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Palm Hills Sokhna Resort - 16 Properties for sale


Palm Hills Ain Sokhna Resort

Palm Hills Ain Sokhna Village is one of the most well-known and major coastal resorts in Ain Sokhna, located on the Red Sea's most stunning coastline. It boasts current technical designs for the apartments, as well as broad, appealing green areas that seem in Creative harmony with the view of the blue Red Sea beach with smooth white sand, making it the first destination for people who prefer luxury and a high level.

Palm Hills Sokhna Resort location

Palm Hills Sokhna Resort is roughly 120 kilometers from Cairo, making it a popular entertainment destination for those looking to escape the city's traffic and enjoy a brief vacation to clear their minds and unwind.

The resort may be found on the 93rd kilometer of Zafarana Road. This neighborhood is known for its pleasant summer and winter weather, as well as its closeness to popular tourist destinations including El Galala Road, Movenpick Tourist Village, and La Vista Sokhna Village.

Spaces of Palm Hills El Sokhna Resort

The development of the space on which the project is located separates the resort of Palm Hills Sokhna from others, allowing the units to diversity substantially in terms of space and views, providing ideal alternatives for large and small families in line with their capabilities.

The resort occupies a total of 150 acres along the coast, with the resort's private beach stretching for 1900 meters, and it is regarded as one of the resort's most distinguishing features.

Within the compound, there are a variety of units with different dimensions and divisions to suit all tastes, including twin homes, townhouses, and independent villas, as well as chalets with small and medium spaces ranging from two to three rooms.

It's worth noting that all of the resort's units offer a breathtaking view of the wide green fields with an artistic touch of artificial water bodies. The Red Sea beach, with its crystal clear turquoise blue seas and soft white sand, adds to the splendor of the scene.

The space of the units within Palm Hills Sokhna Resort

The following are the spaces and divisions of the units of Palm Hills El Sokhna Resort:-

  • Chalets with areas ranging from 90 to 140 square meters and two or three bedrooms, some of which are on the ground level with a garden surrounding spaces of up to 205 square meters, or the final floor with a huge area rooftop.
  • The flats in the townhouses start at 176 square meters.
  • Townhouse Corner apartments range in size from 176 to 370 square meters and are built on a total land area of 225 to 370 square meters.
  • Independent villas ranging in size from 270 to 380 square meters and divided into three bedrooms.
  • Villas with spaces ranging from 250 to 425 square meters and a total land area ranging from 185 to 425 square meters split into four bedrooms.
  • Because of the building procedures adopted by the firm to achieve this goal, all apartments within the property offer a clear and broad view of the sea.

Palm Hills Sokhna Resort services

Palm Hills Sokhna Resort is distinguished by the presence of all service and entertainment components that will enhance the guests' experience and offer them all of their requirements anytime they choose, in addition to the services provided inside the resort:-

  • There is a service area with several stores that provide a variety of items and goods that are renewed on a regular basis.
  • An area dedicated to cafés and restaurants that provide a wide range of cuisines from across the world to suit all preferences.
  • The water bodies of various sizes of swimming pools, dancing fountains, and artificial lakes beautify these wide green areas, which contributes to the project's interior splendor and gives an extra entertainment aspect as well as aesthetic admiration for the apartments.
  • On recreational vacations, one of the most essential responsibilities for parents is to satisfy their children. That's why the developer of the resort in Ain Sokhna wanted to add an integrated entertainment area for kids that included both indoor and outdoor games in the midst of the magnificent scenery.
  • Green spaces, gardens, parks, and areas for outdoor seating and enjoyment fill the majority of the resort's internal space.
  • Golf courses on huge, well-organized grounds, as well as golf vehicles to carry residents to and from the many places inside the property, are also available.
  • There are pathways inside the resort for those who enjoy jogging, cycling, or running along the shore.
  • Surveillance cameras, guard patrols, and electronic gates protect the whole property using cutting-edge technology and security and control systems.
  • For unit owners and guests, there is also protected parking.
  • The resort has three hotels with a high level of service to welcome tourists to the village and give them an unforgettable experience.

Palm Hills Ain Sokhna Resort prices

The average price per square meter for a unit inside the village varies based on a number of factors, including the unit's location and proximity to the sea, as well as the unit's size and level of finishes. The costs of Palm Hills Ain Sokhna, on the other hand, are acceptable for a big sector of individuals who wish to purchase a summer unit with a lovely panoramic view of the Red Sea and a distinguished level of integrated services.

In most cases, the average price per square meter for a unit within the resort is 23,000 Egyptian pounds, with the option of paying in installments over several years with simple systems that make it easier for buyers to own their dream unit in Ain Sokhna's best tourist location in the simplest way possible.

Except for standalone villas, which are handed over to their clients semi-finished so that they can apply their desired designs, all units are delivered to their owners within two years of the contract with Super Lux finishes.

Unit payment systems in Palm Hills Sokhna Resort

The company that owns the resort has been eager to give a variety of payment systems to fit a variety of needs, including the following:-

  • Pay 5% of the unit's worth at front, then another 5% after three months, and the remaining dues are paid over six years in installments.
  • Pay 10% of the unit's worth upfront, then another 5% after three months, and the remaining balance is paid in installments over seven years without interest.
  • Pay 10% of the unit's worth upfront, followed by another 10% payment after three months, and the remainder of the dues are paid in installments over eight years without interest.
  • Periodic maintenance charges will be paid at 8% of the unit's value.

Information about the owner and its previous business

The Palm Hills Company, which has many luxury real estate projects in all parts of the Republic and enjoys a large scale and a high degree of experience in the field of real estate, is the owner of Palm Hills Sokhna Resort. Its projects have a distinctive imprint that meets the market's needs and the developments of the times at the same time.

Engineer Yassin Mansour owns the organization, which was founded in 2005 and contains a collection of the most prominent minds and competencies in the field of design, installation, and construction.

The company has a number of successful real estate projects that are landmarks in the area in which they are located, including the following:-