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Al Maqsad Residence New Capital - 10 Properties for sale


Distinction and exclusivity within Al Maqsad Residence New Capital Compound

As a little city that enjoys self-sufficiency, Al Maqsad New Capital is the spot where you will realize your ambitions and discover all of your needs The compound is distinguished by unique services and a strategic location, making living there a wise option. The compound offers a variety of housing units. And there's plenty of room for families searching for solitude and comfort.

Al Maqsad Residence New Capital location

The prestigious location of Al Maqsad Residence Compound confirms its success and distinction, as it occupies a prominent place in the New Administrative Capital, and this location allowed residents to enjoy close proximity to multiple and important service areas that they require on a regular basis, the most notable of which are:-

  • A prime position in the third district, namely plots D3, D6, placed the property in close proximity to vital service institutions such as schools and hospitals.
  • The compound's closeness to the Capital Airport, which is approximately 32 kilometers away, has added to its exclusivity and uniqueness.
  • Al-Maqsad Residence is just 45 kilometers from Cairo, and it is extremely close to the city of Suez, with a distance of 80 kilometers between them, and a distance of 55 kilometers between it and Ain Sukhna.
  • The Olympic Village, the Government District, the Smart Village, the Capital Towers, and the Sports City are all within easy reach of the compound.
  • The proximity of the Presidential Palace and the Ministries District to Al Maqsad New capital added to its prominence and refinement.
  • All areas are easily accessible from the compound, given that it is close to important roads such as the Middle Ring Road, the Regional Road, Cairo - Sokhna Road, Cairo - Suez Road, South Future Axis, and Bin Zayed South Axis.

Al Maqsad Residence New Capital spaces

It is one of the biggest residential complexes for which a total area of 214 acres has been set aside, with the corporation dividing the whole area into two halves, the first of which is 97 acres and the other of which is covered by 117 acres.

The compound's buildings are divided into five levels, each of which comprises a group of residential units with international designs and varied areas, allowing clients to select the unit that best matches their needs without being limited to a certain space.

The size of the two-bedroom apartments ranged from 111 to 137 square meters, with bigger units with three bedrooms at 144, 159, 163, and 187 square meters.

The firm has said that the contractual units would be supplied within a year of the contract's signing and that all units will be delivered fully finished and without any faults

Al Maqsad Residence New Capital services

Because of the company's extensive experience in the field of real estate, it understands that the completion of services is the reason why customers choose one residential complex over another, and as a result, it is eager to provide the compound with all of the services the residents require, ensuring them a simple and comfortable life free of obstacles and inconveniences. The following are the compound's most notable services:-

  • The magnificent scenery took up a major portion of the overall area of the compound, giving it its most stunning appearance.
  • The security and guarding staff is distributed across the property and operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure the inhabitants' safety and security while also calming and reassuring them mentally.
  • The compound has a children's recreational area that has been equipped with a variety of activities to ensure that they have a good time.
  • The compound features a commercial area developed on a vast area that comprises a collection of stores that cater to all of the citizens' wants and requirements.
  • To offer residents comfort, all apartments in the property are equipped with contemporary elevators that operate with great quality and efficiency.
  • To safeguard and maintain cars from dangerous exterior factors, the property contains completely guarded car parks.
  • Tracks have been given among the lovely green spaces that have been dedicated to walking and cycling.
  • A health club with international amenities is available in Al Maqsad City Edge.
  • The compound was equipped with a cinema that showed the newest movies and TV shows for further distinction and luxury.
  • In the property, there is a hypermarket that supplies all of the residents' daily requirements and necessities.
  • The compound has a medical center that operates 24 hours a day to give the finest possible health care to the occupants.
  • The compound has high-end restaurants and cafés on its sides, served by a highly trained workforce that serves a variety of food and beverages to clients.
  • A mosque built on a big space in the complex can accommodate a large number of attendees.
  • Throughout the day, the entire site delivers uninterrupted cleaning and maintenance services.
  • To give the best possible safety for the occupants, the firm has placed a series of contemporary surveillance cameras on all sides of the complex.
  • There is an administrative building in the compound that provides excellent services to the residents.

Pricing and payment methods

City Edge is a well-known real estate company for its ongoing care for its clients' pleasure since it consistently provides them the most reasonable costs in order to appeal to a wide range of consumers. Despite the complexity and elegance that residents would experience while living in this building, the unit pricing was quite inexpensive.

The company stated that the prices of Al Maqsad Residence Compound are not consistent, but rather vary depending on the type of apartment and total area, with the price of an apartment of 111 square meters starting at 1,374.986 EGP, apartments of 137 square meters starting at 1,697.603 EGP, and apartments of 144 square meters starting at 1,832.131 EGP, and apartments of 163 square meters starting at 2,041,296 EGP.

Flexible payment options have been provided by the corporation, allowing clients to get a unique unit without incurring any financial obligations. It has announced the opportunity of paying the sum owed using many systems, including the following:-

  • A 5% down payment is required, followed by a 10% payment after three months, and the remaining balance is paid over three years without interest.
  • A 5% down payment is made, followed by a 10% payment after three months, and the remaining balance is paid over five years without interest.
  • The customer pays the entire amount over 7 years, provided that 10% is paid after 3 months of contracting, without being bound by an advance payment when writing the contract.

Owning company and previous business

The inventiveness of one of Egypt's most important real estate businesses, City Edge Development Company, which has been in the real estate industry since its founding in 2017, has given birth to Al Maqsad Residence New Capital.

This was the outcome of a collaboration between the major real estate investment institutions, including the Housing and Development Bank with 38% and the New Urban Communities Authority with 60%, as well as the Holding Company for Investment and Development with 2%. The firm has completed a number of successful projects, including the following:-