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Mivida Business Park New Cairo - 31 Properties for sale


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Mivida Business New Cairo Compound is one of Emaar Misr's most important projects, carefully and meticulously planned to be a real investment opportunity for a large number of ambitious clients, thanks to its crucial location and a large number of multi-purpose units, as well as its distinctive prices and flexible payment systems that allow the customer to pay for the unit easily and without feeling any burden.

Mivida Business Park New Cairo location

The development firm wanted to make the compound's location stand out in order to attract large investors. In the center of New Cairo, between 90th Street and the American University, a strategic position was chosen. Not only that, but the position was convenient to Suez Road and only 20 minutes from Cairo International Airport.

All of this drew many people interested in purchasing a unit with the intention of investing in it to this compound, which supplied them with all of the benefits that lead to the success of their investments.

Mivida Business Park space

The compound is one of the major projects for which a significant amount of land has been set aside. It was constructed across an area of around 100,000 square meters. It included a variety of units as well as a huge number of services. It was available in a variety of sizes, allowing the client to select his unit based on his needs and skills. The rooms ranged in size from 120 to 390 square meters.

Prices and Payment Systems at Mivida Business Park 

Despite the fact that Business Park New Cairo is one of the most well-known developments in the region due to its excellent location and facilities, the unit prices remain affordable to a wide range of consumers. The price of a unit in this complex began at 3,000,000 EGP, which is the lowest price ever in this area.

The company has been keen to make things easier for its customers, as it is well aware that the payment system is the most important thing for them. As a result, it has provided flexible payment systems, one of which is in installments over 8 years without a down payment, and the other of which is to pay a 5% down payment after 6 months of contract and the rest in installments.

Mivida Business Park offers a variety of services and benefits.

Exclusive services are located throughout the complex, and this stems from the company's desire to provide customers with a sense of distinction through a comfortable life, and to have everything they need just steps away from them, a truly sophisticated complex and an investment opportunity that is rarely repeated, as evidenced by the vast array of services available, which include:-

  • The compound features a garden with a significant number of trees and plants that provide clients with a sense of total comfort and quiet.

  • Park Mall Fifth Settlement is completely equipped with smart building services, as all units use energy-saving technology to maintain a healthy and clean environment.

  • The complex's most notable characteristic is that all of its services are dependent on advanced technology.

  • A major portion of the complex has been set aside for the development of a social club, which will be distinguished by a variety of well-equipped playgrounds where customers may pursue their interests.

  • Medical services are available throughout the complex, which is well-equipped to give high-quality medical treatment to customers at all times of the day.

  • Business Park's greatest distinguishing feature is the presence of high-level international schools, which ensure a high standard of education.

  • Lovers of ready-to-eat cuisine can discover a wide variety of oriental and western meals in the complex's restaurants, which are produced by a staff of highly experienced chefs to ensure a high level for consumers.

  • In the luxury cafés of the complex, you may relax and enjoy cool or hot drinks.

  • There is a 5-star hotel accessible that provides the greatest degree of service to its clients due to its mastery of hotel services.

  • Shopping in the complex is both enjoyable and simple, as the firm has set aside a big area for the establishment of a high-end shopping mall with all of the worldwide brands that customers love and seek out on a regular basis.

These services were the driving force behind a huge number of customers flocking to this complex, as they understood that having a unit there was the first step toward a bright future and a splendid lifestyle.

Developing company and prior projects

Mivida Mall is one of the projects owned by Emaar Misr, which has vast expertise in the field of real estate as one of the first real estate firms, as seen by its prior work, which includes the following:-

  • Marassi North Coast Resort.

  • Developing the Library of Alexandria, and establishing a new facility on the same site as the old library.

  • Uptown Cairo project in Mokattam.

  • Mivida Compound New Cairo.

  • Cairo Gate Sheikh Zayed Compound.

Mivida Business Park complex provides customers with a new concept and an ideal model for an integrated community, as it meets all of the requirements of a high-end lifestyle and also includes a variety of services that make the customer feel secure, so purchasing a unit within this massive structure is a wise decision that should be applied as soon as possible.