everything they require, including the most prestigious and well-known international brands.
  • The variety of recreational venues within the compound, including cinemas and children's areas where they may play and have fun without fear of being harmed, as well as the green spaces, which include more than a promenade with varied designs and sections allocated for cycling.
  • The residents will be free of noise and dust because all of the buildings' facades are sound and dust-proof, as well as reflecting the sun's rays and having a beautiful appealing design.
  • The existence of swimming pools on top of the compound's roof, as well as other embellishments such as crystal lagoons and artificial lakes with appealing designs.
  • Despite the many services provided in the compound, Kattameya Gate offers one of the finest values per square meter in the real estate market.
  • All of the compound's buildings have the most up-to-date lighting, as well as fire alarms and a home theatre.
  • The existence of fully equipped hotel entrances with visitor bathrooms and intercom service, as well as a receptionist to answer various questions.
  • The presence of a number of cafés and restaurants with separate entrances make it easier for inhabitants to get about.
  • The availability of body fitness centers, such as a spa, in addition to the Fitness Center, so that inhabitants of the compound do not have to travel to centers that are far away from their houses.
  • The existence of modern restrooms within the lounge area, which is part of the compound's facilities.
  • Green spaces with breaks to sit in an open spot in the open air for recreation free from any disturbance.
  • Residents can enjoy their time by strolling around a large recreational space with a beautiful view and a swimming pool in the center.

Unit prices in Kattameya Gate

Although you will be able to take advantage of a wide range of amenities, the costs of apartments in the compound are very reasonable, and can even be classified as the best prices available for fully-serviced residential units.

The price per square meter in the compound varies depending on the unit's characteristics, so some units in the compound have a total price of 539,000 EGP, while others have total prices of 1 million, 653,000, and 600 EGP.

Kattameya Gate Compound accepts a variety of payment methods.

You will not only have simple access to facilities while paying for your unit inside Kattameya Gate Compound, but you will also be able to select the payment system that best meets your needs from a variety of options. In general, you can pay a portion of the whole unit price in advance and then pay the remainder over 7 years or fewer without incurring any additional interest in installments.

Owning company and previous business

Memaar Al-Morshedy, the owner of the Kattameya Gate project, is well-known for its large-scale projects with breathtaking designs, and it has grown in popularity as a result of a series of distinct projects in Kattameya.

The company is constantly keen to include luxurious apartments in its residential projects, therefore it employs Egyptian and foreign competence in a variety of fields, and its prior works, such as:

The company’s project locations vary greatly, but it is generally keen to select the most distinguished and attractive areas for those looking for strategic locations for housing or investment, so most of its projects are concentrated in Zafarana Roads, Maadi Heart, Kattameya, Ain Sukhna