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Ozone Medical Center New Cairo - 52 Properties for sale


All information about Ozone Medical Mall, New Cairo

When the latest Ozone Medical Mall in New Cairo opened, it created a stir because it offers the best integrated medical services in one location and is equipped with all the equipment that ensures patients' comfort to the maximum degree. It also has a number of other benefits, including a fantastic geographical location in New Cairo and proximity to neighboring areas, to meet all the interdisciplinary needs of patients.

Ozone Medical Mall Location 

The overwhelming success of the Ozone Medical Mall project was due to good planning and an insightful vision for those in charge of implementing it when choosing the project's location, which is in one of the best areas within New Cairo, the Narges Services Buildings area, which has many clients looking for distinguished headquarters for their clinics and businesses.

The importance of the Medical Mall project's location is that it attracts residents of the Narges area, which has approximately 14,000 residents living in 694 buildings, as well as thousands of residents from the surrounding areas, such as the Narges Villas, the Sphinx area, the second and third district borders, and the investors' southern borders.

  • In the case of a car journey, the distance between Nasr City and the Ozone Mall location does not exceed 25 minutes.
  • Heliopolis is the same distance as Nasr City from the mall location, i.e. 25 minutes.
  • The trip between Al-Rehab City and the region where the compound is located takes less than a quarter of an hour.

One of the other most significant aspects that it has is the existence of several visible signs near to the mall's location, which has helped it to be rated as one of the best medical complexes since it has considerably facilitated access to it, namely:

  • Square Fatima Al Sharbatly
  • Mosque of Fatima Al Sharbatly

  • The distance between American University and the mall is about 10 minutes.

  • Ozone is also 10 minutes distant from the German University.

  • 90th Street South

Area of ​​Ozone Medical Center

An integrated medical project the size of Medical Mall in New Cairo required a vast space of 18,000 square meters to accommodate the massive number of services, equipment, and facilities associated with it. These units vary in size in a way that benefits the client first and foremost by giving him a variety of alternatives to select from.

The medical services supplied at the complex are split up into four different buildings:

  • Medical units (clinics, centers), as well as pharmacies, labs, and radiology facilities, are housed in three buildings.

  • The fourth and final structure is a huge hospital that offers the greatest and most advanced medical services available, as well as the most up-to-date technology and medical capabilities, ensuring total comfort for both patients and their companions.

Ozone Medical Mall provides a variety of services.

Because its organizers were keen to use foreign experts when implementing it, to benefit from their great experience and extensive knowledge of the latest developments in the field of building medical projects, Ozone Mall remains the number one medical project in New Cairo, if not all of Egypt. This was reflected in the way the mall was designed and its various facilities were constructed.

Because it contains amenities and other non-medical services aimed at enabling patients' and visitors' access to everything they need while in the mall, it's not just regarded as an integrated project from a medical standpoint, but also a variety of other perspectives. In general, the following services are given, as well as the benefits it enjoys:

  • The presence of huge green areas in various locations throughout the facility, which are significant not only in terms of aesthetics but also in terms of fostering a sense of psychological ease.

  • Within the property, there are several cafés and restaurants, particularly in the space between the four buildings.

  • Appointing a department to handle the complex's numerous queries from visitors and owners of medical units within the mall, and trying to offer the finest service possible.

  • Each building inside the Ozone Medical Complex has its own security team on duty 24 hours a day, ensuring everyone's safety and security.

  • Cleaning employees are stationed not just in each building, but also on each floor of the four buildings that make up the property.

  • The different clinics and departments are equipped with all contemporary equipment and capabilities to ensure that the greatest quality of medical care is provided.

  • In addition to the existence of elevators, the various buildings were supplied with unique electric elevators that are medically prepared to suit all situations and make it simpler for people with severe illness conditions to travel without hazard.

  • The mall's inclusion of all medical facilities, such as clinics, radiology centers, labs, and pharmacies, saves time and effort.

  • The vast range of clinics and medical unit spaces are available, allowing each client to select the space that best matches his or her medical activity or expertise.

The company that owns the Ozone National Medical Mall 

The Ozone project was one of the first medical projects to be developed in Egypt, due to the National Projects Management Company, which was eager to have a full-service medical complex that lacked nothing major or little.

The National Projects Management Company has a 17-year track record of success. It has managed several real estate projects throughout these many years, demonstrating that it is deserving of the prestigious position it has had despite the presence of many other firms in the same industry, as evidenced by its prior projects:

  • Gentry Mall Project

  • Town Center Mall Project

  • Family home

  • The medical project called Medical Center 3

Ozone Medical Mall Prices

Even when it comes to costs, Ozone Mall stands out since it offers a wide range of affordable options, especially when compared to the services it provides and the equipment it has access to. Whether it comes to medical or non-medical services, it is completely integrated in every sense of the word.

The pricing of the units inside the mall is not uniform; they vary depending on the region and whether the unit is a medical clinic, radiology facility, pharmacy, or anything else, so that consumers and investors have a range of options.

Payment systems in Ozone Medical Center

The complex is not superior to other medical projects in only one aspect, but in all aspects, to always be first in everything, even in terms of payment, as it provides all customers with the opportunity to purchase a medical or commercial unit distinguished with one of the best payment systems, where they can pay only 10% of the unit's financial value, and the rest is to be paid in installments over 72 months.

Everything within the Ozone complex shows that viewing it is the correct option for any client or investor searching for a golden chance in the world of finance, or even for any patient seeking medical treatment in a setting that ensures all of his needs are met and his life is preserved.