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Palm Parks 6 October - 126 Properties for sale


Don't miss out on reserving a unit in Palm Parks, the most luxurious property on October 6th.

It is your way to reach the luxurious life that you dream of in your place of residence because it is one of the finest compounds in 6th of October City, where the compound enjoys the most luxurious modern architectural designs and is decorated with the most beautiful decorations, and the compound is characterized by the availability of all amenities and various types of recreational activities in it because Inside it is never routine.

The location of Palm Parks 6 October Compound

Palm Parks 6 October Compound prominent location in the center of 6th of October City is one of its most essential advantages, as it ensures that its residents enjoy a state of tranquility while also living in an upmarket region, and access to it is quite easy due to its placement at the start of Dahshur Road.

Residents of the compound will have no trouble getting to Juhayna Square, the most important of October squares, because it is only a few minutes away, and the Wadi Degla Club is adjacent to them, which means they can walk there whenever they want and do not need to take any form of transportation, but they can go on foot to:

  • Gardenia Sporting
  • Green Land

Three of the city's largest hotels are close to, including the Novotel Hotel, Helnan Dreamland Hotel, and Movenpick Hotel, as well as the Media Production City, which is a massive structure a short distance away.

One of the main aspects that must be added to the benefits of the compound's location is the availability of transportation options since this substantially facilitated the travel of its residents to many large cities, including:

  • The new administrative capital
  • Fifth Settlement
  • Downtown and many areas in Greater Cairo

The spaces of Palm Parks 6 October Compound

The area covered by Palm Parks Compound, which is estimated to be 113 acres, is sufficient to provide you with everything you need, whether it is related to the type of housing unit you are looking for or the facilities and services provided in the compound, because buildings only occupy 30% of the area, while recreational facilities, green spaces, and water bodies occupy the remaining 70%.

You can pick from 924 residential units within the property, which include apartments for sale in the compound, independent, twin homes, townhouses, and penthouses. You will frequently be bewildered while deciding between these units because they are all impressive in terms of quality and style they're also architecturally pleasing.

All units in the compound are either modest (150 square meters), medium (180 square meters), or large (360 square meters), indicating that the consumer has a variety of alternatives, and some of the spaces accessible for certain types of units can be clarified as follows:

  • The customer can book a small apartment of 85 square meters and up to 170 square meters.
  • The minimum space of the penthouse is 248 square meters.

Palm Park 6th of October services and benefits

Living in the compound on October 6 means that you will receive a wide variety of services and benefits that are only available in the current luxury lifestyle, and the following are some of the most notable benefits that the compound provides:

  • Various magnificent views amid green spaces and landscapes give the area a more welcoming atmosphere.
  • Artificial lakes offer a lovely touch to the project's interior and external design.
  • In addition to the installation of accurate surveillance cameras, security professionals are available 24 hours a day.
  • The compound residents have their own covered garage, which is highly safe and convenient for all units.
  • A health club with numerous facilities and equipment that guarantees excellent service to its members.
  • Luxurious clubhouse with a magnificent atmosphere to relax in while removing negative energy and enhancing positive energy.
  • There are a lot of cafés and restaurants in the area that serves a variety of drinks and meals in a calm and romantic setting.
  • Medical clinics with the most up-to-date equipment, as well as pharmacies that are open 24 hours a day, are available.
  • A commercial mall where all high-quality brands and brands that are well-known around the world may be found.
  • An administrative structure dedicated to responding to all client inquiries and providing them with the highest level of comfort possible.
  • An international nursery that uses the most up-to-date educational approaches for young children, including teaching them a variety of foreign languages.
  • Places created exclusively for people who want to walk or cycle in a wide, open area.
  • Various centers are dedicated to physical health and exercise, including a fully equipped gym, a Jacuzzi, as well as a sauna and spa.
  • Due to the presence of a number of sports fields, a social sports club is equipped in such a way that residents can participate in a variety of activities, including sports.
  • All residents, whether adults or children, have access to both indoor and outdoor swimming pools, allowing them to enjoy a unique leisure experience.
  • A hypermarket offering a wide range of products and many household necessities.
  • A beauty center (Beauty Center) for women who live in Palm Parks on 6th October, so they don't have to travel far to find one.
  • Inside the property is a mosque with a particular architectural design in keeping with its function as a place of prayer.
  • Schools are available to all students residing within the compound at different educational levels.
  • Picnic places for children, because they are created to allow them to enjoy a variety of games in a completely safe atmosphere.
  • A shopping center with a variety of shops and stores selling furniture and household equipment.
  • Spaces prepared for holding a variety of seminars as well as planning parties for a variety of events.
  • Many sports, particularly football, can be played on sports fields.

Palm Parks 6 October Compound prices

Purchasing a unit in Palm Park in October allows you to make use of all of the amenities and services available there without having to pay extravagant rates since the price per square meter is as low as 18,000 and 545 EGP and as high as 26,000 and 940 EGP.

If you decide to buy apartments for sale in Palm Park in October, you will be able to choose the best price for you because they are available at a variety of pricing, as explained below:

  • The minimum price for a 90-square-meter apartment is 1 million and 800,000 EGP, while the maximum price for a 93-square-meter apartment is 2 million and 326,000 and 750 EGP.
  • The minimum price for a 130-square-meter apartment is expected to be 3 million and 500,000 EGP, while the price for a 145-square-meter apartment is anticipated to be 2 million and 600,000 EGP (according to the specifications of the apartment).
  • There is a 153-square-meter apartment for a minimum of 2 million and 800,000 EGP, as well as a 168-square-meter apartment for a minimum of 4 million and 990,000 EGP.
  • The starting price for a 190-square-meter apartment is 3 million 700,000 EGP, rising to 4 million for a 200-square-meter apartment.
  • The minimum price for a 222 square meter apartment is 5 million and 64,000 and 900 EGP, and the maximum price for a 249 square meter apartment is 5 million and 229,000 EGP.

Other units have a wide range of costs, such as:

  • The minimum price for duplexes of 208 square meters is 4 million and 700,000 EGP, while units of 210 square meters are estimated to cost 2 million and 900,000 EGP (according to other specifications of the unit)
  • The minimum price for penthouse units of 280 square meters is estimated at 7 million and 805,000 and 900 EGP.

Payment Methods in Palm Parks Palm Hills

Defaulted payments, for example, do not exist at Palm Park 6th of October since you will be able to pay the price of your unit using one of the most simple payment methods available, which is reflected in the Payment of 10% of the total unit price upon booking and contracting, followed by a payment of 5% of the total unit price. The remaining balance will be paid in six-year payments three months after the down payment is made.

It's worth noting that there are a number of apartments inside Palm Parks on 6 October that are fully finished (Super Lux, Ultra Super Lux) and ready to be delivered right now.

Owning company and previous business

Palm Park 6th of October Compound was discovered by one of Egypt's greatest real estate businesses, Palm Hills Development Company, which was founded in 2005 by one of Egypt's most powerful businessmen, Yassin Mansour.

The company's many real estate projects over the years witness to its great differentiation, which has allowed them to compete with other large real estate companies and earn clients' trust via their trustworthiness and reliability. The following are some of the company's most well-known former works: